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savannah, reading, pennsylvannia 06/11/08
artist: kenny chesney
Review: keny is so buff without his shirt on...yummy but he's even better in his music!

jack l., tennesse 06/11/08
artist: country thiunder
Review: love all the sexy stars in your pictures. are they all married?

mealissa, chicago 06/11/08
artist: the kooks
Review: thanks for the great story and pics!

leslie, va 06/10/08
artist: scott stapp
Review: scott stapp love you too baby

monica, chicago 06/10/08
artist: the kooks
Review: the photos here are pure keepers

jimmy 06/10/08
artist: devandra
Review: i want to marry this musical genuis and be a street bum with him

jonas, la crosse, wis 06/10/08
artist: weezer
Review: you are so darn wrong on your review. the pop melodies here are beautiful not emo!

fandango 06/09/08
artist: johnny mathis
Review: the man is stil a wonder to male singers. great review andy!

lisa, chicago 06/09/08
artist: the pogues
Review: what a womderful inrterview. shane is so intelligent and so articulate. i want to meet this great man

bert yates, flagstaff 06/09/08
artist: country thunder
Review: i'm coming to see your country thunder this year. beware I'll be drinkin and eyeing up your women

matt 06/09/08
Review: love this site!

Meranda Kaleniecki, detroit, MI 06/09/08
artist: the kooks
Review: i love your band i love the song its not my time you should come up with another GREAT song :)

gerard, argentina 06/09/08
artist: my chem
Review: i love you so much!!!! you are a rock star!!!! baby take care!! bye with love gimena!

Robert Zika, Praha-eska republika 06/09/08
artist: Huns & Dr. Beeker
Review: Cheers Huns & Dr. Beeker behind album written heart god.Cheers personally and behind all people who laid its life behind that our.God you for ever safeguard amen.

Jen, Milwaukee 06/09/08
artist: Sia
Review: I saw this great show, didn't really know who she was until a friendf took me. I'm a lifelong fan now!

lisa a., san diego 06/06/08
artist: weezer
Review: this is weezer's best album of all time! what the hell were you smoking when you listened to this??

frankie lopes, new york 06/06/08
artist: kooks
Review: the kooks are taking over the world one kook at a time

faby, puebla 06/06/08
artist: WEEZER
Review: Fuck Clearchannel and any band that turns "radio-friendly"!!!

faby, puebla 06/06/08
artist: green day
Review: la banda esta super padre y todos estan super guapos sigan asi besos

monroe, new orleans 06/05/08
artist: jazzfest
Review: a beautiful time even tho the rain soaked my bones. i'm there every year to enjoy all the great music and people vibe

collen nelson, nyc 06/05/08
artist: van halen
Review: time to give it up boys!

tyler 06/05/08
Review: Very good site! I like it alot! come here to check out the reviews a couple of times a week

mark, milwaukee 06/05/08
artist: black rebel
Review: nice review andrea!

Doodle, New Baltimore Mi 06/04/08
Review: Where's Heavens Wish? They were signed to a major label, universal Records.The same label as Nelly.Played with many national acts.Such as Ted Nugent at Cobo Arena.Numerous L.A Hair bands to many to catalog hear.Go to you tube,and key in Heavens Wish

oscar ilson, stockholm 06/04/08
Review: What you wrote is a little harsh. Their is no measure to democracy in China. Ideas take a long time until they are spat out.

jimmy, chicago,ilinois 06/04/08
artist: van halen
Review: nice review- bad band.

stevie g., washington dc 06/04/08
artist: cloud cult
Review: cloud cult has it all: passion, intelligence, melody and music!! very good review!!

jennifer, boston 06/04/08
artist: rilo kiely
Review: beautiful photos but I think you must've seen an off show dude

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Andrea, Milwaukee 06/03/08
artist: Van Halen
Review: This seems like a pretty honest review. I totally get it.

Kevin, Elgin, IL 06/03/08
artist: Van Halen
Review: I thought they were better than you said but hey everyone has an opinion. love the photos tho!

stacey, detroit 06/03/08
artist: rilo kiley
Review: I think she's overrated - nice review

marko, chicago 06/03/08
artist: the cure
Review: man has rovert smith put on the pounds!!

jeanette, orlando, fl 06/03/08
artist: the ramones
Review: beautiful piece of rock history. well done!!

katherine, van buren Arkansas 06/03/08
artist: keith urban
Review: Keith Urban Rocks I have always wanted to meet him if i ever get to meet him it would be a dream come true!

Barbara Ashmoe, Crewe, VA 23930 06/02/08
artist: editors
Review: enjoyed the interview. hope all is well.

michael, boston 06/02/08
Review: your reviews and photos here are some od the best on the web!

brit, chicago 06/02/08
artist: editors
Review: very nice interview. totally enjoyed it

harris olsen, madison, wi 06/02/08
artist: rilo kiley
Review: jenny lewis is one hot mama...can you give me her phone number so I can make a date??

jeanette, milwaukee 05/30/08
artist: black rebel
Review: rev 'em up boys and girls for they are the best thing in rock and roll!!

mercury, las vegas 05/30/08
artist: van morrison
Review: I agree van morrison should hang it up and live off of the laurels of gloria

norton, toront0 05/30/08
artist: frank black
Review: I really think I like his solo work better than the pixies! musch more soul and honesty

Mike, Seattle,WA 05/30/08
artist: Sarah Brightman
Review: absolutely stellar photographs!

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kip, london, uk 05/29/08
artist: shane macgowan
Review: spot on interview!!

laurie, chicago, Il 05/29/08
Review: thanks for the weekend report. I trust your opinion Andy!

peter, kansas 05/29/08
artist: santana
Review: santana is still a great creative force to be reckoned with y'all

kim allen, liberty, ky 05/29/08
artist: axl rose
Review: I am CRAZY about axl rose.He is so incredibly sexy and his voice.....need i say more..???

joanie, milwaukee 05/29/08
artist: sia
Review: beautiful woman...beautiful pictures

lauren, bayonne n.j. 05/29/08
artist: Ludacris

george, chicago 05/28/08
artist: the pogues
Review: This site has some great pogues reviews and interviews!Thanks!!!

miranda, crest hill illinois 05/28/08
artist: rihanna
Review: i love rihanna i love her new song its take a bow

Jerry, Long Island 05/28/08
artist: Van Morrison
Review: You are way off base with your review! While this may not be one of Van's finest hours it's still a good record!

marty p., atlanta 05/27/08
Review: you have a wonderful concert site!

Danielle, Boyce, Louisiana 05/27/08
artist: Slipknot
Review: i am a 14 year old girl. not despite the fact that i wouldnt mind ravaging joey jordison, i think slipknot kicks ass the only other thing that woul make them more appealing is if they were to COME HER TO LOUISIANA NA DPUT ON THE BEST CONCERTS THAT THEY HAVE EVER DONE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

jim, new york 05/27/08
artist: the cure
Review: robert smith is a real porker!!

juan, socaba, brasil 05/27/08
artist: rover
Review: nothin to said, just listan the sond, is enouth

janet, milwaukee 05/27/08
artist: rilo kiley
Review: rilo kiley was far better then you potrayed in your review!

korrie wilkins, redlands, CA 05/26/08
artist: HIM
Review: oh my god u are sooooooo hot!!!!!! i love ur song bleed well its the best song in the whole world

jessica, houston, TX 05/26/08
artist: mcr
Review: my chem is soooooooooo fucking awsome!!!!! Long live the fucking black parade bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie, manchester, ga 05/26/08
artist: Korn

monty, detroit 05/26/08
artist: mcs
Review: badass interview!!

Daniel, sabinas coahuila mexico 05/26/08
artist: simple plan
Review: simple plan es lo mejor

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jennifer, mass 05/23/08
artist: nick cave
Review: what will this creative wizard come up with next?

yates, los angeles, cali 05/23/08
artist: motion city
Review: I enjoyed the interview. well written.

billie, chicago 05/23/08
artist: duran duran
Review: simon still looks sexy as hell!!!!!!

Sarah, Taunton Ma 05/23/08
artist: Brad Paisley

Stephanie, Chicago 05/22/08
artist: Duran Duran
Review: The boys were on fire that show! Can't believe how today they really are!

mikeyo, detroit 05/22/08
artist: motion city soundtrack
Review: i totally agree there music is definately maturing! nice interview

??? 05/22/08
Review: the photos here rock my world!!!

paulie, nyc 05/22/08
artist: ramones
Review: gaabaagabaahey!!

jonas, long island, new york 05/21/08
artist: MIA
Review: Great review. MIA's music is so full of the great flavors of the world!

Review: yes very beautiful

kathy, chicago 05/21/08
artist: dolly
Review: dolly still has it!!

mike, carbondale, ill 05/21/08
artist: the ramones
Review: damn nice!!!

margot t., louisville, kentucky 05/21/08
artist: devotchka
Review: weird stuff here people!

Cathy, Los Angeles, CA 05/20/08
artist: Duran Duran
Review: Thank you so much for the great review. Duran Duran truely are the best thing that ever happenned in the 80's and they have continued making great music to this day. I have seen them live 14 times over the past 20 years and they just keep getting better. Keep on rocking boys, we love you.

monica, new orleans 05/20/08
artist: jazzfest
Review: jazzfest was a rousing success! the music the food and the camraderie were fantastic! Thanks for the wonderful coverage!

jaryd, milwaukee 05/20/08
Review: I like this site a lot!

yates, new york, new york 05/20/08
artist: tegan and sara
Review: I think these two are vastly overrated.

Keith, Chicago, IL 05/19/08
artist: Duran Duran
Review: The Duran Duran show rocked! It's fantastic to rediscover an older band, only to find out they still have it. Corgan was quite the surprise.

BonnieLee, Williams Bay, WI 05/19/08
artist: Duran Duran
Review: Thanks for the woinderful photos!

Maverick, nyc 05/19/08
artist: the ramones
Review: how lucky can you be- standing in the same room with THE RAMONES!!!

eliza, northampton, MA 05/19/08
artist: stevie nicks
Review: Thanks for the Stevie Nicks Soundstage!! Stevie is an inspirational artist who means the world to me. I can't wait to watch!!

natasha, blain, mn 05/19/08
artist: flyleaf
Review: your voice is amazing and i love how you scream ive never heard any girl do that!

tonya leigh, chicago il 05/19/08
artist: duran duran
Review: AWESOME!

harris, philly 05/19/08
artist: devotchka
Review: these guys are the real deal. make sure to check them out!!!

jim, chicago 05/19/08
Review: The site's very professional and creative! Keep up the good work!

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steph, new berlin 05/16/08
artist: devotchka
Review: damn what a great review. I'm just so sorry I missed the show- they sound so fucking cool!!

Andrea, Milwaukee 05/16/08
Review: Excellent web site I will be visiting often!

Mary lunsfordm, ohio and corning 05/16/08
artist: Reba

uli, london, uk 05/16/08
artist: "pioneers of rock"
Review: some very nice work here mate. the riot photos were bloody cool

jenny morris, tampa 05/16/08
artist: jared leto
Review: he is so hot I think I'm drenched between the legs

jericho, minneapolis 05/15/08
jennifer, chicago 05/15/08
artist: andy
Review: andy I love the way you write. you're so great!

jericho, minneapolis 05/15/08
artist: nico
Review: I can't believe she was so strungout on heroin!!great photos!!!

kassandra, detroit, mich 05/15/08
artist: sean paul
Review: this man is so sexy. do you have any naked photos so I can drool??

peter frank, new york 05/15/08
artist: the ramones photos
Review: I love the look on dee dee's face in the mirror. I would kill to know what he was thinking!

MARIO, OXNDR 05/15/08
artist: gwen stufne
Review: DEAR GWEN stufne I am a big fan. COME TO MY HOME to you COLD GIVE ME A cd.

marilyn zapien, newman, CA 05/15/08
artist: brad paisley
Review: OMG brad is so awesome i REALLY WANT TO GET HIS AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!!!!!

aletta, bloemfontein, south africa 05/14/08
artist: beyonce
Review: heloo there! im very flatterd by the way you sing but more especialy the way you dress mm...

jimmy dean, sausageland 05/14/08
artist: dolly parton
Review: the woman still got it!

jeffree 05/14/08
artist: jewel
Review: I really like her music better now. full of more soul and intelligence. she was just too naive early on

Sylvia 05/13/08
artist: Duke Spirit
Review: I was at that show and The Duke Spirit were waaaaaaay better than BRMC.

jim, chicago 05/13/08
artist: dolly
Review: the show was magical and thanks for the great review and photos!

lora, miami, florida 05/13/08
artist: the ramones
Review: they are truly the most influential band of all time!!

marie, chicago 05/12/08
Review: the ramones rawk!!! and you beat on the brats with a baseball bat with your camera. excelent work!!!!

jon, montreal 05/12/08
artist: black rebel
Review: shoegazing? c'mon now!

peter myers, boston 05/12/08
artist: dylan
Review: love the pics man thanks

clown makeup artist 05/12/08
artist: writers
Review: you swirl your pens so effortlessly over the preconceptions and misconceptions of the music you write about. dwell in the greyness and you might see that the things you sing about are not so black and white.

shanikwa 05/12/08
Review: sean paul is da hottest dude in my world!!!!!!!

julia, milwaukee 05/12/08
artist: jazzfest
Review: hey nice review, i'll give you a hummer if you take me with you nextyear. just a thought

Nick 05/12/08
Review: What's up, Andy? Cool!! Do you happen to have an Mp3 of "Nothing Compares 2 U (live)" from this concert? I can't find any anywhere. Send me an email. Thanks.

??? 05/12/08
artist: grace potter
Review: listen to the cd more than once and you'll like it better. trust me

kena, detriot mi 05/12/08
artist: ray j
Review: sweet abs!!!

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