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Eileen, London, UK 05/09/08
Review: Your photographs take me back to a time when the punk scene in London was rife with freshness and originality. When Sid and Nancy, Joe Strummer and Billy Idol walked the streets full of beautifully naive but certiainly raw energy.

spanish bob, chicago 05/09/08
artist: rock pioneers
Review: you met the ramones?? the photos are real cool

carly 05/09/08
artist: antony & the johnsons
Review: antony has a voice like an angel. I especially love the song he did with bjork!!

lenin, new york 05/09/08
Review: The site is very professional and original

Martin, Lake Geneva 05/09/08
Review: Phil thanks for telling me about your site it is absolutely unbeilvable!!!

buddy, atlanta 05/08/08
artist: Ozzfest
Review: Where the fuck is the review of Down the best fucking band there wasn't even mentioned.

carrie m., miami 05/08/08
Review: wow your pictures really take me back to a time when i loved music.

james tyler 05/08/08
artist: dirtbombs
Review: this band personifies pure enrgy!!

james tyler 05/08/08
artist: jazzfest
Review: top of the line pictures. thanx man!

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James Lee, Chicago 05/07/08
artist: Pioneers
Review: These photos areso great!! Where did you find this guy??

stacey, nyc 05/07/08
Review: The ramones photos are unbelievable!

??? 05/07/08
Review: Pretty sweeeeeeet article. Dirtbombs 4 Ever!

karem, phx az 05/07/08
artist: flyleaf
Review: i cant go a song of flyleaf with out wanting to cry... i love them so much!!

marianne, milwaukee, wis 05/07/08
artist: rock photos
Review: i love the backstage ramones pics!!!

jenni phillips, toronto 05/07/08
Review: the decemberists are the best band to come out of america

Davie, Salt Lake City, UT 05/06/08
timmy, milwaukee 05/06/08
artist: the dirtbombs
Review: great stuff...the show kicked a boot up my ass- loved it!!

Davie, Salt Lake City, UT 05/06/08
Review: so what if it's gloomy?! Thats what emo music is! I don't understand how you could give this album 1 1/2 freaking stars. It isnt that gloomy, this is an awesome album. It is the best album released in 2005, gloomy or not!

emilym, brooksville Florida 05/06/08
artist: mcr
Review: i think Gerard is a crack head...

kevin, gaithersburg md 05/05/08
artist: ludacris
Review: Alright, first of all im your biggest fan but do you truly believe you are the best rapper alive

lissa, Seattle, WA 05/05/08
artist: kraftwerk
Review: Stunning photos! It was an amazing show. Thanks for sharing.

stacey 05/05/08
artist: alejandro
Review: I love his music and to come back so strong after such a huge illiness is an inspiration.

Kyle Freeman, Chicago 05/05/08
Review: Tim Mcgraw at JazzFest - gimme a break!!

style police, ny 05/05/08
artist: jazz fest
Review: nice pictures, but couldn't elvis buy a new name like madonna or prince?

jenna, new york city 05/05/08
Review: I think you have great writers here. just keep it coming!!

Kevin, Oswego, NY 05/02/08
artist: George Strait
Review: What can I say? I love George Strait! All his music, his image, his style. I like all kinds of music and many different artists, but none as much as George!!!

khat, Townsville, Qld, Australia 05/02/08
artist: Nikki Sixx
Review: Well there i am impressed by the pix, and i do beleive that there is a celeb look alike that of Nikki Sixx, oddly enough i have seen him and why do i get the gut feeling that he has done this for me. Anyway, love the shots and if you do see Nikki say the Voodoo Child in Australia by the name of Khat say's an Aussie G'day.

jennelle, toronto, canada 05/02/08
artist: devandra
Review: I love this poet so much...he inspires me how he lived off of the street and now look at him!

jimmy, chicago 05/02/08
artist: cmt awards
Review: you got some real fine hotties here.

Haley, Chicago 05/02/08
artist: Jazzfest
Review: Thanks for the wonderful coverage and photos.Sounds like a rain soaked blast!

jeanette oscar, minnetonka, mn 05/01/08
artist: lolla
Review: some fabulous pictures here!!!

marty, nyc 05/01/08
artist: santana
Review: carlos still blows my world right

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johhny bigrod, fort collins CO 04/30/08
artist: j bigrod and the roddies
Review: yo plaster sisters im a straight up rock star with a nice large rod, come to colorado and cast a plast of this blast from the past

kenny, milwaukee 04/30/08
artist: colin meloy
Review: hey Joe nice review!

Justin,Dallas, TX 04/30/08
artist: NO Jazzfest
Review: So sorry I missed it this year (rain and all). but your review let me live it

ConcertLivewire 04/30/08
Review: Hey Ron,Thanks for the correction. We try to be as accurate as possible, but something might slip through from time to time. Cheers man

Ron Rawski, Milw, WI 04/29/08
artist: Kraftwerk
Review: Thanks for reviewing the Kraftwerk show. Most tangible and virtual rags in the Milwaukee area didn't even cover the show. A show where genre pioneers and major influencers come to our little city. Not only do they rarely visit, they only have 4 stops in the US on a tour that might be their last. No respect from my local publications.
Just a correction for you = Tour de France is an early 80's track that when played at the Milwaukee show, was first performed by way of the more recent remix, and then 2nd half in its original form.

Monica, Indiana 04/29/08
Review: Your site was so interesting and informative I'm going to call all my music buds and let them know about you. Great work

William, Missouri, St.Louis 04/29/08
artist: Colin Meloy

lisa j., manchester, uk 04/29/08
artist: colin meloy
Review: the decemberists music is so original! I'd love to see colin in a solo effort!

James, Milwaukee 04/29/08
artist: Kraftwerk
Review: Awesome photos man!

Donna, Midland, TX 04/28/08
artist: Santana
Review: I think Carlos Santana is still awesome after all of these years. The amount he has learned about music is amazing. I love his collaborations w/some of the new artists. I hope he keeps playing for a long time to come.

lacy, usa 04/28/08
artist: flyleaf
Review: like this group so much!!!

Draya, kalamazoo Michigan 04/28/08
artist: bowwow
Review: Hi hows life? I love you

colleen, nashville 04/28/08
artist: cmts
Review: the show was a smash!!! great reporting and great pictures!!!

jamie, chicago 04/28/08
artist: iggy pop
Review: the stooges are way out of control. the father of punk the father of now

Max, Dallas, TX 04/28/08
artist: Santana
Review: Nice photos!

peter peter pumpkin eater 04/25/08
artist: les claypool
Review: he's brilliant and i'm brilliant. does that mean we have to live on the same planet??

faith, reno, nev 04/25/08
artist: devandra
Review: id marry the bum in a heart beat!!!

Garcia Lopez, California 04/25/08
artist: Santana
Review: Yes, our boy still is on top of the world

janet, milwaukee 04/25/08
artist: pink martini
Review: wonderful review! I ws at that show and loved the diversity of their music!

monroe, chicago, IL 04/24/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: great past reviews and photos here! can you hide me in your camera bag for the best one about to come??

jimmy boy, milwaukee 04/24/08
artist: jimmy eat world
Review: props to the boys, there music keeps getting better and better thank you

janet, nyc 04/24/08
artist: young at heart
Review: this movie sounds so cool I cant wait to see it!!

haley, lake geneva 04/24/08
Review: phil all of your photos are forever wallet keepers!

jeanette, st.paul 04/23/08
artist: colin meloy
Review: I love this guy and the decemberists...I just wish they would tour again. I really enjoyed the interview too!

Megan, VA, Charlettville 04/23/08
Review: I think that korn is a kick ass bad.Their song adidas is a awsome song.But my all time fav would have to be "LOVE SONG" from their cd see you on the other side.well G2G keep doing what you are doing and stay true.

robb, chicago 04/23/08
artist: matinee club
Review: hey real nice piece. emma is truly a new breed of hot women

becky miller, milwaukee 04/22/08
Review: thanks for the great have so much going on here

lars, london, uk 04/22/08
artist: the stones
Review: you're right this album is brilliant! I do love the less heard songs so much!!!

staci, milwaukee 04/22/08
artist: tim fite
Review: I'm really sorry I missed him recently in concert, but I certainly enjoyed your review

marquis king, Chicago 04/22/08
artist: 21
Review: beautiful music!!

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Steve Bihun, Chicago, Illinois 04/21/08
artist: Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams
Review: Those guys brought it big time once again.
No Ballads, AC/DC in style.

matt, st.paul. mn 04/21/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: damn- you guys have some fine photographs here. look forward to this years reporting!!

chris, temple hill 04/21/08
artist: bright eyes
Review: hey jerk conor gets drunk to deal with his asshole fans

Monica, Seattle, Wash 04/21/08
artist: Colin Meloy
Review: The interview was so insightful

Barbossa, Cleveland, Ohio 04/21/08
artist: Tim Fite
Review: I dug the interview, Fite is a man among artists. True genuis here

Owen, buffalo, ny 04/18/08
artist: nicole kidman
Review: jeezzz I didn't know that nicole kidman was with keith urban. must've been drinking too much whiskey lately...

marianne, milwaukee, wis 04/18/08
artist: the bodeans
Review: damn I missed that show!! nice story and photos thanks for letting me be there anyway. I hope that they come to Summerfest!!

jordan, memphis, tn 04/18/08
artist: cmt
Review: great pics here, everyone looks so beautiful!!

chris e., milwaukee 04/17/08
artist: janis joplin
Review: I loved your piece john, you have a passion with your wrting.

michael graves, atlanta 04/17/08
artist: stones
Review: your review was good

janice, nyc 04/17/08
artist: nick cave
Review: this artist, this man never ceases to amaze me

lawrence, montreal 04/17/08
Review: jewel is so fucking hot!I would love to spend a night with her I'd up up both my nights for that

jason donaldson, springfield OR 04/17/08
Review: I think chocolate starfish was your best album.

Karen, Miami 04/16/08
Review: Real cool site here!

jet, cali 04/16/08
artist: tim fite
Review: this guy is way too cool for the common fool

kyle, milwaukee 04/16/08
artist: jose gonzalez
Review: fucking fine photos!

Jennelle, Austin, TX 04/15/08
artist: SXSW
Review: Your coverage was exhaustive and full of great substance. Thanks again

Anastacia, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 04/15/08
artist: Jared Leto
Review: I want to say, that Jared is very talanted person! 30 seconds to Mars is amazing! But unfortunatly his perfomances are abroad and a lot of people, who likes this group want to see them in Russia! So, a lot of people WANT TO SEE YOU IN RUSSIA! Sorry for my mistakes!

Arian, Tehran 04/15/08
artist: Enrique
Review: Beautiful photographs!

blind paul 04/15/08
artist: the stones
Review: this movie was a reminder of how good and vital the stones still are. scorsese's camera work is nothing short of brilliant

stacey, st. paul , MN 04/15/08
artist: ratdog
Review: weir is better in ratdog than he ever was in the dead!

jimmi, vegas 04/15/08
artist: devandra banhart
Review: from the streets to the king of folk!! all hail devandra the poet

Lora, CA 04/14/08
artist: Augustana
Review: no they sound good. and i dont think you know what the songs are actually about. no DONT know what the songs are really about.

storm cloud 04/14/08
artist: joan jett
Review: I stil love the woman and her music!!!!!!

James, Dublin 04/14/08
artist: Tim Fite
Review: Very nice interview, Tim Fite is such a fresh and unique voice in musis today.

stacey, milwaukee, WI 04/14/08
artist: alejandro
Review: you got some really nice photos here Matt!

Jake, Milwaukee 04/14/08
artist: Alejandro Escovedo
Review: Great review! I was at the show and completely was enthralled by the bare bobes honesty of Alejandro.

marianne miller, cairo, IL 04/14/08
Review: too many good things on this site, I really like the different writing styles here. All good!

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haley, lake geneva 04/11/08
Review: phil where have you been??? you haven't done any reviews for awile. I MISS THEM!!!

Devon M., Milwuakee, Wisconsin 04/11/08
artist: Jose Gonzalez
Review: The show was a phenom on bare musical essentials

johnnie 04/11/08
artist: ticket swap
Review: great service. thanx man!!

Carmen, San Diego 04/11/08
artist: The New York Dolls
Review: How luck can you be to see these pioneers of punk and glam. I enjoyed your story and photos too.

Germaine, St. Louis 04/10/08
artist: Jonathan Davis
Review: The interview was fantastic!! Jonathan is so intelligent

mark, seattle 04/10/08
Review: I can't believe all the awesome photos here

??? 04/10/08
Review: you have the best jbs in the world!!!

Desire d, SAn Angelo, TX 04/09/08
artist: korn
Review: i think it was a realy kick ass interview with jonathan you get to know him some what more not as much but good enough

jennelle, chicago 04/09/08
Review: Cool design, great info and badass photos!

axls michelle 04/09/08
Review: axls a fuckin hunny id give anything 2 meet him!! ANYTHING! i sen him liv & he rockd the fuckin roof down. hez so sexy it hurts 2
spoz ur mumy made u make this page fagot il fuck any of uz up hoo publicly dis respect axl keep it 2 yoor fuckin shity sad lonely selvs. il keep my i on this page..see hoo wants ta fuck with me

julie, uk 04/09/08
artist: gerard way
Review: i think gerard way is fit and the pics are great

germ boy 04/08/08
artist: jonathan davis
Review: that interview rocked my world!! loved the questions!!

candance, milwaukee, wi 04/08/08
artist: jose gonzalez
Review: the show was out of this world!

gerri, milwaukee 04/08/08
artist: lollapalooza
Review: i can't believe all of the great photos you have here from all of the lollapalloozas!!

Janet, Chicago, IL 04/07/08
artist: Big Head Todd
Review: What a fabulous show!! The band wa s completey in top-form as usual! Excellent review.

jennifer timms, boston 04/07/08
artists: sxsw
Review: I'm foing down there der sure next yea.looks like a good ole time

jimmy, milwuakee, wis 04/07/08
artists: ratdog
Review: got some great pictures here matt!!

herman munster, hooterville 04/07/08
artists: joan jett
Review: joan is still punk rock sexy as hell!!!

caleb, reidsville 04/07/08
artists: ramones
Review: joey do you think any of the band members are going to heaven?

Dave, Loughborough, England 04/04/08
artist: Angels And Airwaves
Review: I think Angels and Airwaves have something unique about them. They will go far as they have a style that and sound that no other band has managed to achieve. Their second album is just as great, if not better than the first! I am going to see them in concert for the first time next week and I really can't wait!

astronomius, southern california 04/04/08
Review: i was looking for articles that depicted how American audiences responded to Bowie's work over the years, and i found this interview.
it confirmed something i sensed for a long time, that he used to articulate how he felt through his music and less his lyrics; that is very important, because his music is able to clearly express many of my own thoughts and feelings, as well.
it's terrific that he went into detail about the instruments he used and played, and relationships he had with other artists he worked with; a very important staple in an interview like this.
Bowie refers to The Bible in this interview, and i never really came across any statements he made about God or Christianity before; that was very interesting.
David Bowie is clearly one of the leading and most influential people in the music industry, and my hope is that today's up-and-coming musical artists pay serious attention to his experience and genius.
thank you for conducting and publishing your interview, it was very enlightening and edifying!

muncie, chicago 04/04/08
artist: pink martini
Review: I love this band - so full of energy, creativity and life!

kati, michigan 04/04/08
artist: MCR
Review: great site you have here!! the reviews and photos kick ass!!!

Kelli Lewandowski, Lansing ILL 04/03/08
artist: MCR
Review: I love all of your info and emo punk stuff and i love my chemical romance and frankie iero

jeaneete, philadelphia, PA 04/03/08
artist: the boss
Review: what cool photos

owen parker, chicago 04/03/08
artist: jose gonzalez
Review: it's all about themusic with Jose. he doesn't give a shit about pretensions

ben k., detroit 04/03/08
artist: warren hayes
Review: the man is a musical genuis. Great interview!

constance, vegas 04/02/08
artist: jose gonzalez
Review: sweet word man

lelah, nyc 04/02/08
artist: the new york dolls
Review: the dolls rule!!!!

mikey, milwaukee 04/02/08
artist: cobra starship
Review: how did you guys come up with the song with me its kinda different

marty u., texas 04/02/08
Review: this is a maniac out of control site!

nina, east troy, wisconsin 04/01/08
artist: dave matthews band
Review: brilliant photos.I'ce seen Dave and comapny at least 20 times - each show is better than the previous one- and the first show was magical!

johnny, miami, fl 04/01/08
Review: les is the smartest artist ever!!!!

derryck, chciago 04/01/08
Review: I really like this site

??? 04/01/08
artist: Joan Jett
Review: She is one sexy mutha fucker.

Devin, Milwaukee WI 03/31/08
artist: Les Claypool
Review: That show was awesome. I saw Primus last year at the Rave too, but Claypool is even more amazing by himself.

marianne, chicago 03/31/08
Review: what a truly fantistical site! I really dig the photography here

leslie, chicago, il 03/31/08
artist: tim fite
Review: Review: I love what fite is doing with his art...a new style of music

jeremy taylor, portland, maine 03/31/08
artist: les claypool
Review: waht a badass mutherfucker...hail hail PRIMUS!!

??? omaha nabraska. 03/31/08
artist: star
Review: I love this band

javad, bojnourd 03/31/08
artist: enrique
Review: i love you

jake, uk 03/31/08
artist: limp bizkt
Review: l p is the god

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