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Taylor, St. Augustine Florida 08/19/08
artist: Skillet
Review: Great pics and amazing music. lovin the clothes as well. my cousins opened up for skillet on time in jax florida a couple years back

Beth, England 08/19/08
artist: Axl Rose
Review: Well, i think the dude who wrote this is an asshole!!!! Why cant u leave Axl alone!! Yes, he might of done some stupid things, but so would you if u was in his shoes!! Would u like to be playing a gig with people throwing things at you?? He had a hard life when he was a kid so, get of his case!! If he duz have Manic Depression, so what!!!! That is his problem, let him deal with it instead of butting in and making him angry and annoyed ! So do something with your own life instead of taking the piss out of Axl's :@

martha, lexington. Kentucky 08/19/08
Review: so much great stuff on this site!

billy ray, texas 08/19/08
Review: jessica is hotter than hot!!

Joe Hankins, Jr, Memphis 08/18/08
Review: I enjoy the temptations and when you was with them

Stacy Keys, Gilbert AZ 08/18/08
artist: Martina McBride
Review: Hi there just want to say that I love Martina McBride.

Zach, Monterey, LA 08/18/08
artist: Wayne Static
Review: So Wayne what made you decide to be an atheist?

Gail La Fond 08/18/08
Review: hey dave, please put me in the drawing? thanks

Hannah, Michigan 08/18/08
Review: I love cKy and I am one of those Die Hard fans, proud of it! And even though Vern fucked over cKy, I can't seem to get my mind off of him. He was one kickass performer and a cool guy in general. This fag, Matt Deis, they hired to replace him is a sad excuse and doesn't deserve to be in a legendary band like cKy. That's like replacing Kirk Hammett with fuckin Eric Clapton, who is extremely over-rated by the way. Matt Deis does not have the state-of-mind to be a part of cKy. We love cKy not only for their extraordinary sound, but their personalities as well. Even though Vern didn't play on IDR, he toured with them and I don't think that cKy's live shows will be the same with Matt. Again, Vern was a splendid performer and made the show just as much as Jess, Deron, or Chad did.

Bobby in Cali, LA California 08/15/08
artist: Family Stone Experience
Review: Good for you guys, let sly stay in his closet, I am happy and proud that Cynthis, Rose and Jerry have decided to go back to work & feed their families! I will support you all the way!

little man 08/15/08
artist: radiohead
Review: radiohead is soooo overated

Joann Wells, Mesa, Az. 85205 08/15/08
artist: Martina Mcbride
Review: I love Martina, she is a great performer and entertainer. I enjoyed her cd with all the old songs too. It was awesome!

jenni, lake geneva 08/15/08
Review: phil your site totally rocks!!!!


harry, new york 08/14/08
Review: I do like this site you know

pammurray, forest park il 08/14/08
Review: dear trent carlini please sand me tickets to me.

Amber, Whitewater, WI 08/13/08
artist: Hoobastank
Review: Well lets put it this way...they rock and the news is just trying to put them down...look at lonestar theyve played there so many times and they are still ahead of the game...damn cant they jus get some respect!

simone, chicago, il 08/13/08
artist: pearl jam
Review: I agree with the author here. Im a pearl jam addict that had kinda grown away from them, but always stayed interested. I really like the way they mixed in some great new material with some of my favorite songs all time... the opus comprised of once, alive, footsteps. the fates had always screwed me in seeing these guys, particularly when I really wanted to. I guess they were waiting to give me this 2 1/2 hour show. While I'm sure seeing at them @ the metro probably would've been the shit, this was just right to satisfy that lifelong need. There's an ironic story that goes along with seeing them the following year @ lollapalooza, but I ramble. Peace out and thanks for the written record of that show... good memories.

andrea, guatemala 08/13/08
artist: shakira
Review: eres super cool me encanta tu musica y como mueves tus caderas

meaagin, GA 08/13/08
artist: sugarland
Review: i love sugarland and thier music

lyle m., las vegas 08/13/08
Review: Excellent site, added to favorites!! Looking for music information and found it at this great site.

monica, minneapolis, MN 08/13/08
artist: lolla
Review: best 3 days of my life - this was the best lolla EVER!!

james, chicago 08/13/08
artist: tim fite
Review: the man's an absolute maniac

Darryl Gillard 08/12/08
artist: Led Zepplin
Review: I definatly was glad when the dvd came out.I thought the early stuff through to 75 was explosive though knebworth was less so.It seems to me, and I am a huge fan(favouriteBand) that they were at their best up to and including physical grafitti.long live LZ

jeremy, indiana 08/12/08
artist: the venue
Review: finally we don't have to go to chicago for all of the good shows now!

melissa, milwaukee 08/12/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: beautiful photos! really love the raconteurs!!

jonas, nyc 08/12/08
artist: m ward
Review: m ward is one of the coolest and most independent musicians in the world

robert, new york ny 08/11/08
artist: black rebel motorcycle club
Review: saw brmc at the fillmor 8/05/08 couldn't agree more with why i left the show early no momentum.

Jonathan, Chicago, IL 08/11/08
artist: Ministry
Review: Very solid album. I picked it up, literally for a couple bucks at a half priced books/videos/cd's store. I was expecting more of the kind of watered down slightly Industrial-ized Thrash-metal of the few albums after. This release has some more passion, I feel, more ingenuity, and a bit of nice variety. A mish mash of the thrash to come, and even tidbits of crust punk, hardcore, and a bit of experimentation. Brutal, yet refined in some regards.

james, detroit, mich 08/11/08
artist: lolla
Review: I made the trip down to chicago for day 2 and day 3. while rage against the machine was brutal the rest of the lineup was a huge dissappointment!

sylvie, belgium 08/11/08
artist: mike peters
Review: i love very very much the pictures of my best singer mike peters of the alarm.the alarm ar vmy best band since before now long time .thank you for the pictures.lovely. sylvieXXXX

Chase, Ellijay, GA 08/11/08
artist: Frauniebarger
Review: Excellent cd! Should've gotten all 5 stars in my opinion. But all in all a good review. Fans of Death Cab should check out Frauniebarger. They were definitely influential in their debut album "Graverobbers." Check it out at

michael, chicago 08/11/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: radiohead was monumental, rage was absolutely insane and nin was the worst of the lot

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justin, chicago 08/08/08
Review: the kills were for me at least the most intense band on Friday. radiohead seemed a little disconnected and all.

matthew r., LA 08/08/08
artist: devandra banhart
Review: from the street to true artist

michael phillips, london 08/08/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: some real sweet photographs!

jeremy, florida 08/08/08
artist: meat beat manifesto
Review: kick ass interview!!!!!!!

connielee 08/07/08
artist: gogol
Review: loved your review of gogol. never seem them live yet but I will after reading your review and seeing the great photos!

kristin, whitewater, wi 08/07/08
Review: Hello my friend, your site is very good!

big boy sam 08/06/08
Review: the kills are so fucking good!

frankie, new york 08/06/08
artist: lolla
Review: the raconteurs photos are priceless

josie, milwaukee 08/06/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: damn nice stuff. i have to get my ass there next year!!

Mike Winchester, Tooele, Ut 08/05/08
artist: Atmosphere
Review: God Loves Ugly ....... Love it

Vicky, Buenos aires, Argentina 08/05/08
artist: Guns and Roses
Review: Axl Rose is the best singer! it is but sexy and I must if it describe with words is " SEXY" , it has an extraordinary body, a face done by angels and a voice that have it to few. I hope that it reads it someday to Axl and it knows that there is people who still in spite of everything what did the mistress

harris, nyc 08/05/08
artist: meat beat manifesto
Review: out of control cool!!

kevin, chicago 08/05/08
Review: this is a great music resource!

Chris, Pickering, Ont. 08/05/08
artist: Goodwin
Review: Nice......Very Nice!

lil pork chop 08/04/08
artist: tim fite
Review: tim fite is the new world order on consumerism and music. walmart got to hell

stan, las vegas 08/04/08
artist: zappa
Review: stellar review and photos phil!! you captured the genuis essence which is zappa!

count chocula 08/04/08
Review: jessica I want to c suck your blood and then eat you as my cereal for breakfast. you game?

jessica, milwaukee 08/04/08
artist: radiohead
Review: best band of the decade!!

Melissa, fargo, ND 08/04/08
Review: I love this music site!! What a winning rocker!!

kyle, lake geneva, wisconsin 08/01/08
artist: country thunder
Review: what a fucking bumpkin fest! and the lineup was the worst ever. the highlight of the event was seeing tony romo bored at jessicas show

larry taylor, chicago 08/01/08
artist: feist
Review: I totally agree with your review. she was absolutely boring!

georgia peach 08/01/08
artist: summerfest
Review: summerfest is the best music fest in the country!!

martin, london, uk 08/01/08
artist: tim fite
Review: this guy seems like a weird bloke. I think I love him

Tracy Borsos, Santa Rosa CA 08/01/08
artist: Lyle Lovett's Large Band
Review: Hello - can you tell me the name of the Bass player that stands behind Lyle on stage- They did a song together and I'm trying to figure out what it was called. From what Lyle said he sang this song on the bass players CD. Thank you- BTW they were marvelous

jenni, milwaukee, wi 07/31/08
artist: jessica simpson
Review: your pictures are so cute

arnie, st louis 07/31/08
artist: tim fite
Review: love the man. he is one of a kind

Avacado, Philadelphia, PA 07/31/08
artist: Staind
Review: As far as I'm concerned, Staind should be headlining this tour and if you can't see/hear the band's growth musically, you aren't really listening. They are above and beyond 3DD who I THINK are still doing the SAME THING.

TODD BELSHAW, Madison, WI 07/31/08

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lisa k., chicago 07/30/08
artist: summerfest (milwaukee)
Review: damn you people are great photographers!

Sue, Oklahoma City 07/30/08
artist: Country Thunder
Review: Wish I could have been there. enjoyed all your photos and review. jesica is sooooo darn HOT!!!

Tyler, Des Moines, Iowa 07/30/08
artist: M. Ward
Review: M. Ward takes any kind of music and strips it bare and then reinvents into someting completely different

ewan, UK 07/30/08
artist: radiohead
Review: I see that radiohead is coming to lollapalooza in chicago - if you can get me tickets I'll let you borrow my beautiful wife for the week, believe me you willnot be sorry

brain, milwaukee 07/30/08
artist: zappa
Review: stellar review. i've seen zappa three time now and was completely shocked at his talent everytime! it's a must see for any true zappa fan!!

Rebecca, Salem 07/29/08
artist: Richart Street
Review: He is truly an artist for the ages

becky 07/29/08
artist: mcr
Review: gerard is the sexiest singer in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

philly steak cheese sandwhich 07/29/08
artist: the stooges
Review: outstanding photos from the detroit reunion!!! only wish I was there

Morgan, las Vegas 07/29/08
artist: Lyle Lovett
Review: Excellent review really did like the show. Lyle is so amazing.

Jeannette VanKanegan, Island Lake, IL 07/25/08
artist: Country Thunder 08
Review: Thank you so much for putting the pictures up that I took. They are awesome! I am so excited, an I had so much fun. Phil Thank you again for letting me take them for you. I hope that I get another oppertunity to do it again. -Jeannette VanKanegan

haley, lake geneva 07/25/08
artist: phil
Review: phil you're back on your game. your summerfest shots blew me away like always!

owen, miami 07/25/08
artist: string cheese incident
Review: besy jam band ever and I like wareen hayes quote about jam bands on your homepage

martin, new york 07/25/08
artist: zappa
Review: wow you nailed the review... zappa is a genuis!!!!

jennifer t., milwaukee 07/25/08
artist: jessica
Review: she sure is stupid but she is sooooooooo hot!

john, milwaukee, wis 07/25/08
artist: country thunder
Review: beautiful photos as usual

mark, chicago 07/24/08
artist: jessica simpsons
Review: sweet pictuures!

Jordan 07/24/08
artist: lyle lovett
Review: Going to see him next week, thanks for the review

Hank, Cicero, IL 07/24/08
Review: Very interesting and beautiful site. It is a lot of great music information. Thanks

marianne, milwaukee 07/24/08
Review: I want to lick jessica all over!!!

Nate Glant, Milwaukee WI 07/23/08
artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Review: Great show it was amazing. Was wondering if I could be sent the pictures you have they are awesome. Thanks

mark l., omaha 07/23/08
artist: lovett
Review: review was really nice. I see you did appreciate lyle's music

janet, twin lakes 07/23/08
artist: country thunder
Review: what beautiful photographs!

mkey, milwaukee 07/22/08
artist: lyle lovett
Review: I couldn't have said it better than you Joe!! It weas a fantastic show!!

B. Farve, G.B. WI 07/22/08
artist: Country Thunder
Review: The pic of Tony Romo...doesn't show up on the webpage...stop teasin'

calli, manteno 07/22/08
artist: r jay & t -pain
Review: i loved the concert and i am coming back to it next year too cause it was pretty cool seeing all of the people on stage and dancing

sophie, new york 07/22/08
artist: blondie
Review: out of control cool!

brit, chicago 07/22/08
Review: Greetings Very good web site. I loved it. Found invaluable information. Just what I was looking for :-) Regards and best wishes

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pirate bob 07/21/08
artist: joe strummer
Review: shiver me timbers that was a tasty review

mikey 07/21/08
artist: summerfest
Review: awesome awesome PHOTOS!!!!!!

luciano, tartagal 07/21/08
artist: korn
Review: para mi korn es la mejor banda del mundo....

Harry, Toronto 07/21/08
artist: Feist
Review: I totally agree - Feist is simply overrated.

Sarah, Milwaukee 07/21/08
Review: This is by far the best music site in all of Wisconsin!!

Matt Williams, Terre Haute, Indiana 07/18/08
artist: Thomas Kovacs
Review: A couple of years ago I came to chicago and visited Thomas, I borrowed Mike Hoffman's Bass guitar and practiced in Buttleman's Basement for two days before we played a show at Hogs and Kisses. I haven't seen Thomas in about two or three years, but I was wondering if someone could put me in contact with him. I used to play music with Thomas in 8th and 9th grade at South West Middle School Jacksonville IN.

monica, milwaukee 07/18/08
artist: the bravery
Review: sam is such a rocker!! these boys were the best of the fest!

Lora, London 07/18/08
artist: Blondie
Review: Excellent review!!

mark, new yotk 07/18/08
Review: Your site rocks. I shall tell all of my friends!

aaron, roanoke, va 07/17/08
artist: 3 doors down!
Review: 3 Doors Down acoustic performance (and covering BON JOVI) on

mike, oregon 07/17/08
artist: feist
Review: I can't believe her show was that bad!!! well I guess I'll have to se for myself next time she comes to Portland!

jeanette, chicago 07/17/08
artist: the bravery
Review: what a kick ass review Andrea!!

molly, chicago, il 07/16/08
artist: feist
Review: BOY I FELT THE SAME WAY. Loved her songs on the CD but that was one of the worst performances. Your review was right-on. The drummer seemed like all he could do was hit the kick and snare on the predictable beats. There was no life! No passion! We could barely hear her sing!

marty, buffalo, new york 07/16/08
artist: zappa
Review: man great review! dweezil handles Frank's music like a wizard

gemini, seattle 07/16/08
artist: feist
Review: she's quite the hottie!!

lisa, florida 07/16/08
Review: Gerard iz so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful pictures!!!!

margaret, milwaukee, usa 07/16/08
artist: summerfest
Review: great, great photo gallery! I'm blown away by all of your very talented photographers. What a dream job!

Bob Hullinger, Chicago, IL 07/15/08
artist: van Morrison
Review: I don't know where you were sitting but where I was (Back Center)The Concert was probably the worst showw I 've seen in 25 years. Not only was the set list an arrogant display of artistic preference, the sound system was horrible. No bottom at all! What is up with all the rules and regulations about alcohol and cameras? Van really should consider who made him the legend that he is!

marty disibio, villa hills ky. 07/15/08
Review: I saw the Doobie Brothers and Chicago at Riverbend in Cincinnati on June 18th 2008. Both bands were great, but when they came out together. They both brought the house down. The 10,000 people there enjoyed it also.

Anonymous, London 07/15/08
artist: joey (slipknot)
Review: A chick which likes being fucked in a mask like that must be fucking hot...damn.

misty, milwaukee 07/15/08
artist: the bravery
Review: that show totally rocked!!!

artist: JERRY ONLY
Review: that sucks that you got caught grave robbing also for robo i would hate to be held in hostage

martha, milwaukee 07/14/08
artist: summerfest
Review: great coverage of the fest guys. why can't more outlets report on it as well as you??

steven, new york 07/14/08
artist: van morrison
Review: van stillhas the pipes to make on take notice

Kasumi, Las Vegas, NV 07/14/08
artist: Dir en grey

jeremy winklepleck, sapulpa oklahoma 07/14/08
artist: reba
Review: i think reba is the best female singer in the world

Cory, Milwaukee 07/11/08
artist: Zappa
Review: Spot-on review! I was at the show and you descibed it superbly!

harris 07/11/08
artist: alejandro
Review: fantastic interview!

becky, lake geneva, wisconsin 07/11/08
Review: Very cool and awesome site!

Kyle, Brookville 07/11/08
artist: AC/DC
Review: AC/DC is the best band on the planet!!!!

Toni, Michigan 07/11/08
artist: Morton
Review: best singer ever!!!!!!

Al, Milwaukee 07/10/08
artist: Dweezil
Review: I saw Carlin (72), Roy Buchannon, SRV, Trower, Steve Miller, Joe Walsh, many artists over 38 years. One show I will always recall is Zappa Play Zappa (2008). Dweezil - when I closed my eyes I honestly thought it was your dad playing Willie the Pimp. Now - that isn't a slight; it takes more work and practice to illuminate your father's incredible under-rated contribution to music that to me simply illustrates your incredible dedication and work ethic. I closed my eyes and thought it was you dad. I can't express the incredible admiration I have for your dedication. In no way does it make me think "less" of you for honoring your dad's memory; instead it raised my admiration for your abilities to a new level that I can only hope to achieve.
What an honor to see you perform.

raynisha, detroit 07/10/08
artist: ray j
Review: u r 1 sexi muthafucka!

Ian, Leeds, UK 07/10/08
artist: Zappa Plays Zappa
Review: Brilliant review man. I've yet to see Dweezil take on his father's work.But, from all of the reviews (including yours) I'm in for quite a show! Cheers

susan, milwaukee 07/10/08
artist: blondie
Review: blondie was absolutely dynamite at Summerfest!! I just wish she could have played longer

meatgrinder, cedar rapids, iowa 07/10/08
artist: slipknot interview
Review: looks like you and joey were ready to go a round or two there. badass interview

jeremy l., ontario 07/10/08
artist: oar
Review: the photos totally rock man!

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