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kylie mason, chicago, il 11/07/08
artist: barack obama rally
Review: what a night...what a night

george, liverpool, england 11/07/08
artist: yeasayer
Review: I really enjoy yeasayer's vibe. gets the muscles twitching in a sexy way

marlene, detroit 11/07/08
artist: sean paul
Review: i just want to eat em up!!!!

L. McKagan, Seattle, WA 11/07/08
artist: Bass Guitarist
Review: I Don't Like This Anymore Than You Do.

lauren, milwaukee, wisc 11/07/08
artist: nikka costa
Review: she is hot and so is her music! she deserved much better than the small crowd that showed up at the rave for her show!!

mason, chicago 11/06/08
artist: barack
Review: i'm so proud to be an american right now!

jeannette, lake geneva, wi 11/06/08
artist: ac/dc
Review: the old farts still know how to rock

marianne l., chicago 11/06/08
artist: obama rally
Review: what a special treat to be there last night. there was such a feeling of love and hope in the air. no matter what happens america made the right choice last night

Will, London, UK 11/05/08
artist: Tom Morello
Review: Interesting interview. I would have liked to hear more questions about Rage though.

germaine 11/05/08
artist: twista
Review: he da man!!!!

Lizzie, chicago 11/05/08
Review: Absolutely inspiring report!! Hopefully y'all voted today

karen, chicago 11/05/08
Review: love this site! come hereto check out all the great stuff at least a couple of times a week

justin k., minnesota 11/04/08
artist: gerard
Review: gerard is the hottest man in music!

jonas, park city, utah 11/04/08
artist: voodoo
Review: great pictures andy

jet, l.a. 11/04/08
artist: tom morello
Review: killer ineerview!!

Chris, Milwaukee 11/03/08
artist: Of Montreral
Review: The band was so outrageous and cool - I've never seen them before but highly recommend them to everybody with just an ounce of creativity in their bones. really enjoyed your photos thanks

Jermaine Jones, Mew York 11/03/08
artist: Barack Obama
Review: Thank you for the well written and inspiring words Phil. A new era is upon us all.

gage, la crosse, wis 11/03/08
artist: obama
Review: makes me want to vote for obama more than once! excellent piece!

gutter slut, vegas 11/03/08
artist: jessica simpson
Review: holy shit!! I would give emy soul to the devil to taste that body!!!!!!

jasper, dordrecht holland 11/03/08
artist: Chris Burney
Review: bowlingforsoup ROCK ON!!!!

Gina 11/03/08
Review: Great website! I enjoyed talking to one of your photograhers at Yeasayer concert

courtney, orlando fl 11/03/08
artist: sawyer brown
Review: i love this flippin band and met them all at rock the universe andtthere amazing a love them=)

muhammad fauzi, malayasia 11/03/08
artist: d. byrne
Review: i like muzik rock.....

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jonathan, libertyville, IL 10/31/08
artist: tom morello
Review: we're so proud to have him as a neighbor and a fellow obama supporter!

martin l., milwaukee 10/31/08
Review: tom morello is a communist - he should move to Russia!

jeremy, chicago 10/31/08
Review: I liked lolla lineup better than voodoos. in fact lollas was the best ever!

owen morris, london 10/31/08
artist: barack obama
Review: what a fantastic piece of writing. us brits have been waiting for a great man like obama to lead the free world!!

john, MISSOURI Lawson 10/31/08
artist: green day
Review: YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne Williams, Lake Geneva, WI 10/31/08
Review: It was a great event. People in Walworth Co. now can say, without fear, that they are Democrats.

uli, chicago, illionis 10/30/08
artist: vodoo fest
Review: i checked out all your new orleans coverage and must say Im impressesd!

janet r., montreal 10/30/08
artist: voodoo
Review: i love all the pictures. especially REM!!!

jason, whitewater 10/30/08
artist: tom morrello
Review: kickass interview!

Jenni, Chicago, IL 10/29/08
artist: Tom Morello
Review: I never knew that Tom grew up in Libertyville - so darn caool! We're practiaclly neighbors!

Bert T., Houston, TX 10/29/08
artist: Obama
Review: screw obama he's a socialist!!

michael, seattle 10/29/08
artist: morello
Review: excellent interview man!!

laura, la, cali 10/29/08
artist: minus the bear
Review: minus the bear are so exciting live - what the hell show did you review??

S. LAfayette, Chi-town 10/28/08
artist: Nice Cave
Review: Saw the 2nd night and was very impressed by opening Black Diamond Heavies, reminded me a little of the John Paul Jones/Diamanda Galas dual instrument thunderous performance. It seemed very fitting to have such a strong opener as a way to amp up Nick's show as the headliner, grease the gears. I wasn't disappointed even w/o a little Grinderman (No Pussy Blues).

peter p., london, UK 10/28/08
artist: tom morello
Review: don't like the nightwatchmen - i bleed rage!! nice interview tho

joel, mexico 10/28/08
artist: snoop dogg
Review: pues me gusto eso esta perron chido el we que lo hiso ojala y me podrias mandar todo las imagenes chidas de snopp sale

nuhad, khartum-sudan 10/28/08
artist: yanni
Review: to mr.yanni you have 2a wander full songs its(until the last moment and the end of august)its the favorit to me,I leastin to it every day and I cant thank you enough about any song you prepared to us, to make us feeled and toutched your dream.

johnson, minneapolis 10/28/08
Review: I really liked your obama piece~

marty, chicago 10/28/08
Review: the photos here rule!!

John H., Lake Geneva, WI 10/27/08
Review: Phil, Just read your Obama endorsement. Outstanding. Passionate while remaining grounded on the issue. It flowed, it pounded and, most of all, it made sense.

Amita, UP 10/27/08
artist: Enrique Iglesias
Review: I like you very much and ur smile is very nice. So keep smiling forever and keep on making songs for us.

shantay, riverton wyoming 10/27/08
artist: sean paul
Review: u needs new picturers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T. Renee, Milwaukee, WI 10/27/08
artist: Natalie Cole
Review: I simply have loved this lady and her music since she arrived on the scence. Her voice and songs still makes my day. In these last 30 years, I have put together 4 scrapebooks filled with pictures, articles, single records(45's), bought every album, cd's, and about 50 magazines with her on the cover. Along with posters, and bilboards. Although I don't collect the pictures anymore, I'm still a dieheart fan who loved her father's music and her late husband, Marvin's beautiful melodies. I've had the pleasure of meeting Natalie 2 times. In 1993 and recently in 2005.
In July of 2005, she made an appearence in WI, at the Oneida Casino. That morning I went to church, and prayed for 30 minutes asking God that if I go to the concert, that I go not as a fan, but to ask Natalie a question. This was very hard for me because I had idolized her so much. But GOD touched me that morning, so I humbled myself. I did not attend the concert, but waited an hour for Natalie to finish dinner with her family. Finally, after an hour she came out, talked with my pray partner and I, laughed with us, signed her autobigraphy and left with her family. As she walked away, I said Natalie, "Are you going to do a gospel CD"? She didn't respond. I said it a second time. No respond. Then I yelled, "Natalie, the Lord wants a gospel CD from you". She turned and looked at me in the eye and said, "Maybe, maybe". I cried. The Lord had humbled me, and used me to do what HE said.
Natalie has never gotten the credit that she deserves when "divas" are mentioned. Her name should be right there with Aretha, Diana, Gladys, Nancy, and Dionne. All these ladies are still working. Why hasn't she been honored with several lifetime awards. It's been 30 years, and she is now a candidate for the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Natalie, the Lord has always looked beyond your faults, and given you all that you needed to get this far. These are your own words. He has used you to be a friend and an example to other celebs, who have fallen and gone through. You have been through other life threatening experiences. You've been through it all!!! and He is still blessing you with that special angel on your shoulder. YOU ARE AN ANGEL.(SMILE)
I will continue to pray for you, Robbie, and your family. I also know that you will be healed, and that gospel CD, is on the way!!!THANK YOU LORD. HE will now use you to increase the faith of others for HIS glory. I love you with the love of the LORD.

T.Renee jenny, chicago 10/27/08
artist: andrew bird
Review: an extremely well done interview. props to you phil and this site is really cool!

francis, hawaii 10/27/08
Review: obama's the man!!! loved the endorsement!

marina, japan 10/27/08
artist: skillet
Review: i love skillet

Jerry S, Atlanta Ga 10/24/08
artist: Kiss-Aerosmith
Review: Half the fans left after kiss goy off stage, i am huge fans of both but didnt expect this, kiss definately owned the tour...

Epiphany 10/24/08
Rather strange: you really think that Obama-McCane(hope i wrote his name right)-Putin-Medvedev-Nixson-Breznev-Stalin-Hitler and other bastards really wanna do something good for the common people?.. sure - they have/had/will have only inhuman ambissions! We (o, people are so stupid! no matter who they are Americans, Russians, ect) are giving them the right/power to lead our life... straight to hell!

Jeff, St cloud MN 10/24/08
artist: Taking back sunday
Review: Hi my name is jeff Im a big fan of taking back sunday and angels and air waves... I went to this particular show with some friends and loves it... Especially the the place they played it looked a lot loike the place "Stay together for the kids" By blink182 video was shot at.. But my question is when is... whats the name of taking back sundays new single, or do they even have anything coming out yet??

claire, chicago 10/24/08
artist: byrne
Review: byrne simply gets better with age. both musicallly and physically.

Cameron Nave, Florida 10/24/08
artist: Corey
Review: do you sing the most of the songs?

janet y., miami 10/24/08
artist: iggy
Review: i like his solo work better then the stooges


carney, memphis, YN 10/24/08
Review: I love obama!!!

Mike, Barrington, IL 10/23/08
artist: David Byrne
Review: What a beutiful night...A classic show by a true artistic genious in a pristine sold out theatre. $3.00 parking kitty conrner to the venue...and $3.00 Pabst tall boy's,and last but not least, an attatched pub for post concert discussion (and one last Pabst). You gotta love Milwaukee.

Sammie Taylor, New York City 10/23/08
artist: Barack Obama
Review: Your piece was truly an inspiration Mr. Bonyata!

<3 jeezus~ 10/23/08
Review: I dont like all of the pics, but Skillet is my favorite band!!!!

justin, chicago 10/23/08
artist: obama
Review: you should be writing speeches for Obama! a fine piece of writing.

Tammy, fayettevile nc 10/23/08
artist: john legend
Review: Hi my name is Tammy Beckford i love john legend

artist: barack obama
Review: absolutely brilliant phil!!

justin, milwaukee 10/22/08
artist: minus the bear
Review: I agree with the reviewer, I was so supposed how lackluster the band was

marney, los angeles, ca 10/22/08
artist: Skillet
Review: what a beautiful story on such a great band!

jim james, seattle 10/22/08
artist: david byrne
Review: david sure looks good for his age!!

sean fox 10/22/08
Review: saw the show live and it was outstanding. David had the energy of a teenager and was going crazy on stage. j

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jennifer, bakersfeild, ca 10/21/08
artist: aguilar
Review: well i think that u guys are awsome and that you guys should just forget about the people that say u worship the devil its just rude!! and second i will have to say that u have a lot of fans over here in bakersfeild,ca nd we all love u guys!! and thirdly i want to say that i love the way you guys dress it so not usually seen on rockerzz and stuff like its way totally differnt nd awsome!!! well take care nd keep on the great work!!-Jenni

stacey, michigan 10/21/08
Review: the concert photos here are out of this world!!

stark, chicago, IL 10/21/08
artist: obama
Review: hopefully a man who follows in the giant footsteps of Abe Lincoln.

monica k., chicago 10/21/08
artist: osborne
Review: a great read, thanks

freddy 10/21/08
Review: black friday rule, tobbacco island, just so u nogs there the son

Martin George, NYC 10/20/08
artist: Joan Osborne
Review: I ilke the new style she is going, although I found her an odd choice to front the Dead!! Very nice interview.

jeanneatte, frisco 10/20/08
artist: barack obama
Review: he's are ONLYY choice!

ginge, brum 10/20/08
artist: lacey
Review: i luv yoow lacey

EDUARDA 10/20/08

Thomas, : Oakton, Virginia 10/20/08
artist: Clapton
Review: While layla is playing don't Bogart the pipe, man.

Capt'n Skipper, Munster, In 10/17/08
artist: Obama
Review: Here's to Obama! Let's hope the american people can see past their bigotry and vote for the change we truly need in Washington

kawondric, shaw 10/17/08
Review: ray j is ugly as sin and dnt have a body.........

peter, chicago 10/17/08
artist: obama
Review: a stirring endorsement. i've been an undecided voter leaning towards obama, but now after your informative piece I think I'm voting for obama

fred, detroit 10/17/08
artist: barrack obama
Review: it is so awsome don't change a thing!

calvin jones, nashville, TN 10/17/08
artist: obama
Review: passionate and beautiful words

Tanika Clark, Madison, Wi 10/17/08
artist: Hamisi Jackson
Review: I have always loved your music.

Will, Elgin IL 10/16/08
artist: The Tubes
Review: just as entertain as they were 30 yrs ago .. musicianship is superb

kevin 10/16/08
artist: the tubes
Review: excellent review!

Manuel, Kennewick, WA 10/16/08
Subject: OBAMA FLAG ? What?s Up with that?
Here is something that the American people should start to notice over the next few weeks. What is up with this new Obama flag? Obama held a news conference yesterday and I saw his flag next to the United States flag of America flag. How dare he insult the American people like this. As far as I?m concerned, the Obama flag represents nothing and should not be placed next to the American flag - EVER. There?s something happening here. I honestly believe he?s trying to sneak in something under the radar and he?s not leveling with the American people. What?s next, a new Obama national anthem? There?s something going on here that the American people are not being told. I don?t know what it is, but I have some serious concerns.
Regards, Manuel

cj, la 10/16/08
artist: rhianna
Review: rhianna needs a big one besides cris brown lil wang

summer, fayetteville & nc 10/16/08
artist: benji
Review: i love you benji...marry me instead of that Fugly bitch paris. she looks like a stripper pole. she has had a lot of pussy grindin on her....i love you benji.

angie, lima - peru 10/16/08
artist: panic at the disco
Review: i love panic at the disco i love Brendon is hot and sexy

woop 10/16/08
Review: slipknot rule and i freakin worship you guys!!!! Slipknot ftw

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Benita Ingram, Chicago, IL 10/15/08
artist: Chicago Sax in the City
Review: The 2008 Hyde Park Jazz Festival was a big success again. I enjoyed the Charlie Johnson Quartet, and the Edwin Sanchez band provided us with some smooth latin grooves to dance to. But the main attraction for me was the Chicago Sax in the City. They did an outstanding job. We were left wanting more from this awesome quartet. These guys are so cool, down to earth, and always leave the stage to serenade their adoring female fans. What a way to end the summer.

martha, burlington, wis 10/15/08
artist: colin meloy
Review: a great interview. the decemberists are one of the most original bands on the music scene!

casey, manchester 10/15/08
artist: billy ray cyrus
Review: he looked much sexier with a mullet

janas m., chicago 10/15/08
artist: lollapalooza and other such fests
Review: jeez give me a break. there are way too many of these things. huge crowds, intense heat with short sets. give me a band in a club anytime!

Paul E. Meesa, Medford MASS 10/14/08
artist: Lindsey Buckingham
Review: I have been a 30 + years F. Mac fan inc. archival footage pro/bootleg. & Under the skin was dull & sleeper music it was mostley accoustic, however I was very impressed with the DVD filmed from Texas in 2007. But to be honest I cannot wait for Ms. Stevie's 1st time PBS soundstage DVD to be released in October or november so I can request it & get it for either a late birthday gift or a Christmas Gift. Ms. Stevie is going to be 60 years old. And she has earned Rock Legend Lady status, & deserves to be one. Her Idol was late Janis Joplin, When Stevie & Lindsey began their 1st band Fritz back in 1968, Fritz open for Janis Joplin. I am very lucky to have Buckingham/Nicks on cassette from the out of print 1973 Lp from a Library special delivery from Fredonia State university back in the 1990's I Believe. I also ordered through mail order a 1975 Soundstage Vhs pro. made concert, when the duo had just joint F. Mac & its a treasured! & RARE VHS.

tasnisha, detroit, michigan 10/14/08
Review: kanye i know u got it

marty, chicago 10/14/08
artist: nick cave
Review: the show was full of beautiful madness. nick cave is a rare performer!!

frank, IOWA! 10/14/08
Review: fuck you slipknot. you rule my life!

georgette jones, elgin, Illinois 10/14/08
artist: david cassidy
Review: David has always been a profectionest, he paid his dues in Hollywood, in more ways then one, read his book, COULD IT BE FOREVER hard copy. then you might understand him a little more. Untill you ( walk in his shoes) you don't have room to talk. last time I ck'd this is THE UNITED STATES land of the FREE. take care of your own LIFE and stop getting into DAVID'S! now go see another concert of DAVID CASSIDY'S...........PEACEOUT GEORGETTE

Fernando, mexico 10/14/08
artist: Stonesour
Review: GREAT photographs!

Brendan K, Denver 10/13/08
artist: James
Review: Your show sounds as good as the one we had here at the Ogden Theatre on Sep.29th. James was very tight the whole show and played cool versions of old tunes. Booth rocked and so did the crowd.

Emanuil, svishtov 10/13/08
artist: jonathan davis
Review: Jon I know you dont like religions me too but I belive in God you should too.Im not catholic Im from Bulgaria and we dont have many catholics.Just belive in the Holy Trinity and you will be fine.

bronson, london 10/13/08
artist: nick cave & the bad seeds
Review: stellar review mate. you captured in words the rawness and originality of their music! cheers

marianne, seattle, washington 10/13/08
artist: ha ha tonka
Review: the band churns out some real swampy grit. it oozes tar and passion. nice photos btw!

lawrence, chicago 10/13/08
artist: seal
Review: seal's gay!

janet kiley, omaha, nebraska 10/13/08
artist: conor oberst
Review: sure conor likes to get drunk from time to time and get fucked up on stage but his beautiful music always comes shining thru in the end!

Andrea, Milwaukee 10/10/08
artist: Nick Cave
Review: Good Review Tony! I really wish I could have seen Nick Cave live!

kately, st. louis 10/10/08
artist: janet jackson interview
Review: janet is my true hero. i hope she can teach michael how to live right!

the parade people, dublin, ireland 10/10/08
artist: the pogues
Review: i've tipped a few with shane in london at some rather seedy pubs. the man is a genius, poet and philosopher for our times.

jonas 10/10/08
artist: slipknot
Review: joey is a stinking badass! loved the questions and loved the answers even more!

grandma with a leather whip for a cane, nyc 10/10/08
artist: nick cave and the bad seeds
Review: nick cave reinvents himself daily. he is the true rock chamelion

monica, milwaukee 10/09/08
Review: great Site!

Levi, Arequipa-Peru 10/09/08
artist: jhon cooper
Review: Are you Christian? That church you frequent? I am Brazilian ... but I live here in the peru ... I am a guitarist ... I like the music that they do .. regards... Levi

jorge, texas 10/09/08
artist: ub40
Review: the band needs to make some new music!

saul, newbury park ca. 10/08/08
artist: ludarcris
Review: when were you born?

kim, london 10/08/08
artist: mcr
Review: the chem r gr8 nuff sed

BOB Mickman, San Diego California 10/08/08
artist: Dave matthews
Review: i thought it was awsome. i also thought it sad how the saxiphone guy died

chinese man 10/08/08
artist: axl rose
Review: the guy made some of the best music in the late 80s and early 90s. Give the guy a break just because he hasn't made an album in 15 years!

jessica, indiana 10/07/08
artist: weezer
Review: your photos rule!

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Christine, Fort Worth 10/07/08
artist: THe Family stone
Review: I saw the family Stone Experience at the Wildflower Festival in Richardson, Texas, a couple of years ago. They were marvelous, without Sly. Many including myself wish Sly would perform with the Family Stone again, but the singer taking Sly's place is wonderful. Why does Sly walk out in the middle of his performances? I felt bad for the people at the Grammys, performers and all, when he walked out. That wasn't right. Maybe he has stage fright or something like that. Anyway, this is one of the best groups in pop history, They are all wonderful . And boy, can Jerry Martini play that saxophone!

Dementd_Unicorn, Ft Lauderdale FL 10/07/08
artist: Led Zeppelin
Review: It's a shame that we lost LedZep in 1980 & how nice to have them back again, fully restored & digitally remastered. Yeah, yeah, 5 years after release but I'm STILL a fan & I'm STILL gonna get it. Long live Zep, RIP JB you are missed.

James, Chicago 10/07/08
artist: Nick Cave and the bad Seeds
Review: Great review! I must say that ole Nick is still looking suave!

Jom, Quebec City 10/07/08
artist: Charley
Review: so emo

Keith, Vegas 10/07/08
Review: This is a cool site! Thanks.

jeremy, chiago 10/06/08
artist: nick cave and the bad seeds
Review: most excellent review! I was there Sunday night and have to tell you that Cave was absolutely sensational!!!

stark l., new york city 10/06/08
artist: nick cave
Review: I demand anyone to tell me a better and more dynamic performer (artist) than Nick cave!!??!!

Carrie Lopez, Boston 10/06/08
artist: Ben Folds
Review: Ben Folds seems to be stuck in a bit of a rut lately. Enjoyed your critique though.

marianne, texas 10/06/08
artist: jessica simpson
Review: jessica has to have the hottest body I've ever seen! jessica wrap those sexy legs around my body!!!!!!!

patches, detroit, mich 10/06/08
artist: the black keys
Review: the keys are a much more energetic twosome than jack and meg

Victoria Greening, Hokah, MN 10/06/08
artist: Bob dylan
Review: I was at this eagles ballroom show, front row and cannot remember the fiddle players name? She was amazing!!!! If you know please tell me! I wanted to look up her other stuff. I did hear she was from Austin Texas?

nikki, maryland 10/06/08
artist: bert mckracken
Review: this band rocks like my fav song by them is box full of sharp cant wait till the have another concert cause i so wanna go :-)

Trish, aug, ga 10/06/08
artist: Korn
Review: I LOVE KORN, With or without head =]

alex, mty 10/03/08
Review: skillet!! great story!!!

monica l., chicago 10/03/08
artist: colin meloy
Review: I knew he was smart but not this smart. thanks for posting the interview

Candice, LA 10/03/08
artist: Janet jackson
Review: She's better than she ever was!!!

Jerry, Milwaukee 10/03/08
artist: Leon Redbone
Review: Nice review. I was at the show and I think your reviewer is spot on!

Jessica, New York 10/02/08
artist: Skillet
Review: Skillet rocks!!! They are a real inspiration and God is using them in great ways. I really believe God is raising up the youth of the world to be warriors for Christ and Skillet and Flyleaf are definetly an inspiration for other young christians out there and great role models.

james d., chicago 10/02/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: man I checked out all of your lolla archive photos through the have some killer photographers there!!! I can I get to be a part of that dream team/job???

jeremy stark, Kansas city Mo. 10/02/08
artist: Axl Rose
Review: this is absolutely absurd! Axl is a legend in rock! look at steven tyler,kieth moon,zepplin,jim morrison!all these people have done alot more shit than Axl but u all praise thm! u just hate Axl cause u aint Axl..

george simpson, atlanta, georgia 10/02/08
artist: andrew bird
Review: thanks for the wonderful interview. intelligent questions for an intelligent man.

Itybits, Batavia, IL 10/02/08
artist: Marty Casey
Review: Love, Love, Love Marty-his music,his persona, his volunteering and and his work supporting his beliefs.He is so inspirational to me.I ordered one of his pendants on his website. Can't wait to see more from this talented artist.

Larry Fanella, Harrisonburg, VA 10/02/08
artist: Al Green
Review: Sometime back I think soundstage had a stage concert honoring Al Green, with guest Bonny Rait and many others. Do you know where I can get a copy of that show? I've been looking for it over a year. thank you.
Larry Fanella

jamie, chicago 10/01/08
artist: sam phillips
Review: This is a keeper review

marcus, detroit 10/01/08
Review: This is one of the best music sites I've seen. Thanks!!! topnotch!!

katie, nampa ID 10/01/08
artist: over it
Review: over it !! i like the HOTT ass guy

kev, Sheffield, ENGLAND 09/30/08
artist: Slipknot
Review: slipknot rule... always have, always will, they are one of those bands that are immortal, whether they all die or not, their music will live on, will be played by millions worldwide of all ages, people will copy it, rework it but there is only one true slipknot. P.S. Linkin Park suck balls :D

Sum4ever1!, Tel Aviv Israel 09/30/08
artist: Sum 41
Review: Sum 41 is the best band ever!! cone so cute deryck talented stevo funny and dave cool

coo, st.thomas, ontario 09/30/08
Review: Please release LOVE in Hybrid SACD please!!! PLEASE

meriem, casablanca, oulfa 09/30/08
artist: flyleaf
Review: flyleaf sont trop super, j lai adores, c'est mon groupe pr?f?r? quand j'coute leur musques je me libre interieurement c comme si leur chanson sont faites pour apaiser l'esprit des gens, je vs aimes grave ? bonne chance pour la suite

jeannette, milwaukee, wis 09/30/08
artist: ha ha honka
Review: ha ha - I love the photos!

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