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jeff, milwaukee 07/09/08
artist: zappa plays zappa
Review: man you nailed that review... frank was a workaholic and im sure that there is more then enough of his stuff in the vault for 2, if dweezil decides to continue down this road we could all be in for another wonderful ride.

janet, chicago 07/09/08
artist: summerfest
Review: damn nics summerfest review and photos...GREAT JOB!!!

michael, los anfeles 07/09/08
Review: you have a super music site!!

cozmik pete 07/09/08
artist: zappa
Review: loved it!! dweezil even looks like his dad, well maybe a little better looking

Jason Wood, Lake Havasu, AZ 07/09/08
artist: KORN
Review: Johnathan IS thee best. awesome interview!

Lawrence, Tennesse 07/09/08
artist: Johnny Cash
Review: This quote says it all about the power and faith of Johnny Cash!
Cash: I worked on this album in spite of everything. I found strength to work just to spite this disease. Sometimes I came to the studio and I couldn't sing - I came in with no voice when I could have stayed at home and pouted in my room and cried in my beer or my milk, but I didn't let that happen. I came in and opened up my mouth and tried to let something come out. There are tracks I recorded when that was the last thing in the world I thought I could do, and those are the ones that have the feeling and the fire and the fervor and the passion - a great deal of strength came out of that weakness

Jan, Hammond, IN 07/08/08
artist: Richard Street
Review: I have been a Temptations fan for years and was NEVER aware that Richard Street was the lead singer for all of those years.

cori l., milwaukee 07/08/08
artist: summerfest photographers
Review: damn these are the best summefest pictures I've seen anywhere! Muuch much better than the journals!! great job guys

john, new york 07/08/08
artist: zappa
Review: yes indeed dweezil has taken the torch fom his old man!

stacy, El Centro CA 07/08/08
artist: Ray j
Review: i think that he is soooooooo hot and that he looks sooo sexy when he's sweating... but i also want to know did Ray j really sleep with kim k or not

jeanette, milwaukee, wi 07/08/08
artist: blondie
Review: what a great show. blondie was on fire!!

Kevin, Milwaukee 07/07/08
artist: Matisyahu
Review: Matisyahu is quite different - not for eveyone bit very interesting nonetheless!

stacey, milwaukee 07/07/08
artist: summerfest
Review: thanks for all of the great summerfest photos! you guys are the best!!

carni, new york city 07/07/08
artist: blondie
Review: loved the review! blondie's my baby!!

victor p., milwaukee 07/07/08
artist: poly boys
Review: I've never seen anything quite like this before. part gospel part punk rock. a masterfil blend of carnival pomp and jim jones cool.

Jeffrey S Devlin, West Milwaukee 07/04/08
artist: zappa
Review: Your camera man was cool we had a group of 5 front row which included 2 12 year old girls he's also skilled in paper air plane construction as far as zappa it is starting to get surreal if you close your eyes it's like frank is channeling great show

mason, chicago 07/04/08
artist: blondie
Review: thomas you really know your music...props on the great review.please keep 'em coming!

tyler, london, UK 07/04/08
artist: blondie
Review: blondie and patti smith are the female founders of punk!! great story and nice photos

mark 07/04/08
artist: griffin
Review: Great book! Can you tell us more about Ed&Fred

Bryan Alexander, San Francisco, CA 07/04/08
artist: erasure
Review: You are obviously not a well rehearsed critic as you fail to follow the golden rule: Never, ever let your personal views affect you professional review. Regardless, personally, erasure's self-titled album remains my favorite ever. You will only enjoy it when you give in to it. Cowboy was a wonderful jaunt and if you dressed the part at the concert, you would have had a blast!! Finally, Other People's Songs would never be my favorite of any erasure albums, but it is not nearly as bad as you say. In fact, it does have many high points. They are an electric band after all, so to blast them for using electronics is idiotic. I do, however, agree with your review of Video Killed The Radio Star. Just please put your personal feeling aside when reviewing anything. It makes one look unprofessional.

steven, nyc, ny 07/03/08
artist: summerfest
Review: hey there- do you know where I can get the setlists for the songs each band played? also are they playing the same songs every night? Thanks mohamed, kuwait 07/03/08
artist: mr walseth
Review: if you had been the king of the world! what you well do to make the world better place? or the world is good all ready?

Mark, Pittsburgh, PA 07/03/08
artist: Dave Matthews
Review: I would really like to get these photos in a larger size? Is there any was Mike Schwenke can get ahold of me. Thanks

Fred, Minneapolis, MN 07/03/08
artist: Forcer
Review: Do they worship satan???

Jennifer T., Chicago 07/02/08
artist: Polyphonic
Review: great review and the pictures were golden

luis, chicago 07/02/08
artist: blondie
Review: its fantastic

Nancy Lyle, Boston 07/02/08
artist: Summerfest
Review: Summerfest looks like a blast! Wish we had something ike that in Boston!

jimmy 07/02/08
Review: fine music site you all have here!!

Dwight Andreas, Manado, Indonesia 07/01/08
artist: Linkin Park
Review: to me the best hiphop alternative rock band is the one and only "LINKIN PARK". They have strong lyric also very cool composition music. Great vocal by C. Bennington. sallut for them. Linkin Park live forever....

Joanne Capps, San Angelo,Texas 07/01/08
artist: Joanne Cash
Review: I would like to purchase the song I heard this morning, Wings of an Angel, Licence to Fly. Please tell me where I can finf it or on what album do you have it on. Thank You, Joanne Capps, San Angelo,Texas

megan, fort worth tx 07/01/08
artist: chris brown
Review: i love chris brown and that pic is awsome!!!!

Dwight Andreas, Manado, Indonesia 07/01/08
artist: KORN
Review: Korn is one of the most lunatic band with fuckin cool great music.They make music about life and death.

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Margot K., Milwaukee 06/30/08
artist: Jack Johnson
Review: Your photos rock!!

lawrence, milwaukee 06/30/08
artist: plant & krauss
Review: I still like zeppelin better

peter youst, florida 06/30/08
artist: joy division
Review: i've only see this beautiful band thru youtube. what would I give to see them alive again and in person!

killerbee 06/30/08
artist: peter murphy
Review: the goth king has done it again. the show was brilliant and you review was spot on

mark, vegas 06/27/08
artist: jack johnson
Review: hey I agree with your review - he's good but just doean't have enough fire in his belly.

joy, rockfalls IL 06/27/08
artist: skillet
Review: hi skillet john ur sooooooo hot!!!!!!!!! i want to be just like u keep on rocking never give up
thanks your panhead joy haahr

nanci, milwaukee 06/27/08
artist: jack johnson
Review: what's all the fuss about jack johnson anyway??

graham, manchester, uk 06/27/08
artist: peter murphy
Review: great review man - you did your homework, cheers

calli, IL 06/26/08
artist: t-pain&r jay
Review: hey i went to that consert and i though it was pretty cool and i wanted to say you guys did a really good job all of you and i will be coming back next year too it was pretty cool seeing you all on stage.

jenny, san diego 06/26/08
Review: this is a great great site!

mongo, portland 06/26/08
artist: gogol
Review: sweet photos matt!!!

haley, las vegas 06/25/08
artist: bandit county
Review: some beautiful photographs! I wis I didn't live so far seems like such a beautiful coummunal music event. well maybe next year =sigh=

trevor, liverpool, england 06/25/08
artist: robert plant and allison krauss
Review: topnotch review mate!

emaciated boy 06/25/08
artist: slipknot
Review: the interview fucking kicked ass!!! fucking great questions!!!

derreon, ELIZABETH CITY 06/25/08
artist: kanye west
Review: Yo dis song is fire... This is one of my favorite song by kanye!! Get It Boy

mark, milwaukee, wis. 06/24/08
artist: peter murphy
Review: bauhaus'latest album is a testament to what innovative artists they really were. peter murphy is the heart and soul of goth

Chance, Springfield IL 06/24/08
artist: STS9

frankie, new york city 06/24/08
artist: plant and krauss
Review: they're disparate forces combined to creat something quite beautiful. excellent review!

mario gomez, lynwood ca, 90262 06/24/08
artist: nin
Review: Iam very shocked that this new cd kind of sucks ass, Iwas expecting more vocals , more of alot of things . This cd kind of put me to sleep

Aimee Churches, Essex, England 06/24/08
artist: bowling for soup
Review: What did i think? I think you should learn to review concerts better, dickhead.

mary jo lee, texas 06/24/08
artist: country thunder
Review: look at all of those hot women here.i wish that just one of them would have sex with me

janice, chicago 06/23/08
artist: iggy pop
Review: iggy is stillthe punk god - everything he musters comes from a deep dark place in his soul

billy beautiful 06/23/08
artist: liz phair
Review: screw the critics who say that "sh'e lost her way orsold her soul after guyville. she's flowering in a new direction here!

Margaret T. London U.K. 06/23/08
artist: Chicago BluesFest
Review: BB King has still got it!

lucas, nyc 06/23/08
artist: stunning rock photography on this awesome site!! I come here often people, you should all do the same!!!

garrett, las vegas, nevada 06/23/08
artist: static x
Review: dude u guys static x is hella good i hope u keep makin new songs, i just got into u guys like a week ago and i love ur band lol it's awesome. i just learned how to play the only on guitar. it only took me about a day lol but it's not as good as u guys do. also that sucks that tripp got arrested. i think that he was the most skilled guitar player with that spinning thing lol. and wayne i love ur hair dude it's awesome. tony ur like a bass legend. nick i don't really know anything about u lol sorry.

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martha 06/20/08
artist: gogol bordello
Review: I can't wait to see gogol live...your review really piqued my interest!

jeremy, florida 06/20/08
artist: the cure
Review: who really cares about the cure anymore anyway??

jremy, vegas 06/20/08
artist: radiohead
Review: thom yorke has a voice of a tormented angel

Karin, Outside your window 06/19/08
artist: Axl Rose
Review: Axl may have his faults (don't we all?) but he is a truly beautiful person. Had the chance to meet him and talk with him for about 25 minutes. He is exceptionally talented and very warm hearted. I think the media (and people like you) create a false image of him.

Dayln Cain, Blaine, WA 06/19/08
artist: AudioSlave
Review: HE is soooooooooooooo hott! I think he is soooooooooooooooooo sexy and very hairy.

d manuel, pepperell, mass 06/19/08
artist: freddie mercury
Review: This is one of the best concerts I have ever seen.Makes me sad and to realize how much we all miss Freddie Mercury as an artist.

jeanette, chicago, IL 06/19/08
artist: blues fest
Review: interesting photos james..i wish everyone could have made it this year. the best lineup in years!

renee, calgary 06/19/08
artist: gogol
Review: interesting photosand very cool review

michael, milwaukee 06/18/08
artist: bluesfest
Review: wished I could have made it this year- bb looks great!

Elmo22 06/18/08
artist: Barenaked ladies
Review: Barenaked ladies ALL DA WAY!!!!!!!!

leandra, thousand oaks 06/18/08
artist: rob zombie
Review: come back i saw ozzy and rob zombie let have godsmack and rob zombie would be a badass show

Rushian, NY 06/18/08
artist: Rush
Review: I guess you added that wiseacre comment about self-indulgence because you thought it would sound intelligent and balance your review. Mission not accomplished. Instrumentals have always been an integral part of what this band is about. Why would you want to "streamline" or shorten a live Rush show???? Do you really think that only "die-hards" enjoy this band's instrumental prowess?

constance, buffalo, new york 06/18/08
artist: isaac hayes
Review: it's too bad that isaac is saddled with his illness - he used to be so vibrant on stage.

peter, brementon 06/17/08
artist: mxpx
Review: your photos absolutely RAWK!!!the best ive ever seen ANTWHERE!!!

nun, thailand 06/17/08
Review: I like Linkinpark very muchhhhhh.

romina, argentina-cordoba 06/17/08
artist: good charlotte
Review: The best band for ever is Good Chaarlotte! of curse!! Joel is my impossible love!! kiss!

jonna 06/17/08
Review: This is a cool site! Brilliant but simple idea.

mika, brooklyn, ny 06/17/08
Review: i love jason drake!! i think that he is creative and his music is unique. he blows my mind. i actually found some really dope interviews that he did. people should check them out.

chelsea, hillsboro, Mo 06/17/08
artist: sum 41
Review: hey hows it goin sum 41 you guys fuckin rock out loud sum realy do like it loud!!!!!!!!!! my boy friend is starting a band, can you give me some tips on how to get a band started? You guys are fuckin awesome and i want to come to 1 of your concerts well hope to hear from you soon
love chelsea

carp, chicago, il 06/16/08
artist: rush
Review: My daughter and I went--we were one of the very few females there. I would say that if someone wanted a man, listen to Tom Sawyer and pretend to be a Rush fan. I still miss Closer to the Heart and Working Man, but I think they played a wide range. Very impressive lights and stuff with their music, but frankly, I could just hear the music and be happy. Tom Sawyer live is just incredible.

haley, lake geneva 06/16/08
Review: phil I miss your work what the hell have you be doing???? oh I know working out too much at the Y huh. you're so damn lazy but I still love you!

jerry tyler, houston, TX 06/16/08
artist: merle haggard
Review: what a fantastic interview. the man, the legend is so intelligent and versatile. thanks for treating a great man in such a beautiful way!

uli, germany 06/16/08
artist: sia
Review: come to berlin my beautiful. we willbare our souls to the other.

marko, chicago 06/16/08
artist: basia bulat
Review: tasty pictures

shaundra, st paul 06/16/08
artist: sean paul
Review: c'mon stud marry me now and ill be your bitch for life!!!!!

bubbleboy 06/16/08
artist: maggot lover
Review: man youd beeter be carful joey might kick your ass if you ask him more questions like what if i ripped your mask off right now!

mark, leeds, UK 06/13/08
Review: thsi is a bloddy fantastic site! I'm astonished how many concerts you have archived here!!

ian, london 06/13/08
artist: r.e.m.
Review: michael stipe is looking quite fit and healthy here. bravo man

Martin, Chicago 06/13/08
artist: Rush
Review: Fine review as always Andy

jenna, texas 06/13/08
artist: the kooks
Review: these boys are so damn sexy. gettin moist thinking about them

mark, tornot, canada 06/12/08
artist: chris robinson
Review: I dug your interview. chris is so underrsted in the rock world. he is a modern genuis in music today. love him to death!

cave dweller, inner mongolia 06/12/08
artist: slipknot
Review: badass mutherfuckers!!badass interview you (the interviewer) and joey really hit a home run!!! go maggots

misty mathias, columbus ohio 06/12/08
artist: rascal flatts
Review: I think rascal flatts is hot right here and I am happy they win
bye misty

sage, new orleans 06/12/08
artist: gerard way
Review: i want this stud's baby NOW!!! c'mon gerard I'll show you a one of a kind booty that you'll call mama for ever!

janice 06/12/08
Review: concert livewire totally rocks!!!

lester des moines, iowa 06/12/08
artist: rush
Review: rush's music only grts better with age! thanx for the well written and though t out review andy

misty, vegas 06/12/08
artist: rem
Review: sweet photos!!!

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