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buford, austin, texas 01/03/08
artist: johnny cash
Review: what a wonderful interview!

jennifer walker, chicago 01/03/08
Review: Great Site! Great photos! Great writing!

johnnie, chicago 01/03/08
artist: the wailers
Review: i miss marley so so much!!! nice review

misty, nyc 01/03/08
artist: dresden dolls interview
Review: love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kyle, boston 01/02/08
artist: the dolls
Review: the interview as an all-time great!! such an intelligent cnversation.

margot y., montreal, canada 01/02/08
artist: radiohead
Review: your photos are brilliant!

demon, bandung-indonesia 01/02/08
Review: angel and airwaves ,,,, hell yeah,, give me more noise ..

stacey, texas 01/02/08
Review: Your Site - Is Awesome! Thanks!

Micahel, Chicago 01/02/08
Review: The Dresden Dolls really are true artists and they know how to challenge conformity. bravo

stacey, chicago 01/01/08
artist: top 10
Review: all of lallaopalooza was the best. not just the acts you named here

collin, alabama, holtville 01/01/08
artist: The horrors
Review: Are you guys gothic?

marianne miller, indy 01/01/08
artist: paolo nutini
Review: real nice review. makes me want to see him live even more!!

kianoosh, Budapest 12/30/07
artist: Yanni
Review: The Best in piano !!! the best in orchestra

Jerry, Walworth, WI 12/30/07
Review: 2007 Top Ten. Number 10 should have been the cancelled Cure concert in Oct...anyway it will make 2008's list that much'll just have to list 2-10.

brittany box, springfield, illinois 12/30/07
artist: ray j
Review: I think that Ray J is so hot and a really good singer and actor

ruby collins, brooklyn 12/30/07
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is amazing ...she's beautiful and extremely talented therefore it doesnt matter what other people think she still will be the talented beautiful ms jewel...
she's inspired my music see

monica, elgin, il 12/30/07
artist: top 10 concerts - should have been rage at #1
Review: I was at the rage show at alpine. it was fucking unbeilable!!! how could you omit that one???

Daniel Womack, Paris, Tx. 12/30/07
artist: Flyleaf
Review: You need to come closer to my home town were i can see y'll play. Yall are awesome.

mason, chicago,IL 12/29/07
artist: top 10
Review: the best concert of the year was the brilliance of Yoko at pitchfork fest!!!!!

john meehan, centerport, ny 12/29/07
artist: richard street
Review: the review was so well written...thanks for the memories

jilly h., philly 12/29/07
artist: dr john
Review: the man never sleeps!! I love him to death!!

samantha, boston 12/29/07
artist: iggy pop
Review: the greatest ever...iggy may you bear my children

janni, texas 12/28/07
artist: top 10 concerts
Review: you guys like alot of gay music. where's sean paul or beyonce??? huh huh

michaeil, boulder, colorado 12/28/07
Review: the photography on this site is absolutely superb!

misty mathias, col, oh. 12/28/07
artist: rascal flatts
Review: rascal flatts is so good what they do so that what I say about them

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Ashley 12/27/07
Review: judas priest are super!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael, vermont 12/27/07
Review: hey man like this site!

charlito, lafayette, indiana 12/27/07
artist: axl rose
Review: i really fucking hate your writings! BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBITCH

Anthony Schartner, Milton, FLorida 12/27/07
artist: SLIPKNOT
Review: This was a good interview.When I first heard Slipknot's music,I became addicted to it.And I still am addicted to their music. The music is awesome,and Slipknot is a kickass,cool,awesome,band. Slipknot needs to keep their music up because it is awesome. And I also think that the music videos are awesome too.

Uli, Buffalo, NY 12/24/07
artist: The Beatles Love
Review: Great reporting.I would have given my left nut to see The Beatles (yes and Yoko too) in person!!!!!!

Audrey, Mississauga ON 12/24/07
artist: Joey Jordison
Review: Man i absolutly love slipknot. i play the guitar well sort of but i love the drums in the group. when i first heard slipknot i couldnt stop listening to it, man you guys are the greatest.

phillip, chicago 12/24/07
artist: akron/family
Review: akron/family moves me in places no other band or atist can touch

quentin, miami, florida 12/24/07
artist: marilyn manson
Review: you're an idiot, manson still has the ability to shock with intelligence!

Jake, Carbondale,IL 12/24/07
artist: VH1
Review: I was watching VH1's 100 greatest songs of the '98s, pretty cool actually and everyone can guess #1- right..."Smells Like Teen Sprirt" but "Baby Got Back" at #7 - come on

mike, la, cali 12/23/07
Review: mark my word the best album of 2007 is britneys!! deal with it suckas

wilson, niagra falls, ny 12/23/07
artist: radiohead
Review: most excellent review of a most excellent album

??? 12/23/07
Review: we dig this site a little too much

larry, chicago 12/23/07
artist: mason jennings
Review: the man is a true genuis

marky, milwaukee, wisc. 12/22/07
artist: aimmee mann
Review: great review, she needed to stick with the music

Jamie owens, new york 12/22/07
artist: Cloud Cult Review: The band needs some new artists splashing paint around.

Brittany Allen, Vincennes, Indiana 12/22/07
artist: Good Charlotte

tyler, chicago 12/21/07
Review: brillainf cloud cult review. love your way with words!

Lawrence d., seattle 12/21/07
Review: got some kickass photography here chums

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larry 12/20/07
Review: love this site!!

Mark, Milwaukee 12/20/07
artist: John Waters
Review:I had a great time at the show. John Water is the toilet bowl of art - I love him. Well done on the review.

jackie, chicago 12/20/07
artist: the 1900s
Review: I think that you were a little hard on the 1900s and little forgiving with cloud cult

justin lee, montreal 12/20/07
artist: radiohead
Review: in rainbows ids the finest radiohead album to date!!!!

katy, chicago 12/20/07
artist: tilly and the wall
Review: such pretty pictures!

markie, philly 12/18/07
artist: cloud cult
Review: you nailed the essence of the band - well done!

james, london,UK 12/18/07
Review: this is a brilliant site!

Erin Schmerschneider, Chicago, IL 12/18/07
Review: Badass Gooch. I am disappointed I missed it. Thanks once again for the wonderful recap!

ramses, hermosillo sonora mexico 12/18/07
artist: sean paul
Review: la onda!!!!!

drdave, Chicago 12/17/07
artist: Aimee Mann's Chrismas Show at the Vic
Review: Agreed that this "variety" show was just another excuse to not play music. The movie was dumb, Paul Tomkins "I can't believe how stoned I get on pot" was at least 30 years too late to be funny, and the fantastically talented Nellie McKay was hardly there at all. I thought the Hanukkah Fairy act by Morgan Murphy was the only genuinely funny bit in the concert, and she did it in her best Larraine Newman stoned out style, but it wasn't enough to sustain a concert with too little music and no momentum. Very disappointing, especially considering the talent of the people on stage.

Joe, Madison, WI 12/17/07
artist: Powell
Review: I was there and it was an awesome show. wish I could have had the view that these pics were taken from. I was in the front row on sat. though which is good enough for me!

??? 12/17/07
artist: Jared Leto
Review: great great photos and review!!

veronica, russia 12/17/07
artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Review: dynamite photos!!

john, milwaukee 12/17/07
artist: Cloud Cult
Review: F***ing awsome

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Chris, Wauwatosa, WI 12/16/07
artist: Cloud Cult/ 1900's
Review: Beautiful show. Cloud Cult was as good as expected but 1900's was the unknown surprise. Awesome harmonies that reminded one of a modern Mamma's & Pappa's. Picked up the CD at the show and love it more with each spin.

Jeremy, Milwaukee 12/16/07
artist: Cloud Cult
Review: Damn nice photos Phil!

haley,lake geneva, wi 12/16/07
artist: cloud cult / the 1900s
Review: Phil here you go again hitting a homerun. I so love the way you write, but I guess you already know that don't you

kevin blake, milwaukee 12/16/07
artist: perry farrell
Review: I enjoyed th interview.just wish it was longer. nice questions!

laura, orlanda, fl 12/16/07
artist: paolo nutini
Review: his music is so poetic and raw, reminds me alot of elliott smith.

coehn, chicago 12/16/07
artist: wynton marsalis
Review: what a fantastic review! mr walseth you magnified the racial tension i our society not by hyperbole but with passion and facts.

peter y., nyc 12/15/07
artist: cloud cult
Review: here my friend is the future of rock and roll

laurel, london 12/15/07
Review: this site is so good, I so dig the quality work here

james, milwaukee 12/15/07
artist: the 1900s
Review: I think you might have underestimated them. there music is so fullof lfe. were you sleeping?? huh

penelope, las angeles 12/15/07
artist: billy joel
Review: great review

lamiqua, detroit 12/14/07
artist: sean paul
Review: your to fine loverboy


michelle 12/14/07
artist: cloud cult
Review: this band is what we neeed in our society protecting the enviroment while making sweet sweet music as well

lawrence, cape cod 12/14/07
artist: the pipettes
Review: you really don't know shit bout music do you?

monica 12/13/07
Review: your site fucking rocks!!

brad f., chicago, il 12/13/07
artist: janis joplin
Review: great piece! her voice was magic laced with a liberal dose of whiskey and pain.

ronnie reynolds, miami 12/13/07
artist: cloud cult
Review: there music simply blows me away

marky, new york city 12/13/07
artist: radiohead- in rainbows
Review: brilliant album. brilliant review

Saii, coral springs, fl 12/12/07
artist: All
Review: I loved the first one. I haven't read the second one yet but I know I will love it. I love poetry regardless who wrote it as long as it's good. That is my opinion. Also i think that it shouldn't matter what artist wrote i just if it's good or not. In the first one there were good poems from bands I wasn't too fond of. SO say give it a shot don't be a poser just because you may not like the genre doesn't mean you won't like the poetry.

lisa, las vegas 12/12/07
Review: britney your still hotter then HELL!! i'll strip for you personally anytime

harris l., nyc 12/12/07
artist: beatles
Review: you are troo lucky to go to the halowed grounds of abbey road studios. your review reeled me in and made me even more jealous

kevin owens, chicago 12/12/07
artist: cloud cult
Review: excellent review man, you causght the true spirit of the band. props to you!

kylie, venice beach, ca 12/12/07
artist: paolo nutini
Review: the man is a genuis especially when he looks that good ; )

Amanda Miller, Irvington, AL 12/11/07
artist: Bruce Johnston
Review: This Is Amanda let you know I Been the fan Beach Boys Nine years now 2008 In January First Bruce I Knew I love you I Keep listen Beach Boys CD?
love Amanda

sara, california 12/11/07
artist: perry farrell
Review: I loved the interview. farell had some fgreat observations

johnny, london 12/11/07
artist: radiohead- in rainbows
Review: bloody brilliant album! more sedate than ok computer and less expansive as kid a but finding a common ground bewtween both extremes and melding into a true masterpiece!

amy lewis, whitewater, wi 12/11/07
Review: this site rocks!! keep up the quality work!

jimmy b., memphis 12/10/07
Review: love the country thunder photos here

jenny, chicago 12/10/07
artist: billy joel
Review: The piano man is till my man

marg, london 12/10/07
artist: van halen
Review: IM A BIG FAN

camilla, wv north fork 12/10/07
artist: ronnie milsap
Review: he is sexey he is got a dam good voice and i have been in love with him for three years

kyle, seattle 12/10/07
artist: lollapalloza
Review: man I love all of you coverage throught the years...very nice

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