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paula, buenos aires, argentina 02/14/08
artist: jerad leto
Review: se ve un papucho

janet, lake geneva 02/14/08
Review: happy valentintes concert livewire.xxxooo

jocelyn ,a rizona mesa 02/14/08
artist: neyo
Review: i love neyo

Justin Scrogham, Kansas City, Missouri 02/13/08
artist: Brutal Legend
Review: jonathan davis is so beast, he's one of my idols and he's the reason i started writing music.

Sneaker, Atlanta, GA 02/13/08
artist: Xzibit
Review: The rapper Xzibit is a fine artist. His music is not given enough airtime or credit. Many of his songs are now available in edited versions to provide softer tones.
Recently I had the opportunity to listen to the CD "Weapons of Mass Distruction". It was awesome and I suspect if was music that was written ahead of it's time. The CD was truly enlightening for me as I am sure it would be for many others if they were provided the opportunity to listen to it.
American needs to wake up, and this CD is truly an eye opening experience.
I would like to hear more from this artist. Please play more of his music. "Concentrate" is a song on his most recent album "Full Circle". It is a motivational piece that is also meant to be fun.
I am looking forward to his next CD.
Thanks for listening.

jason miller, milwaukee 02/13/08
artist: daniel johnston
Review: daniel johnston is pure genuis.I feel that he's been adulated by so many grat artists for a reason. he's an artist's artist and I totally enjoyed your review!

nabilla, malaysia-shah alam 02/13/08
artist: muse
Review: he's cute.tahat is my first respond,second-he's totally cool.well i hope muse could come to malaysia soon.all muse fans want to see them live in stadium negara!!!

mark, new orleans 02/13/08
Review: ray charles was a veary good guy.

kristina 02/13/08
artist: jared leto
Review: hello jared!!!! i love you it`s a beautiful kiss kiss kiss kisss kisss love love love

janice e., chicago 02/12/08
artist: hugh masekela
Review: what a wonderful review...I've always wanted to see this talented man in concert!

Amanda Miller, Irvington, AL 02/12/08
artist: Beach Boys Bruce Johnston
Review: I am very so proud Bruce I heard He Singing Do IT Again On my TV I'm your Girlfriend Still Bruce you got your New Bedroom and walk In Cleast Too?
love You

Gonzalo, Argentina- Avellaneda (Santa fe) MO 02/12/08
artist: KoRn
Review: Hello!!!childrens. KoRn rules my life!

Sneaker, Winston Salem, NC MO 02/12/08
artist: Xzibit
Review: Recently I had the opportunity to listen to the CD Weapons of Mass Destruction. I think if people were given the opportunity to listen to today, their eyes would be opened. Xzibit's muusic and rhymes - True Enlightenment.

Becca, troy MO 02/12/08
artist: Sarah Barellies
Review: Sara rocks out loud Hey Madison u Rock this Is becca HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!

lucas, sverge 02/12/08
artist: snopp dogg
Review: helloi like your pictures.

James, Queens, NY 02/11/08
artist: Sheryl Crow
Review: Forty-six years old, cancer survivor, no sex tape, hasn't done time or been convicted of a crime. Her mistake on her first song of the night indirectly lets you know that you are part of something special, the show you've come to see is being performed by quite possibly the last great woman of rock and roll.

"You know there is no lip syncing here when I am messing up my own lyrics," Sheryl Crow jokingly comments after blowing a lyric on her first song of the night. She fades back into what will be an otherwise flawless, inspiring, bittersweet performance.

Crow's refreshing concert forces a comparison to the bitter music world of today being inherited by studio phenoms Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Ashlee Simpson. Simpson who became infamous for a lip sync mishap on Saturday Night Live, is a stark contrast to Ms. Crow who is giving audiences something real to talk about. Something that has not been manufactured by studio wizards and synthesizers. Something devoid of all the smoke and mirrors that accompany today's "dancers" posing as musicians. You realize you are watching one of the greats, and fear that though Joplin came before her, the performers that come after her will be as synthetic as Pamela Anderson's chest.

One of her new songs, "Gasoline," embodies her new call to arms for fellow musicians. "I'm really encouraging artists to write about what's going on, because we seem to be very distracted by some lightweight topics," she said. "I think it's time to start writing about the reality of what's around us." The song fades into the final lines of the Rolling Stones' "Gimmee Shelter"--"war, children, it's just a shot away" a tribute to one of the greatest rock bands we have known. Crow doesn?t dwell, she doesn't preach, she simply rocks. She owns the stage in a very singular manner. A singer songwriter, you might imagine her as at a lost without a guitar as Santa without a sleigh. But Ms. Crow with or without the guitar seems to dance and groove all night. It's a rhythm, a soul, an attitude. She is feeling the music and wants you to feel it too. In her hips, in her shoulders, they way she cocks her head, shoots a stare or gestures a hand. She can move, she can groove, you can only imagine she would have been a force to stand toe-to-toe with had her vocation been basketball. (She actually was a track phenom in high school at hurdles.)

She closes the performance with a song that puts it plain: "All I wanna do is have some fun," remarking as she finishes, "I really do just want to have some fun, no matter how messed up life gets." Her very public break-up with Lance Armstrong peaks its head up as she concludes "You're My Favorite Mistake" with, "and that list keeps on getting longer." "Buy my CD, steal my CD, just listen to it, I really don't care," Crow quips. It is not about the money for Crow, she has a message in her music and wants you to listen to it. One of the few acts not selling sex, Crow is selling the raw honest-to-goodness rock and roll that few possess and fewer are promoting.

Crow is one of the most underrated, under-followed rock acts out there "it should make tickets modest to come by, so go out there and get them, you won't be sorry," I would have been sorry only if I missed it.

Brian Walker, Chicago 02/11/08
artist: The Horrors
Review: Faris Rotter is a nouveau twit...but hey I'm gay so he might not like me much either

jconnie, canada 02/11/08
artist: sum 41
Review: dig the interview

james, london, uk 02/11/08
artist: editors
Review: i love this band, I put them my pedastal with Muse and radiohead!

Laura, Milwaukee 02/11/08
artist: Velvet revolver
Review: Phil I love your review and your photos totally rock!!!

mario, las vegas 02/11/08
artist: iggy pop
Review: the first lord of punk!

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memphis bill 02/08/08
Review: thanks for this great site!

artist: WAYNE

Ashley, Farmington 02/08/08
artist: Jared leto
Review: I love jared, He just seems like one of those guys that you want to hang out with all the time. I mean he is really cute but he is probabaly a good guy all around lol I LOVE JARED!

minne mouse 02/08/08
artist: the editors
Review: beautiful pictures matt

taylor, nyc 02/07/08
artist: editors
Review: the editors music is full of life and passion

monica b. milwaukee 02/07/08
artist: moe.
Review: moes music just keeps getting better and better!

jimmy, new berlin 02/07/08
artist: velvet revolver
Review: great review! velvet revolver certainly know how the fuck to rock n roll!!

paulie, chicago 02/06/08
artist: editors
Review: i like your review...wish i could have made it to the milwaukee show as well. saw them in Chicago and was taken for a special trip

janet, memphis 02/06/08
artist: johnny cash
Review: i miss his music so much now that he's been gone for awhile. I don't believe there will ever be anyone as deep as "the man in black"

boby y., milwaukee 02/06/08
artist: velvet revolver
Review: thanks for the great pix man!

lecler, francze 02/05/08
artist: nick cave
Review: cest toujours magnifique que dire de plus dpuis 1984 que je connais ce grand monsieur

MAIA, Hasenkamp - Argentina 02/05/08
artist: HANSON

jessie wilson, thetford, norfolk, england 02/05/08
artist: jared leto
Review: i love jared leto he is a very talented singer n actor and he is very i think i am his and his bands gr8est FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JARED U FUCKIN ROCK!CAN I HAVE UR AUTOGRAPH PLZ IF U SEE THIS! EMAIL ME ] N ILL GIVE U MY ADDRESS TO SEND IT 2 BUT I WILL ONLY GIVE IT 2 U IF U CAN TELL ME SUMMIN ABOUT U THAT ONLY U WILL KNOW!!!!

Anne, Finland 02/05/08
artist: Hanson
Review: I love it.

Mary, Grand Rapids, Michigan 02/05/08
artist: The Elders
Review: These guys are amazing! It's tough to put into words but the music they write and perform is special. And their live shows are not to be missed. Go and see them as soon as you can, you won't be sorry.

Letty, chandler, az 02/05/08
artist: hanson
Review: These guys are great musicians. I would definitely like to see them perform in arizona!

Dariene Siqueira Amaral, Rio de Janeiro 02/05/08
Review: What a beautiful photo site here

Ruth Moore, Newfield, NJ 02/04/08
artist: The Musical Box
Review: This looks great! I'm an old Genesis fan and have seen both shows - Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Selling England by the Pound by the Musical Box. It was great - talk about going back in time! I was too young at the time of the real concerts but enjoyed the music in the 2nd half of the 70's. Phil Collins was the end of Genesis for me.

Laura K., Crystal Lake,IL 02/04/08
artist: The Dresden Dolls
Review: Review: What a refreshing interview. It truly was two very intelligent and creative people having a very iteresting conversation.

buffy luv, reno, nevada 02/04/08
Review: Review: this site is has beautiful rock stars that I would love to sleep with!

Michael, Milwaukee 02/04/08
artist: White Rabbits
Review: They were so much bettet than the Walkmen. Great photogaphy here!!

BRAD, FT.WORTH TX. 02/04/08
artist: HB EDWARDS

Olivecrab, Parsons KS 02/04/08
artist: White Rabbits
Review: Love Em!!

Kurt, Chicago, IL 02/04/08
artist: The Go-Go's
Review: I thought the show was great! A live concert is bound to have a hitch or two, that's why it's LIVE and not produced. The ladies looked great, Belinda was in fact pretty HOT! in a clingy black skirt & top. A great line-up of songs, loaded with favorites. "Mad About You" was nicely done. Here it is Friday and I'm still humming the songs in my head!!! I wouyld have gone back the next night.....Keep Touring Ladies!

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