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Jasmine, Istanbul 02/01/08
artist: Axl Rose
Review: He released two masterpieces ,use your illussion 1 and 2 ,after him what the other rock singers have done so far ,have any members of gnr or any rock singer reached the point where axl has reached tHe can be manic depressive ,insane ,homophobic or whatever,however he is genius ,he has a world view about the life ,he is not a stupid person ,otherwise how can he affect so many people ?why are we talking about him ,cause he is valuable to do this ...,you can say goddamn things about his personal life ,but he is an artist and we should concentrate on his arts ,and his works about the art is enough to make all these people shut up

michelle, marshfield wisconsin 02/01/08
Review: I think that concert was AMAZING i got rite in front got the singers pop can he threw and drank the rest and slashs geeeetar pic AMAZING I LOVE SLASH AND DUFF!

Phat Mike Trainer, Linwood, Nebraska 02/01/08
artist: SUM41
Review: I think SUM41 is the greatest Punk Rock band. Anything else is either Rock or Crap.

jenni, nyc 02/01/08
artist: linkin park
Review: best photos anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Scott, Milwaukee, WI 02/01/08
artist: My Chemical Romance
Review: I think that My Chemical Romace should come back to milwaukee. That was the last time that they came here. So, they should come again.

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mortiz, milwaukee, WI 01/31/08
artist: walkmen
Review: In regards to the walkmen show on 1/18 - it was a good, not great performance and i hate to say this because they may be one of the more exciting bands out right now...i felt like they couldn't WAIT to leave for the night - (the weather was brutal, or maybe somebody was sick but come on it's not like they were headed to LA - they were going to MADISON) i felt like they could've put together a much better set given their live show - I'm bummed i missed the White Rabbits!

margaret, milwaukee 01/31/08
artist: velvet revolver
Review: man, scott weiland looks hotter than hell!!

Tracy Martin, Seymour, TN 01/31/08
artist: Hanson
Review: This is the best Hanson CD ever. I have an autographed copy and I'm so lucky. I love Hanson, past and present!

sara, milwaukee 01/31/08
Review: phil, nice meeting you last week.! I must say your photos are bold and beautiful!

jeremy, miami, florida 01/31/08
artist: velvet revolver
Review: you captured the spirit of VRs music in your words. fucking badass rock n' roll

Andrea, Milwaukee 01/30/08
artist: Velvet Revolver
Review: "One of the foundations of GNR's music was the disorder and chaos that was so effortlessly blended in every song." -That describes them to a tee! Good review.

jeanette e., minnesota 01/30/08
artist: cloud cult
Review: they are truly my gods!!!!!!

james, milwaukee 01/30/08
artist: velvet revolver
Review: beautiful pictures man!!

Kevin, New York 01/30/08
Review: Hi all !!! veru nice velvet revolver review!

tommie, nebraska city, ne 01/29/08
artist: faster pussycat
Review: you need to go back to the faster ussycat that rocked in 1987

Daniela Lisette Casadio, Buenos Aires, Argentina 01/29/08
artist: Jared Leto
Review: I think that Jared Leto is an amazing person in all the forms that a person can say. I love him and all the things he do. I think that his music is incredible. I love his films. He is really a good actor and I love when he becomes crazy ahahaha

Marianne Doyle, Edwardsville, IL 01/29/08
artist: White Rabbits
Review: AWESOME!!!!!!

Carlene, Ridgeway, On. canada 01/29/08
artist: Mudvayne
Review: I have no problems with the make up or not, But the music I love and I don't think it is stale or mediocre.
Thank you with love

Roy, Ft. Myers, Fl 01/29/08
artist: Hanson
Review: Looks like you have a good future. Keep working.

marty b., milwaukee 01/28/08
Review: this is a kickass major music site. I love it!!! have to get my fix here almost everday!

Deon, Londonderry, NH 01/28/08
artist: Hanson
Review: I have been a fan of Hanson's since I was 11 years old, I feel like their sound is timeless, I think if they are still making records when they are fourty then I will still be buying it when I'm fourty.

Lorraine, Crawley, England 01/28/08
Review: omg the pics of mcr are great i love mcr and soo do all my m8s they are the best band ever and always will be. MCR ROCK especially the band members ever since i read there book and heard their cds they mean soo much

??? 01/28/08
Review: 30 seconds are the best of the world.. Head automatica not is a true an a goodd rock!

jenni, new york 01/28/08
artist: mcr
Review: fucking fine photos here. brilliant!

brian, hale, MI 01/28/08
artist: uncle kracker
Review: how old are you Uncle Kracker?

Carliss Carter, Camden SC 01/25/08
artist: Ray, Willie, Merle
Review: I think they are the greatest!!! They have just gotten better! God bless them.

marlin, houston, texas 01/25/08
artist: shane macgowan
Review: what a brilliant interview. shane's poetry and intelligence is boundless.

susan, milwaukee 01/25/08
artist: hanson
Review: hanson's music is evolving so fast for the better. I listen to them everyday! thanx for the great article

Amanda, ralston nebraska 01/25/08
artist: flyleaf
Review: She's such a inspartion to me and i think shes beautiful

james kempton, glasgow, scotland 01/25/08
artist: the horrors
Review: they're a bunch of buggerby punk rip offs. cut yer hair mates

??? 01/24/08
Review: I believe the individual who "attempted" to write this "multum in parvo" (much in little), (Janes and summary), the author is in dire need of realization; a cornerstone of experience and art. As a writer's critic critic, those who long to be such should abstain. By precluding (the author of this "article"), we anticipate the joy, the awesome entertainment, freedom, and true art. NOT art as you see it, portray it, want, wish, or hope it to be, but art in it's purest form - how it is; which logically is not subject to be put in a "box", for the obvious reasons.

harris r., seattle, wash 01/24/08
Review: got some good shit on this site!

mark, chicago 01/24/08
artist: kill hannah
Review: damn fine interview! I checked out the concert review and was impressed as well

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brianne, texas 01/23/08
artist: hanson
Review: what a beautiful story!

Anya, Kiev 01/23/08
artist: Jared Leto
Review: Jared Leto - is the most beautiful rock star!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Miller, Irvington, AL 01/23/08
artist: Beach Boys Bruce Johnston
Review: I am very sorry you and Guys lost your Friend Been The Fan Beach Boys Eight years I have Beach Boys Song I Really Miss {Bruce Johnston}? Amanda

Lauren Zimmer, Granite City, IL 01/23/08
artist: Weird Al Yankovic
Review: Al is amazing!! I saw him in concert and even met him backstage and he was very, very nice!

mark, milwaukee 01/23/08
Review: Hello! Great Site! Thank you!

Laura Liebenow, Greenfield, MASS 01/22/08
artist: Hanson
Review: I think Hanson has continued to grow and mature as people and as artists! It is a shame they aren't getting as much recognition as they should. Not only is their music inspiring, but they are inspiring. I am forever proud to be a fan!

Jorge Santiafo, Mty 01/22/08
artist: Hanson
Review: It's a great album, the rithmicity and the cords all compunt together to form a get musical achivement, It's a life achivement and a well known hard work peace of art Best of lucks

heather, houston texas 01/22/08
artist: michael w smith
Review: i like michael w smith star of walk of fame he deserves it with 21 albums 1 awesome movie 1 concert dvd its awesome and alot of other stuff, i think he is the greatest christian singer ever he is my very favorite i also love all his music and videos and christmas cds there great heather smittys number one fan from houston and kansas.

Kaitlyn, Kiel, WI 01/22/08
artist: Hanson
Review: Hanson is the best band EVER. They care and interact with their fans so much, unlike a lot of very popular artists. I don't go a day without listening to their music!

Hilary Doenges, Holland, Michigan 01/22/08
artist: Hanson
Review: Amazing! Ike, Tay, and Zac never fail to surprise me with their new ideas and their passion for the music they create! I ALWAYS LOVE watching the guys perform.

Ashley Winkel, Edmonton AB, Canada 01/22/08
artist: Hanson
Review: This is a rave for sure, I've kept up with this band in the in between years from "Middle of Nowhere" to "the Walk" and the level of growth and mature talent blows me away. Hanson clearly has a sound unlike anyone else, and they are a creative and unique voice in the music industry that stays true to it's roots. Their vocal harmonizies are amazing and instrumentation on both their studio and acoustic albums is so tight. Don't get me started on their live performances which are a must see for fans and skeptics alike. Hanson may just be the best true Rock and Roll group still going today.

amanda GENDRON, Newington, CT 01/22/08
artist: Hanson
Review: For nearly eleven years Hanson has continually released incredibly awesome music. Hanson's soulful tunes are a much needed remedy for those who are frustrated by the state of contemporary pop music. I am always impressed by the quality of Hanson's music. I will forever be a fan.

Brooke, New York, NY 01/22/08
artist: Hanson
Review: I am very impressed with the Walk acoustic premiere. It is a great album with such variety. This is a band that consistently produces quality music and songs and the fans are never disappointed.

jimmy, chicago IL 01/22/08
Review: love all the great concert photos here!!!

monica george, leae city, tx 01/22/08
artist: Hanson
Review: Review: dear hanson, i always love every song you ever wrote . someday i would like to meet you and sing with you one day. someday when we meet, we could work together, on some music, for every sone that you wrote i was proud of you. please come back to houston tx

bloodboy 01/21/08
artist: marilyn manson
Review: you are an idiot!!!!! how dare you say manson is a has been. go to hell then maybe he'll kick your ass when it's his turn!

katie, oklahoma 01/21/08
artist: tim mcgraw
Review: what a gorgeous man!

Ian, Manchester, UK 01/21/08
artist: Hanson
Review: MMMM who the hell is Hanson? bop bop

karen, chicago 01/21/08
artist: dresden dolls
Review: waht a cool interview

michael w., minneapolis 01/21/08
Review: beautifiul site man!!!

Heather, houston, texas 01/18/08
jamie 01/18/08
Review: beautifiul site man

Heather, houston, texas 01/18/08
artist: michael w smith
Review: i like michael w smith star of walk of fame he deserves it with 21 albums 1 awesome movie 1 concert dvd its awesome and alot of other stuff, i think he is the greatest christian singer ever he is my very favorite i also love all his music and videos and christmas cds there great heather smittys number one fan from houston and kansas

Mike, Lincoln, Nebraska 01/18/08
artist: Marilyn Manson

Terri Misitano, Chicago IL 01/17/08
artist: Greg Brown
Review: This is funny: Although I had not before seen Greg Brown in concert, I knew I would leave feeling that familiar uplifting of spirit which Greg Brown and his art elicits. I arrived in Milwaukee with time to stroll through the city, Calatrava's Museum being first on the list. I meandered back streets and happened upon The Ynot Bar. Compelled by "A Place In The Country," in I went and I left with intentions of sharing the concert with a young local man. He was crazy about Bo, as am I. Bo quietly slipped into his chair unannounced, and so (this is the funny part) one might somehow understand why I thought he was Greg, or at least forgive me my stupor. Although slighter than I imagined Greg to be, I went with it while I waited, without recognizing one song. With his left pant-leg teetering on the tip of his boot, ever-so-endearingly, (Nice boots, Bo!) I enjoyed as I realigned my image of Greg to that which I was witnessing; and I listened. Then along lumbered Greg. ! GB is so "All-MAN": He's got the trajectory of an echo, the clarity of cobalt on a northern day, plants himself like a tree, and swings on the humility of everybody's best friend. The guy has such undeniable, pure presence. The house was up to its ceiling in feet. No one will take the beeper outta Greg Brown; not only is this guy alive and kick'n; he enlightens life itself. Thank you Greg and Bo, for an unforgettable experience. Terri

artist: FALL OUT BOY

autumn sexton 01/17/08
artist: avenged sevenfold

Carey Padron, Urbandale, Iowa 01/17/08
artist: Fan-The Other Half
Review: I'm just trying to get my hands on a t-shirt: The Other Half/Anthony*Hagar,X-Large. They went so fast. I did'nt see my size, on-line. I hope they come back with them.

kyle r., orlando 01/16/08
artist: radiohead
Review: you press people keep jacking off to radiohead. can they do no wrong??

s.davis, wichita, ks 01/16/08
artist: cloud cult
Review: This is an awesome article. thanks for also sharing such nice photos.

jason, chicago 01/16/08
artist: perry farrell
Review: darn fine interview.I appreciate it so much!

Jake Witmer, Chicago, IL/ Anchorage, AK 01/16/08
Review: Hey, I love your interview of Sen and Bobo. I drive around in my car with the first Hill album on the passenger seat, so I can blast the first song on it when I drive by someone who's getting pulled over and fucked with by the pigs. :D I'd love to talk to Sen, Bobo, and B about politics sometime. To let them know I'm the real, they should check these sites out:

erick lopes, mexico df 01/16/08
artist: radiohead photo
Review: the one with the halo over tho, yorke's head is probably one of the best photos ever taken!!!

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mark, nyc 01/15/08
artist: the bosch
Review: well done interview. but you haveto experience in them live setting

sylvia, philadelpahia pa 01/15/08
artist: whispers ojays
Review: I thought it was some excellent old school information and a few good pictures.

James, Milwaukee, WI 01/15/08
artist: Chicago Afrobeat
Review: Hell yeah. Quite a show...

Rasmussen, Dallas, Texas 01/15/08
artist: Top 10 Concerts
Review: Where's all the bands from Coachella??

Jeff, Milwaukee, WI 01/14/08
artist: Sigur Ros
Review: First, thanks for posting this. Next, I hope Sigur Ros comes back to Milwaukee. I'd love to see them live.

cassie sullivan, fredericksburg, va 01/14/08
artist: hellogoodbye
Review: i think hellogoodbye is the best band the in world!!! u know what i like best about hellogoodbye....FORREST KLINE!!!! Hes so fricking hot!!!!

magie, milwaukee, wi 01/14/08
Review: I go to this site often. grreat stuff here!!!

Sheilah, NEW ORLEANS, LA 01/14/08
Review: I had the pleasure of being in Merrillville at The Star Theater in 2006.I flew in from New Orleans, and attended both concerts over the two night period ( i will follow "THE WHISPERS" anywhere). The shows were indeed bittersweet, albeit fanrtastic nevertheless!! Once i stopped sheeding tears,when Johnny and especially The O'Jays came onstage and begin to sing, i truly realized what a tremendous and talented group of artists were assembled for our pleasure.Now don't get me wrong, because NO ONE can sing "Gerald like Gerald"!!! That's probably why Eddie (GERALD) received a standing ovation that lasted for at least five minutes.

Travis Lawrence, Montesano, W.A 01/14/08
artist: weird al
Review: Hi my name is Travis Lawrence from Montesano,WA. I was wondering when your next concert in Washington?

jazmin, south gate ca 01/14/08
artist: avenged sevenfold
Review: amazing photos!

connie lee 01/11/08
Review: i loved your cloud cult review.the band is so creative and i think your words setup up it's own pretty canvas.

karen, sydney, australia 01/11/08
artist: nick cave
Review: I see all the love in your reviews. thanks for the great writing!

bill davis, new york 01/11/08
artist: the bosch
Review: the bosch are exciting me in new ways that few bands do today

Bagger Vance, Texas 01/11/08
Review: It is all Great! I love this site!!!

nette kahn, new mexico 01/11/08
artist: slipknot
Review: I think that slipknot is the shit! They fucken rock! They are the baet most awesome band in the whole world,even if they'er not so great to other people, they're still the love of my life! I LOVE SLIPKNOT TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margarita G., Guayaquil, Ecuador 01/10/08
artist: The Bosch
Review: Blooklyn cars is an awesome music video very cool and entertaining. cheers for the band

evelyn, montreal 01/10/08
artist: interviews
Review: congrats on all of the great interviews here- Cash, Black Crowes, James Brown, Ludacris!!

mike, nj 01/10/08
artist: joey jordison
Review: did you practice your ass off on drums to be where you are right now?

Tony McKay, Dallas Texas 01/10/08
artist: Martina Mcbride
Review: Martina has given some of us exactly what we look for in music. Honest lyrics, powerful voice, and damn beautiful woman. Her concert in Dallas last summer was the best My wife and I have ever experienced. We appreciate a concert where anyone can attend, and the music is not insulting or vulgar. Martina is TIMELESS!

Jason, Georgia 01/10/08
artist: Carrie Underwood Review: Gorgeous photos!

James, Buffalo, NY 01/10/08
artist: Ring of Fire
Review: Sounds interesting and all- but I'm Surprised Cash authorized this.

the sanil, chicago 01/09/08
artist: the bosch
Review: I think the bosch is really cool!

MonTy Smith, Manchester, UK 01/09/08
artist: Dresden Dolls
Review: Thanks for the quality piece. The Dolls are taking music into a whole different realm.

German born Babe, NYC 01/09/08
artist: Lotus
Review: beautiful and bizarre photos

matt, minneapolis 01/09/08
artist: top 10 albums
Review: you picked some great music but forgot britney spears...just kiddin ; )

julio 01/09/08
Review: ella no es de verdad es una creacion perfecta de dios

Ray, Milwaukee 01/08/08
artist: Will Phalen
Review: At your suggestion, I went see Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts at a club, Shank Hall, on Milwaukee's East Side ($7). They were awesome! Played mostly originals which were really cool, and did a cover of NY's "Cortez the Killer" which was amazing! Everybody in this band can PLAY!. Phalen's voice is really unique and his lyrics make you think. I would like to know more about them... Interview?

Jennifer Tate, Milwaukee, WI 01/08/08
Review: I liked design On this site it is possible to find the we designer?

Rodney parker 01/08/08
artist: Sugarland
Review: play more- please

james, new york 01/08/08
artist: dresden dolls
Review: intelligent interview!

brazen woman, milwaukee 01/07/08
artist: dolls
Review: why didn't you interview both of thwm? it would have made for a much better interview

shelly, beloit, wis 01/07/08
artist: andrew bird
Review: when is this talented artist coming back to madison?

mark, chicago 01/07/08
artist: top 10 concerts
Review: good list here, but what about pitchfork??

john, nyc 01/07/08
artist: dresden dolls
Review: great interview, love to hear the words of an openminded artist

chris gibson, falmoth, kentucky 01/07/08
artist: Carrie Underwood
Review: WOW!!! shes hott

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