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Shannon Morfin, Chicago, IL 09/29/08
artist: Janet Jackson
Review: I am in the fan club. I have never heard of this number. Is there anyway someone can send it to me! I am going to the concert tonight and I cannot wait! She has been my favorite since I was 5!!

mary, vegas 09/29/08
artist: leon redbone
Review: sweet words to a truly great man!

timmy utiger, milwaukee 09/29/08
artist: cobras
Review: hot bitches! hot music!

harris, NYC 09/29/08
artist: andrew bird
Review: what an thoroughly enjoyable interview!! the questions were so original and real. thank you

george, chicago 09/29/08
artist: the black keys
Review: shake rattle and roll boys

emery, mexico 09/26/08
artist: kill hannah
Review: yeei..!! _I love kil hannah.. i love mat devine

Alan Sims, Sacramento, CA 09/26/08
artist: Van Halen
Review: Van Halen Rocks....Now and FOREVER!!!

kate, nampa, ID 09/26/08
artist: flyleaf
Review: YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! I love the metal bands with woman vocals and you guys are THE BEST SO FAR!!!! XD

Alex Turner 09/26/08
artist: artic monkeys
Review: music to die for!

danny, calgary 09/26/08
artist: the horrors
Review: hi i think you guys need some thing to help you like a new member in your band or a ...... i dont no but you need to change a bit like somthing new to make it more fun and well you guys are cool to but i no people who think you are gay so yea .....just trying to help
your friend danny

marnie r., montreal, canada 09/25/08
artist: the black keys
Review: I love the dirt, mud and painful soul that they infuse their music with!!

kyle, chicago 09/25/08
artist: mason jennings
Review: you gotta love the guy. his melodies are spot on and his voice is full of sweet passion. if you haven't seen him perform live then get you ass to ns next show. you won't be sorry, I promise!

lyle, detroit, mich 09/25/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: with all of these music fest dotted all over the country why can't detroit get one?

shaundra 09/25/08
Review: ray j you are so fine. marry me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

torrie, mcminnville, Oregon 09/24/08
Review: You are awesome Jay. People love you. Keep on Preachin'.

karen, milwaukee 09/24/08
Review: This is one of the best sites I have ever found. Thanks!!! I come here just about every day and the favorite thing here is all the beautiful photos!

kevin phillips, chicago 09/24/08
artist: ha ha tonka
Review: where the hell did they come up with that name?

esme, pembrokshire (wales) 09/24/08
artist: tom delonge
Review: love it the best album ever!!!

grace, atlanta ga 09/23/08
artist: janet
Review: hey j is all that and some more she doesn't have to keep up with anyone better yet everybody else is trying to keep up with MS NASTY like she said BEEN THERE DONE ALL THAT ALREADY CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!!!!! no it aint goin to work nobody can catch J guess what she even surpassed BRO MICHAEL. GET IT GOOD CONTROL THIS!!!!

artist: THE DONNAS

jeanette, dallas, texas 09/23/08
artist: sugarland
Review: you guys rock socks hope country thunder never comes to a end

Carson Engels, Rockford, Iowa 09/23/08
artist: Ha ha Tonka
Review: your band is so sweet!!! i listen to your songs every night when im just bored and driving around. you all should come here.. i know its a small dead type of town but i know a girl that would love to meet you all. shes the one that got me into your music. ok well ill cya or just comment you later

marnie, chicago 09/23/08
artist: elton john
Review: yuk --- he has manboobs

christina, bristol, ct 09/23/08
artist: ray j
Review: sexy, sexy man!

buffy, florida 09/23/08
Thanks for the interesting and informative music site. Love all the great photos!

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johnnie r., st. paul, MN 09/22/08
artist: the black keys
Review: raunch and roll ll the way!! nice story and photos btw

steven, milwaukee 09/22/08
artist: janet jackson
Review: boy she looks more like her brother every day!!!!

karen, milwaukee, wis 09/22/08
artist: kraftwerk
Review: I guess I just don't get it. a bunch of weird noise is alls it is!

Lawrence, NYC 09/22/08
artist: STP
Review: Weiland and company still know hot to kick out an awesome groove. Lets hope Weiland kicks the skag for good this time!

megan, Bath, Maine 09/22/08
artist: nine inch nails
Review: It rocks. just a the fussy soundy fizzy. like the mikra phone

fairy glitter, UK 09/19/08
artist: faris rotter
Review: the horrors make me wet and horny, faris is such a sweaty stud. can you do a personal one on one with ya sweety???

Theresa G., New Zealand 09/19/08
artist: My Chemical Romance
Review: My Chemical Romance are the best band ever!!!!!!! Come play in NZ!!!!!!!! MCRmy

marianne, park ridge, il 09/19/08
artist: janet jackson
Review: I am so ready to janet next week. have my tickets in my back pocket. last time I saw her live I was only 7 years old!

gerry lee, st. louis 09/19/08
artist: lolaapalooza
Review: fanfuckingtastic photography!!!

monica, chicago 09/19/08
artist: sam phillips
Review: great show! great review!

george, milwaukee 09/17/08
artist: black keys
Review: appreciate the great review and photos - I was there and it was awesome!

sue, seattle 09/17/08
artist: janet jackson
Review: it's about time I read something positive about janet. GREAT INTERVIEW!!!

ian smith, london, england 09/17/08
artist: the horrors
Review: they're bloody wankers!! I wish they could get off they're fucking bums and do something original

jessi, spokane washington 09/17/08
artist: kill hannah
Review: theyre amazing and have great talant , i love mat and joe.

Sabrina b, Little Rock 09/16/08
artist: Ludacris
Review: Ludacris is the only hottest man in the world

ufo chaser 09/16/08
Review: I hear that a lot of musicians today are infected with a nasty alien virus from the planet voltran, It seems to an insidious talent draining bug. so turn off the radio before it infects you as well!

nanci, memphis, tn 09/16/08
artist: jessica simpson
Review: jeesh jessica is sexy as hell!!!!

sabrina m., chicago 09/16/08
artist: janet jackson
Review: I love janet...thanks for the awesome interview!

stacey, detroit 09/16/08
Review: Thanks for the interesting music site. This is definitely what I've been looking for

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billy 09/15/08
artist: alejandro escovedo
Review: im so happy that this great artist is finally getting his due.

Pat, Miami 09/15/08
artist: Jiimy Eat world
Review: a thought provoking interview, thanks for the great stuff

connie lee, milwaukee 09/15/08
artist: summerfest gallery
Review: outstanding photographs. you people have the coolest jobs in the world!

lonely pumpkin pie, uk 09/15/08
artist: sam philips
Review: the woman is full of beauty and intelligent life. I wish she would show her beautiful face and music in scotland soon!

marcie, minneapolis, mn 09/15/08
artist: the black keys
Review: well done andrea. you do have a flair for wordcrafting

Janis Monroe, New York City 09/15/08
artist: The Verve
Review: The Verve has made a remarkable comeback with this beautiful album!!

frank 09/12/08
Review: slipknot rule my life and my soul

gerri t., chicago 09/12/08
artist: black keys
Review: saw the black keys at lollapalooza and they rocked my fucking socks off!

lossforwords 09/12/08
artist: axl rose
Review: leave axl alone asshole! he has enough to deal with than have you media assholes hounding him all the time!!!

jamie, nashville, TN 09/12/08
artist: jessica simpson
Review: I love her new music. she belongs in country and she should attend EVERY dallas cowboy game - romo will play even better!!!

monica, chicago, illinois 09/12/08
artist: sam phillips
Review: andy I enjoyed your review, wish I could have attended the show!

Rodrigo, campos, brazil 09/12/08
artist: jesus
Review: voces s?o crist?os?? de verdade????

germanman in a little hat 09/11/08
artist: sam phillips
Review: her music is based on a life experience of pain and rejection. I respect her more everyday

ronnie, milwaukee 09/11/08
artist: the black keys
Review: a masterful performance. a must see for any garage/blues rock fan!

katie owens, houston, texas 09/11/08
artist: farris rotter
Review: thankls for the wonderful interview! the horrors music touches me way better than ny other goth band. a true one of a kind!

lucas, nyc 09/11/08
artist: black keys
Review: great photos!!

Kyle Miller, Chicago, IL 09/11/08
artist: Jazz fest
Review: It was probably the best jazz fest I've ever attented! With the likes of Sonny Rollins, Dee Dee, Coleman and Wilkeerson how could you go wrong?? I mean I've been all over the world and was truly touched this year by the great event here in my hometown!!

harold m., milwaukee, wis 09/10/08
artist: the black keys
Review: punched up excellent review. the show was an intense display of raw muscianship and great pics too!

frank, milwaukee 09/10/08
artist: black keys
Review: they were even better than they were last summer at lollapalooza - if you could imagine such a thing!!

haley, lake geneva 09/10/08
artist: foo fighters
Review: phil you hit another homer with your foo fighters review!

jamie tyler, toronto, canada 09/10/08
Review: Very interesting and beautiful site. It is a lot of killer music information. Thanks for a great job

markie, nyc 09/10/08
Review: Very good site! I like it! Thanks for all the great photos!!

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nicolas gerino, mar del plata argentina 09/09/08
artist: johnny winter
Review: a very good interview,I really enjoyed it. Im glad johnny got back to playing the blues,I think that happens very often. At the end of the line u get back to what u really love. johnny?s favourite lp?s are the same as mines. thank u nicolas

kelton jeter, sulphur springs tx 09/09/08
artist: reba
Review: i love reba shes awosme

Jakob Ward, Akron, OH 09/09/08
artist: Bon Iver
Review: This is amazing. Simply amazing.

emil, philipines 09/09/08
artist: slipknot
Review: i love mask. I love interview

memphis bill, los angeles 09/08/08
artist: alejandro
Review: I love this guy he is so original and creative. the interview was so well done and thanks again!

sean, montreal 09/08/08
artist: mcr
Review: some real stellar photography here guys...good eye

janet, milwaukee 09/08/08
Review: I dig all the weekend concert reports

sharon lewis, chicago 09/08/08
artist: billy ray cyrus
Review: the man still looks sexy ashell

marilyn, chicago 09/08/08
artist: foo fighters
Review: great great review Phil...always like what you write.

jonas l., orlando, florida 09/05/08
artist: foo fighters
Review: sounds like you caught one great show by the Foos!! Wish I could have rode my Harley up there and caught all the great music.

tasha, Sacramento, CA 09/05/08
artist: foos
Review: amazing photos. wish I was there.

Lisa Saunders, San Marcos 09/05/08
artist: Jack Johnson
Review: Loved the Jack Johnson concert in Chula Vista on Aug.30th,2008. The music is awesome,the vibe,excellent. The only bummer to me was when the concert` was over, a young lady standing next to my daughter and myself asked one of Johnson's roadies for the "set" list. He handed her what looked like it was a set list but when sheshowed it to us, it said "No,this is not a set list. Your ticket does not entitle you to entertainment and a souvenir." I thought that for someone with such a friendly,nice concert experience, that was a needlessly mean thing to do. I wondered if Mr. Johnson was behind the writing or was it done unbeknownst to him? Either way,it left a bad taste in the yound lady's mouth and brought the good feelings that we all had down. He could have just told her that they do not hand out set lists and I am sure that she would have been bummed but understanding.

Craig, Sacto, CA 09/05/08
artist: KISS
Review: For some reason Kiss decided to cut short the playlist at the Konocti Harbor show at Clear Lake. They did not play cold gin or I was made for lovin' you. Also, Gene hardly spoke to the crowd and did not do his trademark spitting blood. I always defended Kiss whenever I would get into a rock n roll bands conversation with anyone. I always believed that Kiss cared about their fans as much as any band ever has. Apparently I was wrong. There is no good reason why Kiss would snub the fans at this show. For the prices we paid to see Kiss they at the very least could have put on the same show at Konocti as they did the previous two shows they played. Las Vegas and S. Lake Tahoe. I can only say as a disapointed fan that if you cannot perform up to the standards that you set then don't do it at all. If you don't have the stamina to perform 3 shows in 3 nights then try scheduling your tours so that you can perform a show the fans expect from you. Substance over greed. Kiss fans buy al! l their stuff and support them loyaly. I don't think it is asking much to expect a show with a full play list. A bummed fan!

johnnie b. chicago, il 09/05/08
Review: WOW, so much great stuff here, an excellent concert and music resource. Thanks guys!

Lindsey, Montreal, Quebec 09/04/08
artist: Rise Against
Review: OMG I <3 RISE AGAINST!!! ROKKON!!!! W00T!!! XDD

Jessie, A.Z 09/04/08
artist: all American Rejections
Review: You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcia, Seattle 09/04/08
Review: Love Love Love Antony and the Johnson!!

Ray 09/04/08
Review: Hi, nice site! They reviews here rock!!

AJ 09/02/08
artist: Eddie Vedder
Review: Milwaukee should have been more respectful to this man as he is no longer touring as Pearl Jam. Drunken rude fans are always a bummer.

Infant of a sadist, Mbabane swaziland africa 09/02/08
artist: bullett for my valentine
Review: dude that was the best fucken interview ive ever read! It answered alot of questions for me like now i know their not satanic i can go and rub it in my dads face just to pis him of.

stacey, detroit 09/02/08
Review:I'm glad too see this interesting site. I've told alot of my friends about it!

jared, South Africa 09/02/08
artist: korn and flyleaf
Review: Omf... i lvoe all of them.. watchd koRn at MY COKE FEST. was flipin aswam!!!!! flyleaf surport them all the way

brad fuller, chicago 09/02/08
artist: bulett interview
Review: great read, awesome interview!

olsen, los angeles 08/29/08
artist: axl rose
Review: why don't you get off the poor guys nuts??

kyle l. UK 08/29/08
artist: alejandro escovedo
Review: I grew up on the Nuns and absolutely love the direction alejandro is going. it's so nice to see a great artist finally get his dues!

johnnie, nyc 08/29/08
artist: meat beat manifesto
Review: he sure does bet his meat to the beats- or is it the other way around?

Review: jessica simpson is a babe!!!!

jeannette, wauconda, IL 08/28/08
artist: Eddie Vedder
Review: Hmmm... Nice article... very Interesting

javier, chicago, illinois 08/28/08
artist: bon iver
Review: well written piece, thanks matt

markm chicago 08/28/08
artist: lolla
Review: sweetass photos!

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dream rose, philippines 08/27/08
artist: gerard arthur way
Review: my chemical romance rules the rock scene!!! keep rockin specially to gerard,frank,bob,ray and mikey go go MCR!!!!

Rachiie Bee, Manchester 08/27/08
artist: Slipknot
Review: fuuk this man . . well what can i say. i fink that slipknot are arwsum i fukiin worship them, there totally crazy!! :D i love yooh man. can come tu manchester!!

Jeff Paris, L.A., CA 08/27/08
artist: John Hiatt
Review: What do I think? I think you forgot to list the names of the sidemen in the BAND!!!!
You're unbelievable.

Sylvana, Sunrise FL 08/26/08
artist: Sam endicott
Review: Hi my name is Sylvana i love your songs.You looke like ringgo from the beatles.Sam i have a question for you what did you do in your free time?

Richard, Netherlands 08/26/08
artist: Skillet
Review: Hello Skillet You are good songs How do you songs making I not good in Can you helping me I am schrijft Zelf Nummers. God bless YOu Everday Groet Richard.

marty, milwaukee, wis 08/26/08
artist: projekt revolution
Review: awesome photos!

Frauniefan, Atlanta, GA 08/26/08
artist: Frauniebarger
Review: Frauniebarger rules! You guys absolutely must check them out!

COOL NUMMERS !! YE YE o8/25/2008 spanky, tallahassee, fl 08/25/08
artist: stone temple pilots
Review: Drove from Tallahassee Florida to Tampa through a tropical storm to see STP on Friday in Tampa. Too bad they didn't didn't try so hard to get there. Don't trust these boys!

sam, green bay, wis 08/25/08
Review: This is one of the best music sites I have ever found. Thanks!!! Very nice and informal - beautiful photos. I'm coming here almost every day!.

lori, bayside, n.y. 08/25/08
artist: rod stewart
Review: i just love rod stewart. i go to all his concerts in my area and sometimes away. he is alive a performer, and yes very sexy. i love the concerts i know the words, just love to go and enjoy the night. i kid around with people who know i love rod stewart and i say, not sure if i spend more money on him or my shoes. he is the best. lori rod fan!

karen, chicago 08/25/08
artist: lollapalooza 08
Review: the best time I've ever had in my life. the music and the people were the coolest ever!!

jennifer baum, eatontown, nj 08/25/08
artist: korn
Review: The pics look amazing!!! I sooo wish I could've seen this show.... unbelievable!! Hopefully Korn will come through Jersey really soon. Can't wait to see you again!!!

monica, portland, OR 08/25/08
artist: bon iver
Review: bon iver really facsinates me!

hunter, buffalo, new york 08/22/08
Artist: lolla
Review: way too corporate now...I prefered the earlier days when it was looser and full of artistic freedom

jack, fox lake, wi 08/22/08
Artist: projekt revolution
Review: this review paints a horrible picture of this show. it was incredible! i went just to see cornell and lp and they did not disappoint at all. solid solid performences, a couple bennington and cornell duets, and mike and chester wearing long blonde wigs and covering sweet child o mine by g&r makes for an unforgettable night. wtf concert were you @?

james l., houston, TX 08/22/08
Artist: jessica simpson
Review: proibably the hottest set of legs west of the Pecos!

margaret, chicago 08/22/08
Artist: dmb
Review: really nice photos!!

Peter, London, UK 08/21/08
Artist: Radiohead
Review: It's sounds like Radiohead was a bit suspect at Lollapalooza this year. As much as I love In Rainbows I think the band can't shake off how really great the world thinks they are.

penelope, milwaukee 08/21/08
Artist: chris cornell
Review: I have to say the cornell pictures are awesome!! what a sexy man!!

Taylor, Spokane, WA 08/21/08
artist: Death Cab For Cutie
Review: THanks for the wonderful review, I see that you really understand the essence of their music.

joshua, mississauga 08/21/08
artist: jessica - fuucking sweat-she is hot hot hot baby!
Review: with those looks, she can get anywhere any place. good looks.

lawrence, dallas, tx 08/21/08
Artist: country thunder
Review: I'll have to head up to wisconsin or arizona next year as they shut ours down here in texas. I wish they wiould have given us more of a chance, but that's business I guess.

manger, nyc 08/21/08
Review: Really great site with alot of good information!! The music here rawks! Keep up the good work!!!!

closetboy 08/20/08
artist: thom yorke
Review: thom is sexy as hell. while he might look like a shrimpy alien from the planet voltar his voice is soooo sexy it makes me quiver

Veerle, belguim 08/20/08
Review: I LOVE SKILLET!! when do you come to belgium??

jimmy, columbus, ohio 08/20/08
artist: axl rose
Review: jeesh leave the guy alone asshole. nobody's perfect!

Kelsey, Boswell, Indiana 08/20/08
artist: John
Review: Well i think that he is hot and i saw him in person at south bend

meghan, lake geneva, wis 08/20/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: photos to die for!! can I buy some?

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