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Laura, Blackpool, Englad 04/20/09
Review: I have to thank you fine people...I used this wonderful site as a resource tool for the evolution of music in the first half of this decade on my school paper. Keep the fine work going.

renee, detroit 04/20/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: beautiful photography!

michelle, milwaukee 04/20/09
artist: alejandro
Review: I love hios music with a passion!!

karen, milwaukee, wi 04/20/09
artist: summerfest
Review: i'm so excited for summerfest thsi year. NO DOUBT YAY!!! love love love your photos!!!

jimmy, nyc 04/20/09
artist: the fabulous wailers
Review: these guys are so dam cool

marky mark, chicago 04/17/09
artist: axl rose
Review: your a stupid twit - you jerk. axl might do things wrong but he is a musical god. get over yourself ya big brown turd

britney, st. louis 04/17/09
Review: this site way rocks!!!

michelle, potosi, mo 04/17/09
artist: keith urban
Review: i like his music it is great!

gail, detroit 04/17/09
artist: flight of the conchords
Review: they are so hilarious!

Quentin, Memphis, TN 04/16/09
artist: Flight of the Conchords
Review: They are so full of creative energy and brilliant humor. thanks for the wonderful review and photos Kate!

Shandra, detroit 04/16/09
artist: Michael Jackson
Review: Why does everyone pick on him?? Wait til you see his comeback in London. Yall will be sorry.

Martin L., New York 04/16/09
artist: Morrissey
Review: Amazing pictures of an amazing artist!!!

kelli ann, youngblood 04/16/09
Review: love carrie underwood she is SOOOOOOO HOTT!!!!!


peter, chicago 04/15/09
Review: this site rocks!!

corey, miami 04/15/09
artist: morrissey
Review: beautiful photos! i like the review too

ashley fox, athens, tennessee 04/15/09
artist: montgomery gentry
Review: Montgomery Gentry is awesome!!!!!

corey, miami 04/15/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: he's is better alone...than with STP!!

Ms. "RosaMaria" Arnold, Las Vegas, NV 04/14/09
artist: Ms. Rose Stone
Review: I had the honor of meeting Sly Stone-back in the late 70's, and I still love the music which is our culture.As for Rose Stone-go head girl! You do what you do..and you do it with honor.. God Bless

nene, chicago 04/14/09
artist: pato margetic
Review: what an outstanding story!!

margot, detroit 04/14/09
artist: pato margetic
Review: everything about him is pure magic!!

Billy Corbi, Douglas, Georgia 04/13/09
Review: I like many artists, and some are very great, but I have known Ronnie and been friends with him and Joyce, for almost 45 years. I have played with, and worked with many great artists, but there is a special Spirit in Ronnie, and if you ever meet him, you'll see what I mean. As a teen, I worked with acts like Jerry Lee Lewis, Percy Sledge, and my second best friend and artist, Otis Redding.Otis had a heart just like Ronnie's, BIG! I know theres an empty spot in Ronnie's heart, and he knows, if I could and medical science could do it, he knows I would give him what I wish I could. Thanks Ronnie and Joyce, for letting me be a small but big part of my life. I love you both, and as Ronnie says, "Hey son! God bless you.
Billy Corbi

Coco, Detroit MI 04/13/09
artist: Pato Margetic
Review: Finally ~ here is the TOTAL PACKAGE! Writes, produces, sings, genuine & gorgeous!! May God bless you at the Detroit Music Awards and with a very properous carreer.

brittany lawson, pine bluff ark 04/13/09
artist: Rhianna
Review: she is so gorgeous!!

michael, new york 04/13/09
artist: secondhand serenade
Review: Nice photos!!

Lula41, italia/assisi 04/13/09
artist: sum 41
Review: I think that is fantastic..the band of my heart(sum 41) with good charlotte(special band)!!!!!! i want this again. <3<3 -Lula41-

karen tyler, milwaukee 04/10/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: antony has touched my soul and now I see the world as beautiful place!

marvin, new york city 04/10/09
artist: the fabulous wailers
Review: wow, I never realized the rich history of this band. love that song on the page!

jonah, minneapolis 04/10/09
artist: cloud cult
Review: I dug your review and thanks for spreading the word on this awesome band!!

rosie. rochester, mi 04/10/09
artist: pato
Review: he is the best!!

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yocelin, enezuela barinas 04/09/09
artist: joey jordison
Review: pues es el mejor de verdad lo admiro y espero algun dia llegar a conocerlo.! aunque sea imposible pero nu creo q me cobren por so??ar.! mmm toi hab??ando mucho bye joey jordison eres el mejor tk uffffff q puta mierda

Jeannette, Genoa City, Wi 04/09/09
artist: Pato Margetic
Review: Kate... Awesome pictures! I am deffinatly going to check out his music. <3 Jeannette

brianne, nyc 04/09/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: thanks for the awesome review and photos. david is truly the best!

Susan, Milwaukee 04/09/09
artist: Pato Margetic
Review: His music is so beautiful!

Eric Vogel, Clawson, MI 04/09/09
artist: Pato Margetic
Review: Pato Rocks! He was amazing over the Final Four Weekend. I attended his shows Friday and Saturday. His unique style makes his music magical.

vero, argentina 04/09/09
artist: flyleaf & korn
Review: hello!!flyleaf & korn son unas bandas muy buenas!!..tienen unas cancines muy buenas!!!amo a estas 2 bandas!!!

laura, chicago 04/08/09
artist: antony
Review: outstanding review!

devon, chicago 04/08/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: wow your photos blow me away jeaneatte!!!

Lawrence, Manchester, UK 04/08/09
artist: Cloud Cult
Review: Thanks for the info on the band, I've never heard of them until your review but am totally interested in seeing what their sound is all about.

jilly, las vegas, nevada 04/08/09
artist: cloud cult
Review: I love this band so much!!!

Anthony, tacoma wa 04/07/09
Review: INXS should be opening for Scott Stapp. Stapp is still the bomb!

artist: RAY J

wut 04/07/09
artist: Katy Perry
Review: Did someone write, in all seriousness, that Katy Perry's lyrics had "rich metaphors"? Are you 12 years old?! Her lyrics are childish, which is ALL they are. A teenager's online blog has more artistry than 'I Kissed a Girl'. Give me a break. Why can't she just fade into obscurity already and leave us to bemoan her homophobic and clueless "rich metapors"

joyce 04/07/09
artist: enrique
Review: hy enrique i love you so mutch tus caras es bonita

Steph, OH 04/07/09
artist: I'm Not There
Review: The greatest movie of all time!!!

Mabel, Miami, Florida 04/07/09
artist: The Beatles
Review: They are the best rock band in the history of music.

Peter Rhodes, Appleton, WI 04/06/09
artist: Brian Jonestown Massacre
Review: stellar review gypsy!! thses guys just aren't as goos as they pretended to be. thanks for calling a spade a spade!!

lisa, chicago 04/06/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: your'e awesome for posting this awesome review and photos! I LOVE DAVID!!!!!

conor, miami, florida 04/06/09
artist: brian jonestown
Review: i enjoyed your article, but seriously how could you not like them my friend??

vixengirl 04/06/09
artist: britney
Review: I'm soo soo excited to see britney live, she si soo soo hot!!!

mike, reno, NV 04/06/09
Review: great site! dam good work here

Andrew Plowright, Port Macquarie NSW 04/03/09
artist: The Church
Review: great interview. talk to him again about the newest record ! great show a coupla weeks back in Sydney. ahghhhhh, it's good to see them live again. ciao

Lisa, Monroeville, PA 04/03/09
artist: David A
Review: I had the pleasure of sitting next to Jeannette during the concert. This was a great time. I can say she has covered all the highlights of the concert perfectly. Again although the crowd was a mixed age group I can say it was enjoyed by all. I can hardly wait for the next album. Hope to see him in Pittsburgh Pa soon!!!

kimberly, montebello CA 04/03/09
artist: slug
Review: i fuckin love slug!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 nd most of all his music!!! tht shit bombskiies!!!! =]

kate, los angeles 04/03/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: fantastic review!!

pete r., chicago 04/03/09
artist: tom morello
Review: this guy is so important to politics and life, we need more people like him. top notch interview!

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lewis phillips, memphis, tn 04/02/09
artist: kings of leon
eview: the boys just keep getting better and better!! nice photos btw!

jennifer, milwaukee 04/02/09
artist: skillet
eview: Great insight in to the behind the scenes world of touring. I knew the schedules were hectic, but I had no idea EVERYTHING was on a time schedule.

Jeff Hornsby, Dallas Texas 04/02/09
artist: The Shagnastys
Review: Rex was the best man at my wedding! Singer for our band. I hope he makes it someday soon before he dies

-maggot, cedar rapids, iowa 04/02/09
artist: slipknot (joey)
Review: i love it . . . ,

michaelle, chicgao, il 04/01/09
artist: Katy Perry
Review: beautiful and sexy photos!!!

Dubie, Granville illinois 04/01/09
artist: Katy Perry
Review: What the hell? - THAT WAS BAD ASS

lion tmaer, englad 04/01/09
artist: transplants
Review: fantastic story, people really need to understand the transplants and their positive message more!

brian, montreal 04/01/09
Review: this site is pretty darn cool!

Ron, Waterloo, Iowa 03/31/09
artist: Rachael Yamagata
Review: Beautiful review and pics, reading this made me feel like I was there. Awesome site!

Melissa, Los Angeles 03/31/09
Review: I attended Chicago Bluesfest in 1974 and it was howlin good. Have lived many places since, and no one--NO one--can do the b-l-u-e-s like Chicagoans! Am coming this yr!

Claudia, Chicago, Il 03/31/09
artist: Davy Jones
Review: I saw Davy Jones at the Rosemont Theater in Rosemont Illinois and he was fantastic. He was so natural and so very funny. It was truly enjoyable. He should have been the headliner (not David Cassidy)! His portion of the show was outstanding.
David Cassidy on the other had did not seem very comfortable and it kind of made everyone else in the audience uneasy. Also, when you come to see a headliner like David Cassidy, you want to hear him sing; not his drummer; although she was very good. You also don't want to hear the individual musicians play alone.
I would definitely see Davy Jones again but not David Cassidy unless he improves his show.

peter, california 03/31/09
artist: mcr
Review: they are the best so fuck the rest...

james, nashville 03/31/09
artist: johnny cash
Review: wonderful interview, I truly miss him...

carolyn, san diego, ca 03/31/09
artist: gerard way
Review: i think hes hott...

kylie, buffalo, new york 03/31/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: awesome review!!!...

peter, milwaukee 03/30/09
artist: ben folds
Review: the show was amazing!! this was one of my favorite bn folds performances of all time!!

suzie, montana 03/30/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: david has changed my life. his music is filled with hope and inspiration!! thanks for the beautiful review and photographs!!

Art Miller, Milwaukee, WI 03/30/09
artist: Ben Folds
Review: A wonderful and emotional performance. Your review was spot on.

penelope, new york 03/30/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: he is quite talented, but he is still an egotistical bastard!!

Tiffany 03/30/09

mikey, lansing. mi 03/30/09
artist: Blink 182
Review: Just look around. no one has the punk history of this great band!!

sean, chicago 03/30/09
artist: metallica
Review: You guys are idiots!!! metallica still rocks your nuts off!!!

poochie, madison wi 03/27/09
artist: rhianna marry
Review: i love u all very much

Dakotah Arenella, bixby, oklahoma 03/27/09
Review: I think you guy is are amazing! John is H. O. T. hot!!!

jimmy, texas 03/27/09
Review: this is a pretty cool site

glenn morgan, milwaukee wisconsin 03/26/09
artist: kmk, big b, blaze ya dead homie, la coka nostra,potluck
Review: amazing show had a great time here with my bro i was in the front at the gate great show

martha, st. paul, minn 03/26/09
artist: peyroux
Review: she has such a distinctive voice!

lydia, london, UK 03/26/09
Review: this is a magnificent site! beautiful prose and photographs abound

julia, chicago 03/26/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: great review and photos!!

vicky wicker, orlando, florida 03/25/09
artist: ryan adams
Review: ryan is the drunken poet like bukowski, except not many people understand him

roberto, arizona&cali. 03/25/09
artist: tpain
Review: tpainisthebest

Helene Carroll, Rockford, Illinois 03/25/09
artist: Toby Keith
Review: The best entertainer year in and year out,appreciated by the fans but under appreciated by his peers.

marky mark 03/25/09
artist: kiss
Review: they were the coolest clothing and they know how to rock

leana, atlanta 03/25/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: thhanks for the great review and photos!!

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lisa m., milwaukee 03/24/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: beautiful pictures!!

michelle, philippines 03/24/09
artist: my chemical romance
Review: this is pretty awesome!!!!!!!!!

Lawrence, Milwaukee 03/24/09
artist: Madeleine Peyroux
Review: The show was beautiful! Excellent photos and review!!

Sharon, Anywhere, IL 03/24/09
artist: Heather Cohen
Review: New songs on

Courtney Blackmon, Mobile, AL 03/23/09
artist: Ryan Adams
Review: I am so disappointed! My fiance' spent alot of money on this concert and it only last an hour and a half and when the crowd errupted into applause for an encore the lights flicked on and they started packing up! I recently lost my job due to the economy and it was my birthday. My fiance' spent our money for my birthday on this concert and it was seriously the worst concert I have ever been to. Ryan Adams can sing and play but he sure doesn't know how to entertain!

Hayley, Surpirse, AZ 03/23/09
artist: My Chemical Romance
Review: MCR is the best badn out there!! and Gerard Way is sooooo sexy!it makes me wanna scream

jennebcg, Newark 03/23/09
Review: Hi everyone! I'm new to I hope I can be a regular here!

samantha, flint, mi 03/23/09
artist: ne-yo
Review: hi Rhianna you have a beautiful voice.Sorry what happend wit u and Chris.He is hotttttttttttt!Your lucky.write meez back!kk bye

jenny, milwaukee 03/23/09
Review: this is a great site, thanks!

penelope, washinton dc 03/20/09
artist: kottonmouth kings
Review: they're the bomb, great review!!!!!

Virginia Banker, Englewood FL 03/20/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: David Archuleta was my Idol from day one of American Idol. David stands for every thing that an Idol should be. When David sang on American Idol he get into my heart and soul, and he is there to stay forever. I love every thing there is about David.

jenny, milwaukee 03/20/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: he means so much to me, people call him an asshole, but he is a musical genuis!

Sharon, Northfield, MN. 03/20/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Thank you for writing such a wonderful review. David deserves every single word of it and more!!! He is just an astounding singer and person!!! It is so easy to use so many superlatives when talking about David's performances!!! There just are not enough positive adjectives to describe his gift!!! What most people are not seeing, is all the wonderful work he is doing behind the scenes on his days off!!! He has been visiting children hospitals, having fireside chats, and making wishes come true for those who are suffering from cancer. He is behind an organization called "Angels for a Cause" currently bringing attention to Leprosy in India. This group will be working to help support all the charities that David holds most dear. My heart has been enriched by knowing David. He will make this world a "better" place, just by being an example for others!!! I am so proud to be his fan!!!

Mary Deneve, Lincolnton, NC 03/20/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Great write-up about a GREAT artist! I love David's voice and who he is as a person.

Jenna, Vancouver, Canada 03/20/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Nice review of David's concert. David is the most amazing young artist to come along in decades. His perfect vocals are just stunning. He has been doing great, love his stage presence too and I am one fan that is so proud of David! He was just born to do this. I believe he will be around in the music industry for a very long time. I know that I will be giving my support to David, I just can't get enough of his singing! He just shines with these wonderful qualities he encompasses as a person, it's all reflected in his singing. I'm so glad he is sharing his beautiful gifts with us. I am a true blue fan and I'm no teenager!

Lucy, Philadelphia, PA 03/20/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Just a note - David was first runner up of Idol 2008 (.e. 2nd place). Thanks for the review!

Sue, South Jordan, Utah 03/19/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Great job on the write up and pictures of David! He is so talented, and a great young man. I love David and his music. He can really sing. He puts on a great concert! Thanks for your article, I enjoyed it.

Kyle, Memphis 03/19/09
artist: Ryan Adams
Review: Those pictures captured all the emotion at the show - a truly fine job!!

Holly, West Chester, OH 03/19/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: I was at the same concert at HOB. It was my 4th that week. I can't get enough of David's voice live. Once is not enough. Thoroughly enjoyed the concerts which I sang and danced through. Zero Gravity was my favorite and yes I jumped around just like David. By the way, I am old enough to be his mother. He has many fans of all ages. His voice just hooks you from the first note. Loved it! Thanks for your write up and photos.

Mary Lou Reed, Torrance, CA 03/19/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: I saw David Archuleta's concert in Pomona, Ca at the Glass House last night. To coin one of David's words- it was awesome! The sold-out crowd went crazy for him. He puts on a show like no other--a real crowd pleaseer. Hard to believe this young man is just eighteen.

lora l., fargo, nd 03/19/09
artist: ryan adams
Review: I love when he drinks on stage. did he do it in nashville?

Linda, Dallas, TX 03/19/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Great article. Not many people get him, but you hit it on the head from beginning to end. He is one of a kind and I expect he'll be around long after I'm gone and I'm 68 y/o.

sasha, alexandria va 03/19/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: David Archuleta is AWESOME! Saw him at his Richmond, VA concert and he keeps getting HOTTER!!

bernie, milwaukee 03/19/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: fantastic review, a brilliant piece of writing!

cbwallace, layton, UT 03/19/09
artist: Archuleta
Review: All I can say is I love him. He puts on a great concert. What a performer and what a VOICE!!

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stacey, chicago 03/18/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: great photos!!!

casey t., portland 03/18/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: I enjoyed your review

Lawrence, NYC 03/18/09
artist: Ralph Stanley
Review: He is a true legend!!

madeline Alvarez, staten island, NY 03/17/09
artist: archuleta
Review: I think that David Archuleta is an extremely talented young man and he will go very far in his musical career. He has compassion. My wish is to see him on his own tour going forward. I did see him at Z100 jingle ball, he was just great. He held his own with all the other entertainers. Great person!! A+++++++

precious, chicago illinoise 03/17/09
artist: ray j
Review: ray j got it goin on

mt, GC Australia 03/17/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: I only watch David on youtube he is awesome and I loved his voice. Heaps of thanks for the US fans for all the uploads and a chance to follow his concerts on youtube

Alea Heck, Bourbonnais, IL 03/17/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: David Archuleta Concert on March 8th was the best concert EVER. He was perfection! he looked SO beautiful and i cried my eyes out when he came on! He is such an amazing singer and inspiration I hope some day i can meet him!

Heather, Frankfort, Illinois 03/17/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: It was a pleasure to read :] I was there, and it was the best night ever! I love David, his mesmerizing good looks, his personality, and his angel voice.


christine, el paso texas 03/17/09
artist: mary j blige
Review: i love all the artist!! this concert couldn't get any better!! nobody could make it this goooood!!!

Cathy, Pennsylvania 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Your review was very positive and I sensed your enthusiasm for David! Also, kudos on the great photos!!


Tracy Jenkins, Oshawa, ON 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: He's a breath of fresh air this world has been missing. His angelic voice fills every whole in your being and sole. He WILL have many more bright tomorrows. His journey has just begun.

Violet, Downingtown, PA 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Thanks for your concert review and pictures! One correction. Re mothers and daughters, David's audiences are mostly fans of all ages who are there to see David themselves. Age polls on David's fan boards always show the ages spread from preteen to senior. In the general admission venues there were a lot more adults like me in the back because they didn't wait hours in the cold to be early in line, and they did not have children with them. I love David's voice and rhythm and he puts on a good show.

Nat, Los Angeles, CA 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Thank you for your review of David Archuleta's Chicago HOB show! I was at the Duluth show the night before and the same applies to that show. David Archuleta is uniquely loved and adored, unlike any other artist out there. How else can you explain his fans already knowing a song of his that isn't even released (Zero Gravity)? Also, please remember he sang "One" by U2 before Des'ree's Gotta Be :) He was totally underestimated during much that I can't even relate him to that show anymore. He's so much more than what the show defined him as. Thank you again for your wonderful review!

Linda, Cedar Hills, UT 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: I haven't gone to a concert yet but my husband and I have tickets to two upcoming concerts. I will let you in on a secret. People keep saying there are moms with kids in tow. The secret is that David has a ton of fans of all ages. Don't you wonder why the adults know all of the words to the songs?

samuel, Sao Paulo / SP 03/16/09
artist: Interlude
Review: We are the Interlude band of Brazil - check out our music.

Pam, Denver, CO 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Nice review. His voice fills a venue like few can. David is already an incredible singer and performer and just keeps getting better. There is no denying his talent, and he will be around for a long time.

britney, chicago 03/16/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: pretty pictures!

owen, texas 03/16/09
artist: ralph stanley
Review: you saw a truw legend my friend!!

Dawn, Hillside, NJ 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: Love that you liked him, and recognized the trail of superstardom young David is blazing. For his medley, you omitted "One" by U2..which David totally rawks... Not a tween...and not a mom of a tween...just someone that believes David will turn the music scene upside down. thanks for the great review !!!

archangel48, Battle Creek, Mi 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: David and his band were on FIRE Sunday in Chi-Town. I will never forget the whole experience! From his Fantastic Fans waiting in line all day, to the wonderful VOICE of David! He and the band have such a great vibe! This will always be one of my favorite concerts!

kendra, milwaukee 03/16/09
artist: tom morello
Review: fantastic interview!

Kara, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: I am so happy I will be going to one of David Archuleta's concerts next week. I wouldn't want to miss the very first tour of such an amazing artist! I'm not a kid - so I CAN appreciate what he brings to his music. He truly is gifted way beyond his years. GREAT REVIEW!!

China, Orlando, FL 03/16/09
Review: WHAT DO I THINK? The question of the year!! David Archuleta is a LEGEND in the making! NOBODY since the likes of Elvis Presley has there been a voice so HEAVENLY so captivating!! He has the ability to take you to places you've never been before JUST by listening to his HEAVENLY voice. He makes you feel EVERY WORD!!
David gets completely lost in "Don't Let Go" which he co-wrote. "Barriers" is another killer!! He co-wrote with his guitarist Mike Komprass "A Little Too Not Over You" "Somebody Out There" and the HIT of his Solo Tour "Zero Gravity"!! He also co-wrote "Waiting For Yesterday" and "Works For Me".
David Archuleta is an AWESOME artist, but his heart is probably BIGGER than his voice. He is an amazing human being, caring, loving, humble with high moral standards.
He is involved in several Childrens Charities. ANGELSFORACAUSE.ORG, CRUSH KIDS CANCER (Stand Up to Cancer) and THE INVISIBLE CHILDREN are some of the charities.

Rosemary, Marietta, GA 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: David is THE best artist out there today. He is the real deal... the voice, looks and personality... total package! Love him to pieces!

jen, paris, france 03/16/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: David is an amazing singer! I love all his songs and he's a great performer. I'll see him in London on May so I can hear his voice live for the first time, I can't wait!!!

Janet, Detroit, MI 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: What a wonderful review!!!

gdoorsfan, charlotte nc 03/16/09
artist: David Archuleta
Review: I have seen him live on this tour, in Richmon VA on 2/25, saw him this past summer on the Idols tour, and I can attest that his growth and maturity in all aspects of performing is astonishing.
He has taken all the criticisms about his lack of stage presence and such and turned them on their head. This growth will comes as a surprise to those who still cling stubbornly to the image perpetuated for so long on Idol, and in the media, of David as one dimensional, or dismissed him as just that cute little ballad singing kid from Utah?..
He is dismantling that erroneous image, and changing the perception of who he is as an artist now - and the promise of what he can be in the music industry - one concert at a time, one review at a time.
As he continues paying his dues on this tour stateside, and on the upcoming ones in the UK and Asia, he can only continue to get better and better at his craft. Growth and progression are what one expects in and from an artist, and from what we've witnessed from AI to the House of Blues, Archuleta is making great strides in satisfying that criteria.

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