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johnny, seattle, wash. 03/28/08
artist: cloud cult
Review: I appreciate your review, very inventive and creative. you obviously had a muse in this wondrful band

jennifer, las vegas 03/28/08
artist: sam endicott (the bravery)
Review: hey man thanks for the cool interview!!

Bob, Jamestown, N.y. 03/28/08
artist: limbeck
Review: Boot em off the stage,they stole a certain person's identity

Sofia, Beaconsfiled, Bucks 03/28/08
artist: My Chemical Romance
Review: WOW!
:) x

Mary Jenkins, Chicago 03/28/08
artist: photos
Review: you guys really have the dream job here! getting to see all of your favorite artists up close and personal. I mean the gods hav been kind to you all. I must say that the photography here is glorious

marianne liddle, chicago 03/27/08
Review: andy I always look for your work, it is so well written and thought out

uli, new york 03/27/08
artist: south by southwest
Review: what a complete cluter fuck of of marketing and self promotion

andrea, el cajon, california 03/27/08
artist: the bravery

Diddy, detroit 03/27/08
artist: iggy
Review: brilliant photos!

kevin mark, harrisburg 03/27/08
artist: KOL
Review: still got the moves - still got the heart

??? Milwaukee 03/26/08
artist: Bauhaus
Review: Tony - great album review. I will most definitely purchase this record now :)

kylie e., memphis, tn 03/26/08
artist: kenny chesney
Review: super sexy and beautiful to!!!!!

mark, ontario 03/26/08
artist: pink martini
Review: they have way out music man

David, fort laud fla 03/25/08
artist: rush
Review: Im a casual rush fan I love the new album and Far Cry has NOTHING to do what so ever with Sci fi. NOTHING. Listen to the song its about the condition of the world to day & how sometimes "I feel Im a head of the wheel, but the next its rolling over me. I can get back on I can get back on.... If your going to critique something at least have some knowledge about what your talking about.

Jeanette, Oregon 03/25/08
artist: Bright Eyes
Review: Well if Conor was as drunk as you says he was I'll bet he could still writ a better review of himnself than you

billie, nyc 03/25/08
artist: the dolls
Review: beautiful pictures man!

Chester, Milwaukee 03/25/08
artist: Pink Martini
Review: Most excellent review!!

vanessa fortier 03/25/08
artist: cone mccalin
Review: allo comment sa va? moi sa va tres bien

??? 03/24/08
artist: X
Review: That really was a woman in those pics?!? I thought it was an old guy in drag!

karen, seattle 03/24/08
Review: props on a great site here

Henrietta, Sydney NSW 03/24/08
artist: Kiss
Review: Kiss were fabulous! I have to disagree with the negative parts of Andy Argyrakis's story. Their voices and their bodies are still very much in shape. They are talented performers who did what they came to do (and have been doing it for 35 years) and that is entertain!

Heidi, Burlington 03/24/08
artist: chingy & luda
Review: I missed Chingy's concert SOOOOOOO unfortunatley but saw Luda a couple years ago in Milwaukee N was so sad not many more people supported him & his music. I LOVE Chingy & Luda & SOOO glad to see their back collaberating. They are in sync & belong together on the music level.

wesley 03/24/08
artist: gretchen wilson
Review: she's beautiful real nice pictures!

??? 03/24/08
Review: Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?

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Johnny, Boston 03/21/08
artist: The Pogues
Review: I've seen The Popes and they were great...Now The Pogues and they are art!

lasa, montreal 03/21/08
artist: delmark record story
Review: wow I never realized what great music came out of here. great review

nicky 03/21/08
Review: I love this site. beautiful photography

Owen Peck, New Berlin, WI 03/21/08
artist: Devandra Banhart
Review: This guy is my life and my soul

monica, canada 03/20/08
artist: pogues
Review: love the top hat shane!!

ian k., chicago 03/20/08
artist: sxsw
Review: andy, i love your writing style

stan, philly 03/20/08
artist: the pogues
Review: The Philly show was incredible. Thanks

michael, new york 03/19/08
artist: sxsw
Review: thanks for the grat coverage- I only wish I was there!

carol, ansonia, ct 03/19/08
artist: david cassidy
Review: i love david cassidy ive seen him twice and he is good and still handsome as ever

missy, cali 03/19/08
artist: jerad leto
Review: beautiful pictures of a talented artist!

marianne levy, nyc 03/18/08
artist: the pogues
Review: where thje hell would th dropkick murphys and the rest be without the pogues?

badend, Bandung indonesia 03/18/08
artist: The used
Review: Amaizing group

george h., minnesota 03/18/08
artist: cloud cult
Review: dig the photos , can I buy some??

stacey, osh kosh, wi 03/18/08
Review: great site!!! I come here alot

marky, milwaukee 03/18/08
artist: the pogues
Review:I love the Pogues..I'm so upset I missed their chiago show!!!

Debrah, Manchester, MI 03/17/08
artist: WeAre The Fury
Review: I'm in my mid 40s and have been enjoying a wide variety of music and concerts for decades now. It has been a long time since I have been excited about an up coming band; after listening to WAtFs Venus CD I started to think that might change. But I reserved opinion until seeing WAtF live - and now after seeing them live I have no reservations - they are great. Your line "We Are the Fury are a rare gem determined to bring back feel good, overly drugged and sexed up rock-n-roll to the masses." sums it up perfectly.
I have seen WAtF live twice and am anxiously counting the days until seeing them next (4/26). The definitely are bringing the excitment back.

Pam Roberson, Denver, CO 03/17/08
artist: Magic Sam
Review: I would like Delmark merchandise, t-shirts etc. is there any ?? Great website!!

Rachel, Madison, WI 03/17/08
artist: Joss Stone
Review: I was hooked after her first album- her voice is amazing! It was so refeshing to hear htat kind of style with someone so young that didn't follow the teen-pop trends. Her music is real, you can hear the soul of someone who feels life

james, chicago 03/17/08
artist: the pogues
Review: that is a sweet review!!

tj terry, st. george, utah 03/17/08
artist: axl rose
Review: axl is an untalented singer and the way he sings so totally sucks i saw him live on tv and he is just as worse live than on the album, axl rose sucks and i hope he fucking reads this and realizes that he is a faggot ass douche bag with stinky pussy fluids and nasty shit smell. Fuck you Axl!!!

John, Plymouth, IN 03/17/08
Review: I bought Hearts & Unicorns cuz several reviewz compared them to My Bloody Valentine, and I love pretty much all the cd even tho' only Cordial Invitation and Pretty Little Neighbor have a Valentine sound...I love Annie's unique voice, punky attitude and shredding guitarwork, and Micah's kick-ass drumming...I love all the songs and have turned friends on to Giant Drag...I just hope Annie has a better 2008, wow, she's really been thru some bad s*** must be tough right now with the industry totally falling apart...hope she gets back on her feet and releases some new music ASAP

maragaret 03/14/08
Review: I love this's a real music site unlike a lot of other crap pretending to be music sites!

billy p., boston, ma 03/14/08
artist: the pogues
Review: shane looks healthier than I've ever seen him. kudos on the great review. I also was moved by the great shane intervie

chicago pogue mahone 03/14/08
artist: pogues
Review: i liked your review - but i disagree with you i think last year's show was somewhat flawed and this year's was genuis!

uli, denmark 03/14/08
artist: sia
Review: she is a brilliant singer and artist

Peter McDonald, Minneapolis, MN 03/14/08
artist: Drive-By Truckers
Review: Yes, the modern face of dirty southern rock and roll!!

jennifer walker, lake geneva, wi 03/14/08
Review: phil, your site is one of the best out there!! the quality of the writing and photography here really is out of the orbit

Beverly, chicago 03/13/08
artist: Dee Alexander
Review: I just love her. Her voice brings joy to my ears with that sultry jazz that is spirtually and dynamic

ben L., Denver, CO 03/13/08
artist: Sia
Review: I'm so upset that I missed her show recently...I didn't really realize how good of a singer she is until I really started listening to her music.

nanci, chciago 03/13/08
artist: pogues
Review: after seeing their stunning show live it just saddens me that they are not making new music. I hope that will change in the very near future!

ghadeer, baghdad and very good 03/13/08
artist: enrique
Review: i love you enrique

chelsea, Milbridge, Maine 03/13/08
artist: Johnny cash
Review: Hi johnny i am sorry ur dead b/c my friend is going to be in a few moments, cause i am going 2 hurt her if she does not stop typing on my computer. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love:Molly .G.

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Lisa, Chicago 03/12/08
artist: New York Dolls
Review: I was at this dynamite show and couldn't agree more with your review!

mark, chicago, illinois 03/12/08
artist: the pogues
Review: you hit the nail on the head- this show was the first for me and what a special evening it was!!! shane was magic

Lewis Burleson, Mobile, Al. 03/12/08
artist: Price-Nelson-Haggard
Review: 3 of my favorite alltime artists, still love their music

jenni, nyc 03/12/08
artist: nelly furtado
Review: what happened to her I used to like her so much!! Now she sucks

Mark, Niagra Falls, NY 03/11/08
artist: Kula Shaker
Review: I couldn't have been happier with the results of their long awaited album. Great new direction

Stacey, las vegas, nv 03/11/08
artist: ny dolls
Review: not a huge dolls fan but did enjoy your article and photos.

darren, wisconsin 03/11/08
artist: sia
Review: matt, you got some beautiful photos man!

John Ells, Chicago 03/11/08
Review: I undertsand that this is primarilly a rock site but do enjoy your jazz reviews as well.

lisa k., chicago 03/10/08
artist: jared leto
Review: I think he might even be a more talented musician than he is an actor - if that's even possible.

peter, UK 03/10/08
artist: Sia
Review: thanks for the topnotch review. Sia is so special

rosa spellman, lake geneva wi 03/10/08
artist: yanni music
Review: can you coming to concert yanni in the mil waukee place one shance whit people all this world we need you snyanying thing we miss you em@il back to rosa address okay.

amy, england 03/10/08
artist: paolo nutini
Review: you are fit - I want your body NOW!!!!!!!

zack wilson, mi 03/10/08
artist: uncle kracker
Review: your the best artist ever expecily with "Drift away" its my FAVORITE SONG!

brianne, lake geneva 03/10/08
artist: sia
Review: she looks as gorgeous as her voice sounds!!!

nazi, iran 03/10/08
Review: I love you ricky martin!!!

Mark, Chicago 03/06/08
artist: Iggy Pop
Review: I wsih he would tour again!! Never seen the master

geniveve, london, uk 03/06/08
artist: SIA
Review: Your photots are amazing

jenny. milwaukee 03/06/08
artist: sia
Review: what a beautiful show!

eileen morris, new yoirk city 03/05/08
artist: the new york dolls
Review: brilliant review!

mayra, vista, california 03/05/08
artist: the used
Review: fucking insane!!!

michael, orlando, Florida 03/04/08
Review: thanx for the great site!!

jeanette, milwaukee 03/04/08
artist: ny dolls
Review: love the dolls!! beautiful photos!

tushad, india 03/04/08
artist: greenday
Review: I LOVE GREENDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paige riseley, mildura VIC 03/04/08
artist: lennon murphy
Review: she rocks!!!!i would love to know what albums she has so i can bey em all.

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carra, Uk scotland 03/03/08
artist: cascada
Review: Hi cascada u are a great singer can u send ur signature and pictures to my house i stay at 11 moor side street carluke scotland lanarkshire ml8 4ej.My msn adday is plzz send me ur adday hope i hear from u soon from carra

slim jim 03/03/08
artist: vans warped
Review: can I shoot for concert livewire. i'd do anything for that dream job!!!!!!!!!!!!

karrei l., st.louis 03/03/08
artist: new york dolls
Review: you obviously love the dolls. bravo to you for the great review and photos!

jeremy, miami, florida 03/03/08
artist: limbeck
Review: killer photos!!!

mintyfreash 03/03/08
artist: ny dolls
Review: the dolls RULE!

James, San Antono, Texas 03/03/08
artist: Marilyn Manson
Review: Marilyn Manson Rocks!!!!!
Can't wait till Ozzfest 2008!

susan, milwaukee, wi 02/29/08
Review: johansen still has it. i was i could have seen the original dolls lineup

johnny, chicago 02/29/08
artist: new york dolls
Review: the show was an absolute feast..totally agree with your writer

haley, lake geneva 02/29/08
artist: phil
Review: i wish you would review more concerts!! I so love your writing

martin, london, uk 02/29/08
artist: daniel johnston
Review: the man and the music are truly gorgeous!

Joe Mamma, Munster In 02/29/08
artist: the dolls
Review: back er down- sweet review..wish i could have made it and man the photos sang loud

eric, DALLIS TEXAS 02/28/08
artist: Galactic
Review: YOU ROCK

Wendy Osmek, Minneapolis 02/28/08
artist: James Blunt
Review: We drove from Minneapolis to see this show, and while the venue was disapointing I thought the show was entertaining.

Josh Brown, Shelby, Alabama 02/28/08
artist: James Blunt
Review: Dude you freakin own dont ever stop making music.

Max winstead, herndon Va 02/28/08
artist: Misfits
Review: The Misfits kick ass and will be legends forever. Great interview!

Kristen, Oceanside, California 02/28/08
artist: norah jones
Review: I Loveit So Much

shannon, nm Alburquerque 02/28/08
artist: dead kennedys
Review: Dead kennedys are so frickin' awesome!!

owen, new york 02/28/08
artist: wilco
Review: how fucking cool is WILCO!

Jonathan, Chicago, IL 02/27/08
artist: OneRepublic
Review: I Loved this concert- while i do think they're not U2 or Coldplay 'now' (and lets face it, Coldplay wasn't 'Coldplay' on "their" 1st tour), I think with they're songwriting abilities and the lead singers voice they could end up in arenas alongside the likes of coldplay, surpassing keane and snow patrol. The guys melodies get stuck in my head like crazy-they know how to write hit songs. I DO think they blow away the Fray- no comparison, I don't know how you could compare the two. I look forward to seeing them next time, most likely at the Aragon, the way things are going w/ them, hopefully ticket prices don't go up too high.

jennifer baker, milwaukee,wis 02/27/08
artist: daniel johnston
Review: I saw the movie now I wish I would have seen his show

spike, iowa 02/27/08
artist: joey (slipknot)
Review: man the interviewer seem like a mafggot just like usfucking baddass questions!!

jeremy, orlando, fl. 02/27/08
artist: vans warped
Review: man you guys covered alot of warped tours- fucking awesome photos!

mark levert, ontario 02/27/08
Review: Just saw the show this weekend.
This was a musical interpretation of Cash's work that in my view took out all the essential character that made Cash so popular.The grit and down to earth music is bloated into a hysterical sounding broadway production. There is no doubt that these performers are talented, however, when you want the real deal, Johnny Cash is absent.The fact was there was no applause for an encore and many had left the theater after painfully waiting for any of the main Johnny staple hits. Even the rendition of Ring of Fire was disappointing, I never could get my head around the version that has no horn section.
Bolstering the constantly changing choir section was a fiddle player who could have had his own show easily.You would have to look hard to find fiddle playing this good.The fiddle player however wore me down with his almost nonstop, constant gyrations that made me airsick while sitting down.Afterwards I just figured that I was so disappointed that I starting criticizing over anything.I never remembered Cash having a fiddle in all of his songs.
If you are not a true Cash freak like myself and enjoy a broadway type show with great talent you will like this.If you go to get that nostalgic Cash injection you 'll be pulling your hair out from its roots and be wondering what the heck.

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Steven Preston, Watertown, NY 02/26/08
artist: Slipknot
Review: I loved the interview. I can never get enough of Slipknot, especially when you (the interviewers) tap into the minds that create the amazing music which has collectively become my all-time favorite band: Slipknot!
Hail Slipknot!

kyle, chicago 02/26/08
artist: wilco
Review: waht aa amazing performance! It took my breath away!!!!

jezebel, reno, nevada 02/26/08
artist: velvet revolver
Review: amazing photos!!

artist: LILWAYNE
Review: what kind of music do you sing?

Marianne, Milwaukee 02/25/08
artist: Velvet revolver
Review: The boys are back in the saddle and riding high again

jonas, ny 02/25/08
artist: wilco
Review: you guys in chicago are so lucky to have had the opportunity to see this great residency

Erika, Mercedes TX 02/25/08
artist: Kill hannah
Review: (squeals') awesome!

Jordan Wollin, Wisconsin 02/25/08
artist: Velvet Revolver
Review: That was the best freakin concert ever!! Duff Slash Sorum and Kushner were electric!! it was worth standin for 2 hrs. while Weiland recovered from his drug haze.

lightning boldt 02/25/08
artist: wilco
Review: jeff tweedy and company are th best thig to ever come out of chicago!

John Muncie 02/22/08
artist: Eels
Review: These records are fabulous

margaret y., chicago 02/22/08
artist: wilco
Review: I missed this night but the photos look great!

martin, lake geneva 02/22/08
Review: your site just keeps on rocking!

meghan,las vegas 02/21/08
artist: photos
Review: I see you have many sweet photos on this site...can i get a job with you???

karen j., miami, florida 02/21/08
artist: dresdon dolls
Review: outstanding interview with brian. I totally thought it was intelligent

jeremy, milwaukee 02/21/08
artist: wilco
Review: some very nice pictures!

red kool-aid 02/21/08
artist: luda
Review: wwwoooowww thAtZ LiKee WooWWw!! i LoVVveEE UuuuUU LLuuUddAA

Xanath Lamberg, San Francisco 02/20/08
artist: Jared Leto

micahel, albany, new york 02/20/08
artist: axl rose
Review: you apparently are one of the axl haters aren't you?? he's an artist who is on the verge of creating a genuis album- you just wait and see asshole. youll be eating your spiteful words

jenni larsen, new york 02/20/08
artist: devandra banhart
Review: your review captures the gypsy soul of the artist, thanx

vicki, milwaukee 02/19/08
Review: I truly love this site!!

Amanda Miller, Irvington, AL 02/19/08
artist: Beach Boys Bruce Johnston
Review: I Just Heard Beach Boys On my TV Today Please I am very Proud Bruce Johnston Because I am Happy?
Love Ya Amanda M.

britney, cali 02/19/08
artist: radiohead
Review: they are the most influential artists of the last 20 years!!!!!!

katja, latvija 02/19/08
artist: Jonathan Davis -Korn
Review: korn the best - nice interview!

Jonas, London 02/18/08
artist: Daniel Johnston
Review: Very well written mate. Thanks for the inspiration and not forgetting to do your homework.

peterbaby 02/18/08
Review: where's the rap on this site you biased mental migets

Jeremy, Wake Forest, IL 02/18/08
artist: Delmark Records
Review: Thanks for such a great piece on a great Chicago institution!

monica l., nyc 02/18/08
artist: daniel johnston
Review: o what his words do to me. i wish I could hold him, nuture him and make his mind whole again

stacey, milwaukee 02/18/08
Review: enjoy your site...I make it a point o come here at least a few times a week

erick, Mexico 02/18/08
artist: Interpol
Review: Interpol are the gawds and future of rock

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