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bob, iowa 12/12/08
artist: joey jordison
Review: can i have a hug

janet, milwaukee, wis 12/12/08
artist: dcfc
Review: brilliant review!!

billy martin, nyc 12/12/08
artist: death cab
Review: death cab keeps maturing and getting better and better with every album and live performance.

margaret t., chicago 12/12/08
artist: smokey
Review: still as smooth as silky butter...please kepp going for anothe 20 years!

jessica, queensland, australia 12/12/08
artist: jared leto
Review: what a sexy bloke!!

Teboho, South Africa 12/11/08
artist: John Legend
Review: John Legand rocks, wish to see him on stage doing his thinks I'am inspired
God Bless Thank you

littie bit, il Chicgo 12/11/08
artist: Aaron Carter
Review: that video rocked bubba

zoekasz, bullworth, canada 12/11/08
artist: alk3
Review: they are the best punk-rockers

J.:, Macei-AL 12/11/08
artist: Linkin Park
Review: O melhores Dos Melhores Cara Aqueles Que fazem O Nosso Estilo....Aqueles Que D?o Altos e Altos Gritos ! '' Linkin Park '' ?

chelsea, Phoenix, Arizona 12/11/08
artist: death cab
Review: when was this concert? or when is it???

winston, UK 12/10/08
artist: the horrors
Review: spot on interview, great give and take between faris and the interview.

saddle maker, nyc 12/10/08
artist: death Cab
Review: great review and loving the new look on Ben!!

Monica m., las vegas 12/10/08
artist: tom morello
Review: interesting interview. although I would have liked to know about whats happening with Rage

pete, milwaukee 12/10/08
artist: death cab for cutie
Review: show was fucking fantastic!!

minstrel, ottawa, canada 12/09/08
artist: death cab
Review: death cab has been glorified and maligned by the press. hey guys just let them be and keep creating thoughful and exciting music. wonderful review I might add

laurel, chicago 12/09/08
Review: a truly handy, dandy way Mr andy to propose to your woman!

Angelica Delvalle, Bronx, NY 12/09/08
artist: Joey Jordison
Review: He says "fuck man" a lot and I find it sexy.That's one.Two,I'm glad he cleared the whole Satan worshipping thing up.And three.....fuck man!I love Joey Jordison and I believe he is a sex god.He's my sex god!!!!My mother thinks it's cute that we're both the same height.

Jewel 12/09/08

sandra, spain 12/09/08
artist: gerard way
Review: I love you you are the best !! thank you for your music!!

zach, pinellas park fl 12/09/08
artist: joey jordison

Natalie, grayslake Il 12/09/08
artist: Keith Urban
Review: wow keith i saw pics of u fromm 1990 to now. u were ugly. then i heard u nicloe were in common because u both got plastic surgry. how pathetic, plastic surgry. thats for losers.

johnnie, milwaukee, wisc. 12/09/08
Review: hello, I love this site!

victor, MILAGRO ECUADOR 12/09/08
artist: slash
Review: that is coolest picture i've ever seen of slash

germaine, portland, or 12/09/08
artist: ben gibbard
Review: sexy sexy sexy!!

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Taylor, wv 12/08/08
artist: country thunder
Review: You guys rock!!!!!!!!!

Julie, England 12/08/08
artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Review: Oh yes, sexy sexy sexy!

marianne, des plains, il 12/08/08
artist: jack's mannequin
Review: ~great review - saw them with death cab the other night. a great great performance!

peter, nyc 12/08/08
artist: johnny cash
Review: a thouroughly enjoyed the interview. i just wish johnny would come back!

suzy, milwaukee 12/08/08
artist: fever marlene
Review: i loved the show. can i buy some of those awesome photos?

Breana, columbus, ohio 12/05/08
artist: Skillet
Review: ~Skillets pics are so HOT~!!!!! John looks soooo sexy!!!!!

kevin 12/05/08
artist: tom morello
Review: could be one of the top guitarists of all time!

tom phillips, chicago 12/05/08
artist: conor oberst
Review: i love the mystic valley Band!

owen m., miami 12/05/08
Review: great site! love all the cool shit!

Mona (Secretly Famous) Monaca 12/04/08
Review: ConcertLivewire, talking about the power of amazing music and journalism at its best... You rock our world like it's never been rocked before. Awesome work!
Thanks so much for bravely letting me join in the cool vibes. I'm honoured to share this space ride with THE most rockin' stars on the planet.
Keep making music history - you rule!

jonas, buffalo, ny 12/04/08
artist: camper
Review: the boys still know how to ROCK!!

stacey, milwaukee 12/04/08
artist: dolly parton
Review: real nice photos

linette, london, england 12/04/08
artist: jewel
Review: i enjoy her music more than ever now!

michael, texas 12/04/08
artist: secret machines Review: a really excellent interview

amber. san antonio tx 12/04/08
artist: goo goo dolls
Review: wish i was one of the lucky 300 ive never missed a concert yet here in my hometown id go straight for jonny lol

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Leslee, Virginia 12/03/08
artist: Johnny Gill
Review: Can this concert be found on DVD...if so how can I purchase it.

brock, seattle 12/03/08
artist: tom morello
Review: what an insane interview!!

lora k., chicago 12/03/08
artist: camper van beethoven
Review: I was there Sat night and such a good time

Maddie Banks, Moody, Alabama 12/03/08
artist: Toby Keith
Review: I think your an amazing singer//songwriter! Your songs inspire me so much with my cousin into Iraq. That song American Soldier just gets me through it!!")

marci, chicago 12/03/08
artist: red hots
Review: some pretty hot pictures here. especially of anthony!!

Joel, Las Vegas, NV 12/02/08
artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Review: Wow this band needs to learn that the reason the fans are there are they hits not the new junk they think sells. But from there sales of the new album i think they know it doesnt sell so why play it. I think they started almost every song and eneded every song like a poor garage band a 2 min intro and 2 min ending to each song is not needed .... I want somebody to give me back my 1hr and 45 min of my life i just lost Nov-30-2008

jessica 12/02/08
artist: dresden dolls
Review: phil a truly topnotch interview!!

Ross, Doncasrer 12/02/08
artist: Morrissey
Review: What GREAT Pics

Jessica, Window Rock 12/02/08
artist: Scott Stapp
Review: I love it!!! great story!!

mark, Staten Island 12/02/08
artist: christine
Review: I really enjoyed the show. It was awesome! I watched it twice. One was in the late 90s in Melbourne, Australia and the second time was in New York City. I could say, it was all worth it as the performance rpoved to be amazing. Well recommended

graham, leeds, UK 12/02/08
Review: what a beautifull and one-of-akind proposal...your woman should be very happy.

Mely, mexico 12/02/08
artist: goo goo dolls

rita, rio 12/02/08
Review: I'm brasilian, i love you 30 seconds to mars especially Jared leto. I love you Jared Leto

britney 12/01/08
artist: jared leto
Review: i think jared is the best he really get into his music

Becky, Glen Rose, Texas 12/01/08
artist: Ronnie Milsap
Review: I am trying to get an autographed photo of Ronnie Milsap for my daughter. She is 31 yrs old and still loves him. When she was 2 yrs old everytime a commercial selling his cd's came on with him singing she was frozen to the screen. At the end of the song she would kiss him on the tv screen. She still loves his voice and songs. I would like to get her an wutographed photo of him.

Andrea Stevens, Houston, Tx 12/01/08
artist: Davell Crawford
Review: Davell Crawford is today, tommorrow our future into he is HISTORY made at the age of 7 til now I enjoy every minute of his music he is God choosen and I would go anywhere in the world if I could to hear him play so every chance that he is in Lafayette or New Orleans along with and entarage I am there.

marlene, chicago 12/01/08
artist: wedding proposal
Review: so very romantic!!

guilherme, praia grande, Sao paulo 12/01/08
artist: skillet
Review: preciso comprar cdse camisas originais urgente....

ruby 12/01/08
artist: hot, fine, sexy, cute
Review: i like you in this pic jessica

jeannette, nyc 12/01/08
artist: andy & katie
Review: what a cool and romantic thing to do andy!! it was so cool that amy went along for the ride, you and katie will have a beautiful memory for a lifetime

ch3mal, bogor 12/01/08
artist: blink 182
Review: i verrryy like u tom

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cali girl 11/28/08
artist: britney spears
Review: she looks so hot again...I want to touch her body

lesle, chicago 11/28/08
artist: johhny cash
Review: thanks for sharing this with me. it really makes me love the legend even more. so human and down to earth

michael dennis, LA CA & Los Vegas 11/28/08
artist: windycitywhistler
Review: Dee Alexander you look and sound wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill send you some of my new music soon ! call me

Mark Grable, London, UK 11/28/08
artist: Obama
Review: Finally you Yanks have chosen a man with heart, vision and intelligence! Thank you for starting to erase the mistakes you've made the last 8 years!

jenny, sa 11/27/08
artist: 3doorsdown
Review: am a big fan of 3doorsdown and i think the lead singer is hot.

harry, vegas, nevada 11/27/08
artist: tom morello
Review: luved the interview!

sammi moore, detroit 11/27/08
artist: all american rejects
Review: these guys ROCK!

trudy frias, fontana 11/26/08
artist: all motown
Review: all are so good im 49 years old and today my mom and dad still hear oldies in there home i grow up with oldies all my life and will die for them it all good and i love it all .thank for thing like this we still her god songs today.

justin, new york 11/26/08
artist: jack's mannequin
Review: the show was one of jack's best! Pure energy and great music!

beatrice, lowell ma 11/26/08
artist: mark anthony
Review: i think he has the best voice - nice pictures!

lawrence vega, detroit, mich 11/26/08
artist: nikka costa
Review: nikka is the my dirty rock and roll slut

kyle bowe, chicago 11/25/08
artist: all american rejects
Review: love the photos - great review 2!


Heidi Posdzeck, german; Luckenwalde 11/25/08
artist: Linkin park
Review: yes linkin park is best

janet, minneapolis 11/25/08
Review: great site, thanks!

mason, chicago, Illinois 11/24/08
artist: tom Morello
Review: thanks for the amazing intervierw with Tom!!!

charles bonyata, lake city, florida 11/24/08
Review: Hi tony, How you doing? Haven't seen you in eons. Congratulations on your work its awesome.
Chuck Bonyata

Thomas, Kansas City, Missouri 11/24/08
artist: Stevie Nicks
Review: I like listening to Stevie Nicks and still believe shes a knockout

keting, st. louis 11/24/08
artist: dolly parton
Review:it's amazing how beautiful she still ist

Michael, London 11/24/08
Review: This is truly a fabulous music site!

marcey, chicago 11/21/08
artist: dolly
Review: I am so pleased that dolly is still so vital and talented. her last 2 albiums might be her best. great review and photos, thanks.

jenna, detroit 11/21/08
artist: smashing pumpkins
Review: put a fork in em - they're so done!

michael m., atlanta 11/21/08
artist: widespread panic
Review: yup they're the best of the jam banders

peter, alaska 11/21/08
artist: pumpkins
Review: came to anchorage billy!!

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Sean, Minneapolis, MN 11/20/08
artist: Peter Murphy

Bev Onyschak, Trail B.C. 11/20/08
Review: This guy (Paolo Nutini) is unbelievable. I was in a clothing store trying on some things, and this incredible music was playing. I thought it was a 35 to 45 year old, well seasoned folksy/bluesy singer. I was astounded when I found out he was only 20. This young guy is beyond

monty, london, UK 11/20/08
artist: the horrors
Review: brilliant interview mate. faris and the boys really know how to put the dick back into music!

jeannette, chicago, il 11/20/08
artist: janet jackson
Review: very sweet interview. thank you janet and thank you andy

IDIN, JAKARTA 11/20/08
artist: ac/dc
Review: they are the best!! very good photographs

Kelly Lambert, San Francisco, CA 11/19/08
artist: Robert Plant & Vedder
Review: I love both of these people. Robert Plant first tho...i've loved him since i was 5 yrs old..Eddie is the next in line! :)

Cap'tn Skipper, Munster Ind 11/19/08
artist: Rolling Stone Mag
Review: I am very dissapointed in the new size of the magazine! Is nothing Sacred anymore!

Ryan, Fontana, WI 11/19/08
artist: Eddie Vedder
Review: It was an amazing show. I think Eddie was just being Eddie. I did not think he was that upset. I'm sure he starts off with a roudy excited PJ fans at every stop. As he said there is always one asshole nomatter where you go. But I dont think they wrecked it for him or everyone else. Between Arc, and Hard Sun, I 4 rows back even got a hand shake form the guy, who shaked hands on both sides of the stage.

leon joyce, meriden ct 11/19/08
artist: william texidor
Review: Love ya cuz hopefully i hear from you soon my mom says hi.

Uriel Reyes, Chicago 11/18/08
artist: Roger Waters
Review: Goosebumps...Emotion...Excitement. All of these feeling flew through my body! Great fucken' Concert!

D.Kopp, Middleton, Id 11/18/08
artist: Merle Hagard
Review: excellent interview - One of the greatest ever!

Jon, Olathe, KS 11/18/08
artist: New Pornographers
Review: I've owned "Twin Cinema" since it came out but it didn't really "take" with me right away like a couple of the earlier releases. I got it out again and I've listened to "Three or Four" about twenty times today. Thank you, my Canadian friends!! This is a true work of genius!

BEANIE 11/18/08

Loren williamson, stockton, ca 11/18/08
artist: Merle Haggard
Review: Love the man meral haggard,Ive been folling him sence i was a baby,you see bonnie was my baby sitter.When meral was playing,music around bakerfield,As a matter of fact,he went with my cousin,Jennivee.Im grown up now,Still love his music. Loren cal hossier...........

billy, texas 11/18/08
artist: lynyrd skynyrd
Review: awesome photos!

james, milwaukee 11/18/08
Review: thanks for the awesome site!!

Rodolph, haiti 11/18/08
artist: dolph-h
Review: I'd like to know how to slap,you make me krazy for the bass when i see you,i want you to help me i'd like to be like you .

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mickey, new orleans 11/17/08
artist: voodoo and new orleans
Review: andy, thanks for all the great stories you've done on our great city in the past. you truly are a friend

lawrence, milwaukee 11/17/08
artist: iggy pop
Review: great photos of the father of punk!!

bubbleboy 11/17/08
artist: britney
Review: she is still hot as hell - all you you haters can go to hell!!!

peter y., milwaukee, wis 11/17/08
artist: nikka
Review: gotta love any artist adorned with a beautiful mane of red hair!

monica, la crosse, wi 11/17/08
artist: conor oberst
Review: excellent review. i was ther and this is the first time ive seen conor. he was aesome and the whole time was a great time!

taylor 11/14/08
artist: tori amos
Review: absolutely beautiful pictures

jonas m., buffalo, ny 11/14/08
artist: radiohead
Review: I love this album!!

marcia, nashville 11/14/08
artist: jessica simpson
Review: what a tart! she has little talent

jimmy, chicgao 11/14/08
Review: David bowie was influenced by little richard and Elvis Presley ONLY!!! Not by any of that what you have mentioned. He had said on Elvis' influence:- "Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was probably stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something." "I saw a cousin of mine when I was young. She was dancing to ''Hound Dog' and I had never seen her get up and be moved so much by anything. It really impressed me, the power of the music. I started getting records immediately after that." Madonna is not influenced by David bowie, She had told that her inspiration was Elvis Presley. She has said :- "Without Elvis, you're nothing."

P.S. I think Elvis is most influential not beatles.

vaughn, new olreans 11/13/08
artist: voodoo
Review: good stuff...thanks for the lovely coverage of our humble event.

james d., chicago 11/13/08
artist: the stooges
Review: seeing the stooges at lolla last year was remarkable but I wish I could have seen their fist detroit reunion show. sounded insane!

MacGyver, Garnett, Kansas 11/13/08
artist: Janis Joplin
Review: What made Janis such an amazing artist was the emotion in her songs, you can feel that she pours her heart out in each song. Very few artists really take their music to that deeply emotional level as janis did.

owen foster, new mexico 11/13/08
artist: the beasties
Review: top of the line pictures matt

Laura Jennings, Boston 11/13/08
artist: Antony and the Johnsons
Review: Thanks for the review. Antony is sucha beautiful poet!!

sarah, st, paul, mn 11/12/08
artist: tom morello
Review: great interview!

mark, portland 11/12/08
artist: beasties
Review: i wish the beasties would get back to the music and avoid politics

Christina, Czech Republic, Budweis 11/12/08
Review: Will come Justin Timberlake on the Czech Republic? And when?

jamal, atlanta, georgia 11/11/08
artist: rhianna
Review: she is so gorgeous

c minnikin, ont. can. 11/11/08
artist: shane macgowan
Review: he's bloddy brillant. i love his music

margot, nyc 11/11/08
artist: nikka costa
Review: nice review, nikka is really so talented

kim, chicago 11/11/08
artist: voodoo
Review: andy great pictures as always!!

jeannette riley, chicago, il 11/10/08
artist: barack obama
Review: a collective dream of hope has been born last week

Marcy, Milwaukee 11/10/08
artist: Nikka Costa
Review: Thanks for the review, I see that you enjoyed the show. I think Nikka is far more talented then what the media gives her credit for. She inspires me with her beautiful words and music.

Brittney, Omaha 11/10/08
artist: Conor oberst
Review: I'm not really sure if I like the direction Conor's music is heading. He has seem to lose some of his earlier passion. I know that artists "grow" but sometime not always in the right direction.

mike, milwaukee 11/10/08
artist: conor
Review: excellent pictures!

Sean, Seattle 11/10/08
artist: Tom Morello
Review: Thanks for the choice interview. We need more people like Tom to speak out adainst the evil of the world. Thanks god Obama won!

tan lady, reno, nevada 11/10/08
artist: nika costa
Review: looks like she's been eating abit too many twinkies

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