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edgardo garcia, los angeles ca 01/30/09
artist: josa luis reyes
Review: a beautiful artist

peter james, st. Paul MN 01/30/09
artist: Invade rome
Review: what a wonderful story and pictures, I knew I loved them when they were freshwater collins. hope their new music is as good!

jimmy boy, milwaukee 01/30/09
artist: .357 string band
Review: these guys are sumthin special!!

lance e., new york city 01/30/09
artist: U2
Review: I heard their first song from their new record. I think it sounds like achtung baby...I sure hope so

leanda, new york 01/29/09
artist: rihanna
Review: i like rihanna so bad as my favorite artist and i want to talk to her some day

ken m., milwaukee 01/29/09
artist: metallica
Review: love the photos!

margaret, kentucky 01/29/09
artist: jessica simpson
Review: she's not much of a singer, but oh boy she's sure prettty to look at ; )

Stu, SHOREHAM 01/29/09
artist: ACDC
Review: Brian johnson has a big willy to match his big voice

artist: JARED LETO

Mikey, Galveston Tx 01/28/09
Review: I absolutley love Sarah Brightman's voice and talent. She makes every song more beautiful then the next.

jimmi, oklahoma 01/28/09
artist: marilyn manson
Review: he's by far the most intelligent and articulate musician in the world!!

mick, chicago 01/28/09
artist: 357 band
Review: raunch and roll - raunch and roll baby

Amanda and Maressa, Campos 01/28/09
artist: John
Review: I love song!!!!!!!! FOREVER, AMANDA: I love you, it wanted to be present in the shows more glanders in Brazil we speak portugues and ingles. I belong a few of his best fans! I LOVE YOU! I adore his musicians principally WHISPERS IN THE DARK. He wanted CD'S and shirts etc.... Love and Kisses AMANDA! S2 and I knew the band atravez of my friend Maressa link one said that the band is envang?lica, and it is very good also!

MARESSA: I love all of the band!! I give fanatic for you!! I love the musician WHISPERS IN THE DARK, he wanted to buy the T-shirts and the CD'S of the band! do I love very much all of you and he wanted to know if you it has MY SPACE or orkut..?!?!?! I love kisses all of you! Pow ... he did not know that the band was envang?lica I knew entering in communities in the orkut and ETC.... Kiissssssssss

ken chapman, london 01/27/09
artist: the horrors
Review: faris rotter is a twit

martha, milwaukee 01/27/09
artist: .357 string band
Review: some fine photos!!

Beverly Lewis, Davie, Florida 01/27/09
artist: Sugarland
Review: I think sugarland is one of the hotest band out there. I love ther music and the guy who plays the guitor hes the love of my life right now. He's a woman Wowwww!!!

ingrid, sweden 01/27/09
artist: gerard way
Review: i love him hi is so and sexy i love him his my love !!!!!

mary hannah, chicago 01/26/09
artist: tom morello
Review: what a delicious interview

Adrian Stewart, Stroud, Oklahoma 01/26/09
artist: Reba McEntire
Review: I just love Reba's music. One of these days I want to sing like her. I love to sing to her music! She is just a role model to me. I watch her show every day at five and seven.

monica, seattle 01/26/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: DAMN! you have got some of the best lollapalooza photos through the years that I've ever are so blessed and talented. thanks for sharing them with everybody!

Shelbi, lex. Ky 01/26/09
artist: Snoop Dogg
Review: i <3 snoop dogg

megan, pawpaw MI 01/26/09
artist: death cab
Review: cool as hell!

mike, milwaukee 01/26/09
artist: disturbed
Review: the show was a bit slow at first but picked up steam towards the middle and rocked at the end!! I like your pictures too!

johnnie, milwaukee 01/23/09
artist: disturbed
Review: c'mon man - did you like them or what???

Jordan, New Brighton, MN 01/23/09
artist: Primus
Review: I went to the first annual Hedgpeth Festival in WI and it was an amazing weekend and show. It was my time seeing Flaming Lips and I have wanted to see Primus for years and got to see them for the first time as well. I wish they would bring Hedgpeth back. Great location. Coulda allowed tailgating though. Did it anyways.

ron y., milwaukee 01/23/09
artist: draiman
Review: david is still sexy as hell!!

Mike Phillips, Chicago, IL 01/23/09
artist: The Killers
Review: Saw The Killers in Chicago on Tuesday. Great show - Brandon Flowers is just fun to watch. And being able to see their new stuff live was great. I wrote a review of it, if anyone's interested, at

katie, las vegas 01/23/09
artist: metallica
Review: hey joe, a fine set of pictures there man!

the new dawn of hope?? 01/23/09
Review: this writer is wrong!!! Obama is not the next messsiah as so many deem him to be, the lord thinks that some people glaze over the bad things in America.

jeannette, minneapolis 01/22/09
artist: conor oberst
Review: I like his old music so much better than his new twangy crap

candy thomas, Hempstead N.Y 01/22/09
artist: usher

lori, milwaukee 01/22/09
Review: I liked your review. I think disturbed needs to move in a new direction as well!

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MIKE, ALABAMA 01/21/09

Skylab, New York, NY 01/21/09
artist: Lettie
Review: I think Lettie's "Age of Solo" is a great album. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

jenny darling, milwaukee 01/21/09
artist: 357 string band
Review: awesome, awesome review!!

oliver j. cabigunda, Philippines 01/21/09
Review: Bravo!Arthur are indeed "God's miracle".The hand of the Lord working in silence has brought miracles to people's lives.Thanks for the inspiration.

arthur, pamulang 2 01/21/09
artist: yanni
Review: the best ever!!!!!!

joe, crown point indiana 01/20/09
artist: the musical box
Review: I've seen this band 6 times, this is the best band second to none.

Amanda Marie knowles, Colorado Springs co 01/20/09
artist: Godsmack
Review: sully you are so hot i would be marry to you. Well when i first saw you in your band you look so hot in all of theos videos.

Dana, Chicago 01/20/09
Review: I love EVERYTHING you said in this article. I'm an aspiring writer and this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I want to write about. I love your use of words. "They were seekers, and they died seeking." I love it. :]

Angus, New York 01/20/09
artist: Brian johnson
Review: Brian Johnson is god

Ashton A., k-town Texas 01/20/09
artist: The Artist Formally Known as Niece
Review: I found the .357 string band review to be up-beat and entertaining! Props to the reviewer for her boogie-down terminology! :D She obviously got some mad skills!

jean, texas 01/20/09
artist: reba
Review: reba you're the best!!

Steve, Chicago, IL 01/20/09
artist: Musical Box
Review: Andy -- your review missed a few points. The Musical Box isn't just playing Genesis songs, they're trying to reproduce the live show. That's why they played the songs they did, in the order they did, and that's why they wore the costumes they did. The level of detail is great -- those were the videos played on the original tour, the slides were the same -- and even the laser was the same! And they didn't play the complete Trick of The Tail album (no Trick of The Tail song, for example). All in all, though, I agree, with TMB around who needs a non-Gabriel Genesis reunion?

Shannon, Escanaba, MI 01/20/09
artist: .357 String Band
Review: Excellent Review & Fantastic Photos!

aleisha balhorn, detriot michigan01/20/09
artist: imogen heap
Review: i love your music i listen to it every day its oringinal

Rio S mario, tasikmalaya&indonesia 01/20/09
artist: george harrison
Review: george harrison is my favorite.couse I like the beatles

Bella, New Haven CT 01/20/09
artist: Skillet
Review: I love Skillet! They are awseome. my favoratite song is comatose and then whispers in the dark. those lyrics are amazing and very real to life.

Queiroz, Brazil 01/20/09
artist: Quitar
Review: hi, good from live the best my band.

margaret, chicago 01/19/09
artist: the musical box
Review: what a wonderful review andy! it was such an experience to relive gabriel era genesis again!!

jim buck, chicago 01/19/09
artist: the musical box
Review: spot on man, spot on

vicki, london, england 01/19/09
artist: abbey road
Review: I'm extremely jealous...what a beautiful event it seemed to be

johnnie, milwaukee 01/19/09
artist: 357 string band
Review: the photos are really hot!!

karen m., seattle 01/19/09
artist: the roots
Review: I can't ever get enough ROOTS!!!!!!

casey wangrud, escanaba, mi 01/16/09
Review: great review & amazing pics. Rick Ness is a bad motor-scooter!

stephenie 01/16/09
artist: KoRn

jeannette, new orleans 01/16/09
artist: the pogues
Review: if ever the pogues would visit new orleans I would die. shane is my god!!

owen montana, cailfornia 01/16/09
Review: this is really a great site!!!

mercy me, detroit 01/16/09
artist: les claypool
Review: the man never ceases to amaze me!

azhar, papar 01/16/09
artist: mcr
Review: absolutely amazing photographs!

CVET, LoNDoN 01/15/09
Review: excellent photographs!

marti, detroit 01/15/09
artist: notorious
Review: I liked your review. I'm a huge biggie fan and really want to see the movie!!!!

camilo, paipa 01/15/09
artist: linkin park
Review: me gusta la musica de linkin park mi cancion favorita es in the end me encanta.

justin m., chicago 01/15/09
artist: my morning jacket
Review: very well done!

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Heather Hermann, fort gay, west viginia 01/14/09
artist: Ray J
Review: He is so fine He looks better with out a shirt

melanie, nyc 01/14/09
artist: karen carpenter
Review: she still looks beautiful!

bobby lewis, omaha, neb 01/14/09
artist: the faint
Review: the faint makes me want to faint with excitement

Laura, Chicago 01/13/09
artist: Jersey Boys
Review: The show was absolutely wonderful! Thanks for the great review!

Phyllis Rogers, Memphisn TN 01/13/09
artist: Seal
Review: I had the great opportunity to see Seal In Concert here in Memphis TN, he was awsome,n I was totally amazed at his talent and his unique way of performing,he is one of the greatest artist that exist in today's times, his song Amazing is truly Amazing and he is surely Amazing, one thing that I would like to do before I part from this earth is to meet Seal somehow, someday.

Marty, Dublin 01/13/09
artist: Shane MacGowan
Review: Quite a brilliant interview!

monica f., hartford, VT 01/13/09
artist: tom morrello
Review: the interview was so awesome!

jessica, st. paul, minn. 01/13/09
artist: top 10 cds
Review: you forgot britney bitches

Jeff Lowman, Scottsdale, Az 01/12/09
artist: Gin Blossoms
Review: More like Gin Awesomes.

marci, milwaukee 01/12/09
artist: conor oberst and the mystic valley band
Review: I didn't like the show in Milwaukee at first, but after thinking about more and more and listening to his latest cd I'm starting to unserstansd the subtle beauty of it all.

LeRoy, Detroit 01/12/09
artist: The Dirtbombs
Review: I think you that you captured their raw power in your review.

Tj, Brisbane 01/12/09
artist: Flyleaf & Skillet
Review: FLYLEAF ROCK!!! Skillet isn't as good but are still awesome. FLYLEAF YOU ARE AWESOME!

miguel venegas ruiz, lima (peru) 01/12/09
artist: b-real of cypress hill
Review: muy buena la musica esta muy buena kisiera saber donde puedo comprar y ke me lo manden sus vestimentas,...espero su pronta respuesta...

harold white, new york city 01/09/09
artist: les claypool
Review: a very enaging interview

sammi, new orleans 01/09/09
artist: voodoo festival
Review: very amazing years of stories and photographs. we appreciate you coming down and writing about our great city

john, milwaukee 01/09/09
Review: I love this site!! you seriously review more concerts in the Milwaukee then any other news outlet! and you do it so well I might add. I've been comning here for years and hope you people will be here for many more years to come!!

george, winnipeg 01/09/09
artist: jessica simpson
Review: Damn that woman is HOT, stupid but hot!

Nicole, Sevenum 01/09/09
artist: Ed from de band live
Review: Most beautiful man in the world!!

brock, san diego, california 01/08/09
artist: claypool
Review: les you're one of the cooolest and craziest guys I know!

jimmy, minneapolis, minn. 01/08/09
artist: MMJ
Review: MMJ has inspired me like no other band this year. evil urges is a true masterpiece

jerri thompson, st. louis 01/08/09
artist: top 10 albums
Review: Coldplay eas hands down the greatest album and band of last year!!

marge, fall creek, MN 01/08/09
artist: les Claypool
Review: thank man, I learned alot about Les I never knew!

Vicky, Fall River, Massachusetts 01/07/09
artist: Skillet
Review: Amazing band!

Afric., Japan 01/07/09
Review: U know guys I just want to say hello :) Keep in touch ;). I am from Japan and bad know English, give true I wrote the following sentence: I LOVE THIS MUSIC SITE MUCH!"

katelyn, Branchville sc 01/07/09
artist: Toby Keith
Review: Toby Keith is my fravited singer.

bonnie lee, flint, mich 01/07/09
artist: les claypool
Review: fantastic interview!

monica, chicago, illinois 01/06/09
artist: les
Review: great questions. I liked how you stumped him on the last one ; )

lobo, altillo coahuila 01/06/09
artist: gwen stefani
Review: i love all of your beuatiful photos

billy, chicago 01/06/09
artist: music news
Review: thanks for the updates. i read them every week

Mike Zabkiewicz, Garden City, Mich 01/06/09
artist: Knights of Tyme
Review: Knight of Tyme played in the Detroit area about 1967 to 1970, winning battles of the bands, opening for BoB Seger System at Notre Dame High, Playing area clubs Crow's Nest West, alternating weekends with Amboy Dukes and the MC5. Yeah!

jessica, las vegas 01/06/09
Review: damn, you got some HOT photography here!!k

Bill Higgins, Blackpool, England 01/05/09
artist: Les Claypool
Review: You probed the man well with your mind mate

winni, nyc 01/05/09
artist: les claypool
Review: les is my man! Primus 4ever!

Alicia Estes, Hooks, Texas 01/05/09
artist: Jay Bakker
Review: I was looking for your Mom's music because I loved her way of singing, and found this great site. I agree with you and we should stand up and share our faith wherever we are at. Keep the faith, God loves you and so do I.

maxim, france 01/05/09
artist: sean paul
Review: divine photographs. the fire is intense

lennon, philippines 01/05/09
artist: sigur ros
Review: i have 210 original tunes and i need a bandmates as long as possible. like someone from sigur ros

artist: FAITH HILL

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jeannette, cicero, IL 01/02/09
artist: mmj
Review: yeah I thought they wen on a bit long too!! artists don't seem to understand that in many cases "less is more"

harness jockey 01/02/09
artist: britney
Review: she's looking hot again!!

jericca, detroit 01/02/09
artist: tom mortello (rage?)
Review: nice interview, I just wish rage would put out a new cd!!!

george s., chicago, illinois 01/02/09
artist: harry connick
Review: he needs a new sctick

billy, england 01/02/09
artist: the killers
Review: very nice, now if the boys would just favor me a live visit it would make my new year complete

darci, chicago 12/31/08
artist: top 10
Review: I would have to say that lollapalooza was by far the best bang for the buck!! and radiohead and nine inch nails were fantastic among others!

jeff thompson, seattle 12/31/08
artist: my morning jacket
Review: excellent review andy!!

robin, chicago 12/31/08
artist: mcr
Review: the photos here are briliant

sher, chicago 12/30/08
artist: sarah brightman
Review: We attended the Sarah Brightman concert on December 4th at the Allstate Arena.The tickets were obtained through public television after making an enormous donation. Our seats were folding chairs set up on a flat surface without any rise. We could not see performance at all until Sarah was hoisted on top of a pile of mattress and one other time when she was on a high swing.The theatre was not an "Arena" as we expected. I was extremely disappointed that her promoters would involve her in such a disappointing setting. I felt cheated.

bash, San sebastian - Spain 12/30/08
artist: MCR & Rise Against
Review: The union of two of the greatest artists of the world. MCR & RA rules.

tyler t., dallas, tx 12/30/08
artist: the roots
Review: awesome interview!

harlan, st. louis 12/30/08
artist: wes borlan
Review: please, please come back to limp bizkit..they suck wothout you!!!

born to be my baby, south wales (uk) 12/30/08
artist: bon jovi
Review: when is bon jovi next in wales???

jude, san fran 12/29/08
artist: the faint
Review: i would give anything to seem them live!!!

jaryd, carbondale, ILL 12/29/08
artist: death cab for cutie
Review: Ben gibbard certainly knows how to write music and I've seen death cab live multiple times and he is by the best performer I've ever seen!

Jade, Paris, France 12/29/08
artist: Lady Ga Ga
Review: I think that you ned to listen to this cd a little closer next time. She is so talented.

tyler t., detroit 12/29/08
artist: tom morello
Review: tom has been one of the great inspirations both musically and politically and I appreciate that awesome interview

mason lewis, chicago 12/29/08
Review: you've got a great bunch of concerts listed in your top 10. may I suggest REM???

jerri, iowa city 12/26/08
artist: joey jordison
Review: what a badass interview!! great questions and joeys answers were phenominal!

vern phillips, rochester, minn. 12/26/08
artist: of montreal
Review: man those are wild photos - have to see this band live now!!!!

monica l., chicago 12/26/08
artist: top 10
Review: i think you should've have more lolla acts on your top 10!

frankie 12/26/08
artist: nickelback
Review: I think they rock dude and your just a jealous jerk!

yasra studio, jakarta indonesia 12/26/08
artist: carpenters
Review: such beautiful music


peter, nyc 12/26/08
Review: happy holidays concert livewire. thanks for everything!

matt, st. paul, mn 12/24/08
artist: the faint
Review: enjoyed your review. I know I'll catch them next time they come through the twin cities!

bonnie, tennessee 12/24/08
artist: chili peppers
Review: I think you're wrong their music just keeps gettin better better. try and clean out your ears

georgie, st. louis 12/24/08
artist: the roots
Review: excellent interview, thanks andy

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dian ramadhan, iowa 12/23/08
artist: joey jordison
Review: one of the most BADASS interviews around!

Karen M., St. Cloud, MN 12/23/08
artist: The Faint
Review: oh yeah, they sure know how to put on a show!!!!

maxum, london 12/23/08
artist: the roots
Review: their music is so original and inspiring - great interview!

janet, chicago 12/23/08

artist: of montreal
Review: beautiful photos!!

margot, portland, or 12/22/08
artist: death cab for cutie
Review: great review and photos! I missed death cab last time around Portland but your review got me excited to see them again

jeannette, twin lakes, wis 12/22/08
artist: the faint
Review: that show was briliant, I danced all the way home

Owen, UK 12/22/08
artist: The Roots
Review: WEll I must say that the Roots brand of hip hop is the most creative I've ever heard! Thanks for the nice interview.

star fucker, leeds, uk 12/22/08
artist: the black crowes
Review: I'm listenin to shake your money maker right now and am reminded that they are almost as good as the stones! there I said it

Akilina, Japan 12/22/08
Review: Good morning music lovers. Health consists of having the same diseases as one's neighbors. I am from Japan and now teach English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "First hug kiss how to date one of the most difficult parts of any relationship is getting it started." see that's how we make beautiful music in beautiful Japan!
Thank you very much :D. Akilina.

marianne e., milwaukee 12/19/08
artist: the faint
Review: everbody needs to feel the faint if only for a moment to to feel what a buzz they give your brain and body!

james, milwaukee, wis 12/19/08
artist: the faint
Review: the show was awesome!! danced all night and I could see by your words you were dancing too

colin miller, london, uk 12/19/08
artist: Sia
Review: her voice is so sweet and her lyrics rife with beautiful pain

justin, miamai 12/19/08
Review: this site totally RAWKS!!!!!

stafford, nyc 12/19/08
artist: the roots
Review: a humdiggity, bang up knock down smiley face interview!!

monicatorres, sanford N.C. 12/18/08
artist: skillet
Review: u guys roxck and when is your next concert here i have yall on ipod but i want to here u guys live

jimmy, seattle 12/18/08
artist: death cab for cutie
Review: great review, you do really understand their music

brittle candi 12/18/08
artist: jessica simpson
Review: she has one of the hottest bods i've ever seen!

james anderson, chicago 12/18/08
artist: smokey
Review: you hit the nail on the head. the show was wonderful man!

Martin Knippeberg, canada 12/17/08
artist: Sex Pistols
Review: This dvd is awsome , nd really good quality, this is a must the Sex Pistols fan, "pure", God save the Sex Pistols!

Haley, lake Geneva 12/17/08
Review: Phil what the hell have you been doing...other than death cab for cutie i've seen of your work...being lazy I see, i miss your awesome writing and photos!

mariana, san tarita y estado zulia 12/17/08
artist: aiden
Review: aiden son lo mejor artist....yeeeeaa
los amo

Heidi, Chicago 12/17/08
artist: Harry Connick Jr.
Review: I think your review is contradicting. I was in the audience and don't recall seeing any bored patrons in the audience so I'm questioning wether or not you were even present at the concert. A very talented artist played to his audience entertained and was well spoken and funny throughout the concert. He featured several band members a variety of piano's and a nice mix of different styles of music including but not limited to holiday tune both old and new. I saw the audience entertained, connected, laughing and cheering. Not sure what concert you were at...sorry you were disappointed. I enjoy the holiday season and am not one to fall into the negative scrooge world like so many others. I like all the holiday tunes, slow laid back and NOLA style.

Troy, Portland/Maine 12/17/08
artist: Kenny Chesney
Review: Hi bubba(Kenny), It's nice to talk to you, I really love the music and do hope to hear more, from you. I also like the Photo that is Posted on the web-page, of you in a black hat... red shirt... while giveing "us" the peace sing in concert. Too, I've enjoy the one in blue. I Miss you. I saw the high school picher of you with the black tie/sitting on the bench/with that palm tree in the middle...this one here as i look at is my alltime favorite of all!! When I have a bad or not so good day all I have to do is sit for a moment an reflect on the past(on the lake, next to the river,...) P.S. Marry Christmas and I LOVE YOU!!! Troy A. Sprague

kathi, chicago, illinois 12/16/08
Review: I love this site so much!

Cauldron Maker, Mass. 12/16/08
artist: Marilyn Manson
Review: If only you non believers understood him you would not fear him

james, chicago 12/16/08
artist: death cab
Review: ben gibbard speaks to me like no other poet

paulette 12/16/08
artist: rhianna
Review: beautiful photos!

jenelle, minneapolis, mn 12/15/08
artist: death cab
Review: great review and gorgeous photos!!

Monica, Manchester, England 12/15/08
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: I'm doing a paper for school on the proliferation of massive music festivals and the inpact they have on the concert industry. All of your fantastic festival coverage has been invaluable to my research. Thank you!

frank 12/15/08
artist: jessica simpson
Review: holy shit some sexy sexy legs girl!!!!!!!

Fajar Shiddiq, Surabaya, Yogyakarta 12/15/08
artist: MTV 100%
Review: eric clapton jimie hendrix, lee ritenour, julia gracia, purwacaraka, SartonoSugiati, Achyar Suratmi & BudislametSumiasih...these are the best!!!

jenni, nyc 12/15/08
artist: jack's mannequin
Review: I was at that show - I couldn't agree more with your awesome review!

miranda 12/15/08
artist: my chemical romance
Review: wow! gr8 job! the pics r amazing!

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