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marianne, chicago 03/13/09
artist: ralph stanley
Review: thanks for the great piece on this truly great legend!!

james, toronto, canada 03/13/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: being a gay man, I feel empowered when I see great art like antony and the movie "milk"

Heather Johnston, Belwood, Ontario, Canada 03/13/09
Review: Myself and some firends have been travelling in the south for many years. We are also disaster volunteers and have from time to time been able to offer our services. I have been to all the places you talk about except Clarksdale and will be going Mar 27/09. Can't wait for the experience. You have the bug don't ya'. I swear that New Orleans is my mistress. She calls me. I have over the past 3 years become addicted to cajun/zydeco and the cajun soul. have been practicing my cajun jig for my stop in Lafayette at the Blue Moon Saloon to see the Pine Leaf boys. so nice to hear about your adventures. thanks

Peter, London, UK 03/13/09
artist: The Horrors
Review: They are all a bunch of arses!

fernando, whitewater, wis. 03/13/09
artist: los lonley boys
Review: I know how to shake my ass to this ; )

tom, detroit 03/12/09
Review: I've been going through your wealth of concert reviews and photos and must say I'm astonshished by the quality and volume!

art t., Nyc 03/12/09
artist: the cure
Review: robert smith is looking like a bag lady on skid row

kat, la ca 03/12/09
artist: jesse
Review: uh no way i wish i her cause jesse mccartney is all mine.

pichonmacinoblasyang, mexico 03/12/09
artist: santana
Review: es un iodolo para mexico y es un gran artista ok

Tania Harriman, Alameda, CA 03/11/09
artist: BB Gun
Review: I LOVE the Black Mercies. I had the pleasure of seeing them in Oakland, California. It was a great performance and they will go far!!

Maria, Tucson, AZ 03/11/09
artist: Ludacris

Sherry, United kingdom 03/11/09
artist: Richard Ashcroft
Review: A tad pedantic ..Richard is an Artist of Artists,his emotive content and insight is spot on for he is an individual with a genuine soul,he does not have to better every track he brings forth.It`s all about the individual free spirit and his creativity,his mood,his feeling,where he is on his path in life.Bring forth more of Richard ashcroft and his expression!
Blessings Sherry~x~

lawrence, los angeles 03/11/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: antony is pure and beautiful inspiration!

kelly peters, chicago 03/11/09
artist: red hots
Review: your photos are amazing!!

artist: RIHANNA

martin, chicago 03/10/09
artist: 3 doors down
Review: they still rock my socks off!!

carrtie o., phiily 03/10/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: I dug your review, now can we keep scott off of heroin for awhile!

artist: R KELLY
Review: I think he's sexy!!

lizzie 03/09/09
artist: Rhiana
Review: how do u write your songs and wat inspire u?

harris, chciago 03/09/09
artist: RAIN
Review: it was like I was watching the Beatles in person. GREST SHOW!

kalie, chicago 03/09/09
artist: jesse
Review: sexy ass photos!!

penelope n., roswell, NM 03/09/09
artist: red hots
Review: their music lost its fire

Bob, Milwaukee, WI 03/09/09
artist: Antony and the Johnsons
Review: Antony was magical on stage...your review captured the soul of the concert beautifully!!!

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D'Andrea, Kingston, Jamaica 03/06/09
artist: Ray J
Review: I think that the party did sell off and that Ray look raely sexy when he took off his shirt.and in the love of Ray J u were doing ur thing with the ladies.

cori, florida 03/06/09
Review: I ant to see more of those great weiland photos!!!

RaiGeki, Country - Lithuania 03/06/09
artist: Skillet
Review: Perfect!

michael, milwaukee 03/06/09
artist: dropkicks
Review: kickass review and rocked out photos!

Monica, Montreal 03/06/09
artist: Antony and the Johnsons
Review: Antony is so fresh in the music world, your review was beautiful.

bellhots, minneapolis, mn 03/05/09
artist: atmosphere
Review: i love atmosphere sooo much, i loved these pictures and havent seen them before. but this unsettled me a bit : "Atmosphere will surely be heard loudly in the hip hop world once they rise from their indie roots and find a home among some of their more successful counterparts. "....... atmosphere is fine the way it is, me and everyone i know would be upset if they "rise" above themselves. thats stupid.

sarah, chicago 03/05/09
artist: jesse mccartney
Review: pretty photos!

marko, seattle 03/05/09
artist: the watson twins
Review: I think that their the most talented and hot twins around!

lisa, chicago 03/05/09
Review: I'm astonished of the quality of photography here! Great great work!

jaryd m., milwaukee 03/04/09
artist: meatallica
Review: they still rip down the house!!!

G, Bethesda, MD 03/04/09
artist: Gipsy Kings
Review: the Gipsy Kings are awesome. period. What else can one say? They could rumba-ize the phonebook, and even THAT would be awesome. They live & breathe music, and that will never go away. If anybody observes anything 'lacking' I personally blame their trying to please the masses who expect some kind of 'Bamboleo' euphoria for everything they perform. That's not gonna happen in any universe... Music is music.

tracy, boston 03/04/09
artist: dropkicks
Review: you nailed it man - these guys absolutely rock!!!

Hafsa, Trenton, NJ 03/03/09
artist: Slipknot
Review: LMFAO! XD you guys seriously do more than just ROCK my world. love the masks although it was good to actually see what you guys look like. and joey, you're the best fucking drummer ever. im fourteen and ive been a huge fan since i was ten. i love you guys so much. maggot for life. KEEP ON ROCKIN !!!

donald talton, hsv. al. 03/03/09
Review: the temptations,was a group that my older brothers,and sisters listen too which my ears heard,and when thee 1970s hitt hey girl was a sweet lead song by r. street whom i had the pleasure to speak with,whats up hook... and t forsythe love what your doing keep it doo whopppp.....

Kurt, Hampshire, IL. 03/03/09
artist: RUSH
Review: Was at that June 08 show. Rush is the bomb. These guys are unreal. Nobody can compare...and no Hall Of Fame? WTF?

Cam, brisbane Australia 03/03/09
artist: Gary Numan
Review: I saw Gary Numan last night (2/Mar/2009) and I was remarkably impressed, sure I would've loved to hear some older stuff as I'm not up to date with his new work, but I was still lovin' it, a hell of a show, I mean he played some old hits, but the guy has a long song list and what point is there to revamp everything from the past when he is still actively producing music. I don't think he has changed direction, he has just gone darker and harder, unlike contemporaries of his time who have gone softer and nicer. It's great to see someone of his age not fall into the old peoples category - kudos to you Numan!!

Emily, Chicago 03/03/09
artist: antony
Review: Hey!! We were in front of you and i just found the card you gave my friend and I! I liked the article!!

gabi, mosinee, Wi 03/03/09
artist: taylor swift
Review: i would love to come this year could you send me more info

alisa, milledgvill 03/03/09
artist: rhianna
Review: why do you let hem do you like that rhianna it might or might not be true if you were pregnate but if you were i hope the baby was all right if not sorry ....i relly atmire you i wish you known me personly but thats the past i liked u both i still do but i like you the most P.S my rill name is....

sarah 03/02/09
Review: I would love to see the Outfield stat touring again . Los Angeles would luv. it!

markie, milwaukee 03/02/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: your review was most excellent. The show was magnificent!

Lyle Y., Oakland, CA 03/02/09
artist: Black Mercies
Review: Truly a band for all music lovers to reckon with.

tyler, whitewater, wis 03/02/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: I wish I could have made that show. I've seen him with stp and revolver, your review made me sorry that I missed his show at the pabst.

jenni rhode, chiocago 03/02/09
artist: jesse mac
Review: your photos are awesome!!!!!!!

megan, milwaukee, wis 02/27/09
artist: jesse mccartney
Review: I want to be a part of his yum yum club!

Evy, Portland, OR 02/27/09
artist: Black Mercies
Review: I was at this show and every word is true. Black Mercies is an amazing band and their CD 'Murder It Sweetly' has been in heavy rotation since the day I got it. they are indeed poised to take off!

jaryd, seattle 02/27/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: nice review

lawrence, london, uk 02/27/09
artist: antony
Review: where did this wonderful man come from. he's so full of beautiful poetry and wonder

steph, montreal 02/26/09
artist: jesse
Review: you described the show awesomely

mark, california 02/26/09
Review: some of the photos here are so brilliant, I love this site!!! I want to be a rock photographer like you some day. it's my dream job!!!

krystal, chicago 02/25/09
artist: jesse mccartney
Review: your photos are sweet. jesses is soooooooooo sexy!!

Pat, Knoxville, TN 02/25/09
artist: Killers
Review: Very nice exceptional quality wonderful Killers Pics since I attended the concert and was unable to get good pics, Thanks!

mike, new york 02/25/09
artist: antony
Review: fantastic coverage!

arnie, florida 02/25/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: I loved his solo show. muh more dynamic then people are giving him credit for

britney, indiana 02/25/09
artist: jesse
Review: thanks for reliving the night for me. it was very wild but we still though the show was phenominal!!!!

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megan, perth western australia 02/24/09
artist: roberta flack
Review: The Roberta Flack with WASO concert (February 21) completely sucked. She seemed completely disinterested in singing her songs, frequently would break away mid-song to discuss highly relevant topics like her favorite holiday destination (and guess what it wasn't Perth) and felt it necessary to have 20 minute intermission after performing the grand total of 4 songs. Now, maybe people with reduced life expectations and unlimited amounts of cash (this doozie cost $100 per head) would consider that a great concert, I call it a swindle. Well, at least Roberta Flack benefitted!

richard mapel, mishawaka, in. 02/24/09
artist: eyna's music
Review: I am trying to find the name of the music by Enya on the Ralph White web site.Its beautiful and sounds like it could be from Yanni

Lawrence Delanimati, Suva 02/24/09
artist: Whitelight
Review: It's cool

stacey, milwaukee 02/24/09
artist: antony
Review: the show was pure magic!

mohamed, tunnisie, france 02/24/09
artist: yanni
Review: beautiul music... laura, seattle 02/24/09
artist: black mercies
Review: awesome review!

mehmet, sakarya 02/24/09
artist: linkin park
Review: hihihihh - you're beautiful!

Kyle, Chicago 02/23/09
artist: Antony and the Johnsons
Review: Your review evoked the pure poetry of and Antony show. Bravo

Penelope, oregon 02/23/09
artist: Black Mercies
Review: Great review!! Your pictures are awesome too

sam o., las vegas, nv 02/23/09
artist: antony
Review: brilliant man, brilliant

Black Mercies, Portland, OR 02/23/09
artist: Caleb Skinner
Review: Nice job!

dezzaray, va 02/23/09
artist: ray j & rihanna
Review: hey ray J nd rihanna wut u peeps doin

shenea, Ely NV 02/23/09
artist: The Killers
Review: Hi i'm a big fan. you guys rock i got put in iss at scool.

ageda, monterrey 02/23/09
artist: niki six
Review: te amo niki

Larry Davis, CA 02/23/09
artist: Black Mercies
Review: These guy's are awesome!!

erica sunshine lee, San francisco, ca 02/23/09
Review: you're right, they are familiar yet unique, alented yet humble, driving and driven, passionate, energetic and some of the last honest music Left.

andy, Grabill, In 02/20/09
artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Review: I was wondering if there is a way for me to get the live audio of the chilis concert somehow?

Tyler, Chicago 02/20/09
artist: Antony & the Johnsons
Review: Great writing style!

margaret, st. louis 02/20/09
artist: country thunder
Review: I'm getting my cowboy boots and hat all dusted off for the THUNDER!!!

james, tampa 02/20/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: you give the man way too much credit, he's a has been!

loti m., chicago 02/20/09
Review: I love your weekend report, andy is usually right on with hie ratings. because I go to alot of concerts!!

michelle, milwaukee 02/19/09
artist: antony
Review: damn the show was magic!! your review was fucking AWESOME!!!

brian j., chicago, IL 02/19/09
artist: antony & the johnsons
Review: I saw the show in chicago and it was brilliant. just wish I could have made it to his milwaukee show. by your review I'm wishing I would have made the trip!!

lauren, milwaukee 02/19/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: scott is still one sexy man

marcie, canada 02/19/09
Review: great site!!!

T., Portland, Oregon 02/18/09
artist: Weiland
Review: Great article! Cant wait to catch a show, what a true talent.

megan, los angeles, ca 02/18/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: damn scott looks good! you're a good photographer!

jeannette, milwaukee 02/18/09
artist: buckwheat zydeco
Review: the show was such good fun, took my mom and we we're dancing all night long! thanks for the fun pictures. buckwheat come to summerfest, pretty please

waffle girl 02/18/09
artist: faris rotter interview
Review: the horrors rules! you really don't know it until you see them live!!

marco, nyc 02/18/09
artist: the antlers
Review: I totally agree with your review, you get insuch a surreal mood when you listen to their great music

marshell, dayton ohio 02/17/09
artist: michael jackson
Review: i think he is so hot

stewart, london, uk 02/17/09
Review: great music information here!!

jenni, milwaukee 02/17/09
artist: scott weilasd
Review: thanks for the awesome PHOtos!~

gina frank, milwaukee 02/16/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: scott showed a brand new side of himself and his music at the pabst. people should accept change especiallly when it's for the better!

tim, milwaukee 02/16/09
artist: james cotton
Review: what a good time!

tyler, whitewater, wi 02/16/09
artist: les claypool
Review: great interview!!! can't wait til he brings his bizarro show to milwaukee next month!!

Ashley M., SanDiego 02/16/09
artist: Rise Against
Review: Their music soothes my soul and heart

Art, Florida 02/16/09
artist: Morrissey
Review: My favorite artist

new new, atlanta 02/16/09
artist: ne-yo

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tara, los angeles 02/13/09
artist: atmosphere
Review: i dont fucking know anymore i JUST DONT i know i have to go to school whether or not i fail and i know i get smoke pot when i get home i know the only thing my ears hear is atmosphere at most fear nothing

beth anne, memphis, tennessee 02/13/09
artist: jessica simpson
Review: how come noone like her country music, probably because she's fat now. well I love her and her music. I don't care if she's a little pudgy

brian, chicagp 02/13/09
Review: GREAT SITE!!!

carrie, r, portland, or 02/13/09
artist: rise against
Review: well done : )

marcus, bakersfield 02/12/09
artist: les clayppol
Review: I read both of your interview with les and found them quite entertaining and amusing as well

haley, lake geneva 02/12/09
artist: phil
Review: phil I love your scott weiland pictures! so intense and beautiful!!

max, boston 02/12/09
artist: metallica
Review: I saw them live and they just don't breathe with that fire anymore. sorry guys

linnette, chicago, illinois 02/12/09
artist: rise against
Review: great story! rise against are so talented. I just wish they would great the respect that they deserve

jacob, eau claire, wi 02/12/09
artist: the killers
Review: the killers are pure posers!!!

michelle, milwaukee 02/11/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: I was actually a bit disappointed at his show. was a bit meloower than the stp stuff I'm used too

larry t., las vegas 02/11/09
artist: rise against
Review: excellent interview, thanx andy! I love rise against!

phil, florida 02/11/09
artist: stooges
Review: WOW what awesome photos. iggy looks so rock and roll ripped!!!

Review: what a sexy hunk of man!

Goose, Hartsdale, NY 02/10/09
artist: The Musical Box
Review: I have seen the Musical Box dozens of times since 1997 and they have BECOME genesis!!! They have answered the prayers and wishes of younger fans of the original band like me and i can say now that I can die in peace!!! They deserve all accolades and if they ever did originals, I'D BUY 'EM!!!

margaret, milwaukee, WI 02/10/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: awesome awesome photos!

kevin, chicago 02/10/09
Review: I love this site, I try to come here almost everyday!

minnie, orlanda 02/10/09
Review: scott weiland lets make some mouse babies togehter

jenni, milwaukee 02/09/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: the show was phenominal!! great review and pictures!!

imperial, brooklyn BED STUY 02/09/09
Review: yo first off notorious was very low buget. i knew whoever made this movie was gonna go cheap because they knew a lot of black people was going to go see it. second off he went pg13 so EVERYBODY could see it. which i thought was another bad move. my overall opinon is that the movie was 'aight'. iam gald i didn't have to pay to see it.

miley, houston, tx 02/09/09
artist: aaron carter
Review: he looks even better now : (

Kevin k., nashville 02/09/09
artist: The Killers
Review: bandon is a pretty boy

kylie butler, new york 02/09/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: nice photos but he is a assHOLE!

courtney, sweet home, oregon 02/09/09
artist: .357 string band
Review: you guys are ssssoooooooooo Chill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vane, belguim 02/09/09
artist: enrique iglesias
Review: sexy man!

carrie, texas 02/09/09
artist: snoop dogg
Review: is that really a blunt he's smokin in theat picture??

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jimmy lee, nyc 02/06/09
Review: this site is out of control COOOOOL

joanne, brisbane 02/06/09
artist: roberta flack
Review: Hi, What a shame about Roberta Flack. The above pretty well describes what happened at last night's concert here in Brisbane, Australia, Feb 4, 2009.
Roberta was a little late to start, sang 4 songs then had a break. Then after a few more songs, she said 'thank you' and left the stage. There were encores but many people started to leave already.
Although this concert didn't really take off, I don't regret seeing Roberta Flack live. She still has an amazing voice and she did offer entertainment with her funny little anecdotes. She just seemed really unsure of herself and she did't seem to like her audience. She was asking people to clap and sing and there was only a mild response and she just seemed to get more frustrated with it all. Well, could have been better. Hope she will feel better soon because she still is one of the greatest female singers around. Joanne

mason, st pete, florida 02/06/09
artist: 357 string band
Review: I'm lovin your good ole boys from milwaukee!

johnny, des moines, iowa 02/06/09
artist: slipknot
Review: i love joey and he's a baddass!!!!!

karen lewis, milwaukee 02/06/09
artist: tom morello
Review: nice interview !

James, Leeds, UK 02/06/09
artist: Rock n roll

Jim, Omaha 02/06/09
artist: SUgarland
Review: The best duo alive and the sexiest singer going!

Ian, London, England 02/06/09
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: I wish that I could have made it to Grant Park last year. It was nice reliving it through your fantastic photos and review. You can count on one thing - I'll be there next year!!

penelope, milwaukee 02/05/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: the show was brilliant! awesome review

andrea, ecuador, quito 02/05/09
artist: mcr
Review: happy to see great photos!!!!!

joseph, canistota, south dakota 02/05/09
artist: Snoop Dogg
Review: wat up dog

marco, las vegas 02/05/09
artist: weiland
Review: HE'S still an asshole!!

thomas, GLASGOW/SCOTLAND 02/05/09
artist: Tarot Card Reader/ARTIST

marcie, milwaukee 02/04/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: the photos!!

jeremy, milwaukee 02/04/09
artist: Scott weiland
Review: great review and pics!! the show was amazing. people get too caught up in the stp and velvet revolver stuff. move on and give his solo work a chance

jamie, eubank, ky 02/04/09
artist: kill hannah
Review: mat devine is so fine!!

achuthan, frankston victoria 02/04/09
artist: metallica
Review: man your reviews really suck come up with better stuff to say next time far out waste of my internet time

pat, janesville, wisconsin 02/04/09
artist: metallica
Review: The Milwaukee show was great. this is there set from jan 12. that was just your life, the end of the line, ride the lightning, one, harvestor of sorrow, all nightmare long, broken beat and scarred, master of puppets, fight fire with fire, nothing else matters, sad but true, wherever I may roam, cyanide, the day that never comes, enter sandman, die die my darling, stone cold crazy and seek and destroy. I would've liked more older stuff but I love death magnetic so it kicked total ass.

kevin m., tennesse 02/03/09
Review: I just traded my phish tickets on your service. I love it and thnaks for offering something so good fro free : )

ivan, kazanlak / bulgaria 02/03/09
artist: ola kluft
Review: i'm really big fan of the perishers. they make so restful music and it't very simple but beatiful. i love them

andrew. san jose california 02/03/09
artist: the cure
Review: their needs to be another curiosa!!!! i loved that concert!

carrie phillips, milwaukee, wi 02/03/09
artist: scott weiland
Review: phil I can't wait to see your Scott weiland photos!

jimmy jones, california 02/03/09
artist: les claypool
Review: great interview!!

kylie, lake geneva 02/03/09
Review: your site is awesome PHIL!!!

Nick, Milwaukee, WI 02/02/09
artist: moe.
Review: Thanks for the great photos from the moe. show back in January '08 in Milwaukee. I had a blast at the show and it is great to relive it!

abby, seattle 02/02/09
artist: john legend
Review: some beautiful work there kate!

marco phillips, new orleans 02/02/09
artist: johnny cash
Review: what a stunning and insightful interview of one of our true music icons. a giant full of pain, compassion and sublime intelligence.

kitty, reno, nevada 02/02/09
artist: the killers
Review: they just keep getting better and better while reinventing themselves.

jordan, utica 02/02/09
artist: slipknot
Review: well you guys are the best band ever...

jeannette 02/02/09
artist: mcr
Review: gerard is so beautiful. I WANT HIM I WANT HIM I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

lowell p., chicago 02/02/09
artist: obama
Review: your story was a true inspiration

Magaret, Leeds, UK 02/02/09
Review: I just completed a report on the history of rock 'n' toll in America and you website was an invaluable resource! I thank you.

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