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krol 12/07/07
artist: sum 41
Review: beautiful photos of deryck!!

AHZ, Houston, Texas 12/07/07
artist: Jared Joseph Leto
Review: hey peeps punk rock is awesome and i think jared is so FUCKIN hot im 13 by the way "RoCk oUt" yay fr buddahhhhhh! :@ peace out

AHZ, Houston, Texas 12/07/07
Review: Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!- Thanks for the years of great music

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lawrence jacbs, detroit, mich 12/06/07
artist: my brightest diamond
Review: beautiful photos man!

marty, chicago 12/06/07
artist: billy joel
Review: I appreciate the great review. well written and well researched

JAMES, LA 12/06/07
artist: EMINEM

ana marie paragas, st.louis, missouri 12/05/07
artist: jon bon jovi
Review: hi.....jon bon jovi im ana from philippines you are my idol ia lways lisyen to yuor songs and my favorite song is always and ill be there for you..well i been watching your movies and the 1 movies i love is the vampires it was very suspence,i love you bon jovi forever.i am a wwe fanatic i like randy orton in wwe because he was very handsome and the most i like is batista because he is a filipino too.bon jovi i will just give you a song from my heart:and i will love you baby always and ill be there forever and a day always...if you told me to cry for you,i could.if you told me to die for you i would take a lok at my face theres no price i wont pay to say these words to you...bye bon jovi i hope you will remember me,who i am to remember me,youre the sexiest and the best ever singer actor in the whole universe

john g. new york 12/05/07
Review: Looking for information on a music report and found it at this great site.

Melissa 12/05/07
artist: t-pain
Review: wow sexy ass photos here!.

Amy, Telford, UK 12/05/07
artist: Scissor sisters
Review: I THINK THE SCISSOR SISTERS ARE AMAZING! Nobody realises the full amazment of them until they see them live.. If you havent already.. then go! I went to 2 gigs in a row in July and was lucky enough to get into the crotch pit.. They were the best two gigs of my life.. Some people really need to give these gorgeous, talented musicians a chance!

Review: your angle looks very close to mine. stop by my photos

Amber Wade, MI 48950 12/05/07
artist: Sugarland
Review: i love you guy'd so much thank you for all the really good songs i love EVERY DAY AMERICA

luv amber yur biggest fan of all ??? 12/05/07
Review: Is Jimi Hendrix one of your main influences? When I listen to your music, i just get that hendrix feel. its a good thing and i love your music.

Lisa, Gaithersburg 12/04/07
artist: ALL
Review: I don't think, I was WONDERFUL....VIBRANT.....and completely SOULFUL leaving everyone filled with the SPIRIT of PEACE, JOY & HAPPINESS. BRAVO!

Eddie, Los Angeles, CA 12/04/07
Review: Shiny Toy Guns - TOTALLY RIPPED OFF the idea and arrangement style for this cover from BRAINCLAW - Brain Claw had COVERED STRIPPED in February of 2005 BEFORE Shiny Toy Guns had ever recorded their cover version of Stripped. Shiny Toy Guns got their cover version on the Goth Electro Tribute to Depeche Mode in October 2005. Brain Claw's cover version was released into the market on February 7, 2005. Shiny Toy Guns didn't even record their version until WAY LATER... and Shiny Toy Guns STOLE Brainclaw's arrangement and style for their cover... SHINY TOY GUNS rip-off allot of artists (illegally) Don't buy it.... don't support bands that are in the business of RIPPING OFF other artists! You can get Brainclaw's version of Stipped as a FREE DOWNLOAD ON THE INTERNET.... I hope Shiny Toy Guns get what's coming to them .... they constantly STEAL FROM OTHER ARTISTS... everything they have put out is a rip.. from allot of other bands/performers/composers..... SOON... Shiny Toy Guns fans ! will start uncovering the truth about Shiny Toy Guns.... they will peel away the outer layer of this band and see the ugly core.

Donna Talbot, Hebron, CT 12/04/07
artist: Brian Culbertson's Soulful Christmas
Review: This show is a must-see (and hear) to properly kick off the holiday season. There was not one "snooze" moment in the entire evening and every one of these musicians was in top form. Culberson shares the stage beautifully, giving credit to every performer. I was extremely impressed and recommend that everyone that has the opportunity to see this show do so.
Happy Holidays!

Tramadol 180, Houston,Texas 12/04/07
Review: Your Site - Is Awesome! Thanks!

Nikki, Melbourne, Australia 12/04/07
artist: Howard Jones

andy c 12/04/07
Review: There are no songs on Chrome dreams 2 that were recorded for Chrome dreams in 1977.

van helsing, transalvania 12/03/07
artist: marilyn manson
Review: he is my true vampire king!

ashley, meeker co, 12/03/07
artist: gc
Review: what i think.... its so cool to love gc and sum 41 you never know what's comming next

janet l., lake geneva, wi 12/03/07
Review: phil you have an awesome site here!!

monica, milwaukee 12/03/07
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: antony has the voice of a twisted angel. haunting and ethereal

rick, LA, CA. 12/03/07
artist: chapman
Review: I love you man the group of guys you have put togather,to me, is the best temptations out on tour and you known i seen them all.Going on tour with the group back in the early 82 was one of ovenever known the inpact you had me,Again i love man and if there is anything i can do for you, call me

??? 12/03/07

Gerry M., Cairo, IL 12/02/07
artist: John Fogerty Review: Great review. He's still got it!!!

jeanette 12/02/07
Review: the von bondies are the soul of garage- fuzzy distorted and beautiful noize. nice review btw

lawrence peterson, chicago 12/02/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: I think the band and conor are moving into a better and lofi version of rockabilly

sanderson, phillipines 12/02/07
artist: pink
Review: she is so hot I really want to marry her now

bronson d., nyc 12/02/07
artist: lollapalooza
Review: man all your photos are the best

moorehead, chicago 12/01/07
artist: tori amos
Review: thanks for the beautiful pictures. she is a goddess

yani, seattle, wash 12/01/07
artist: enviroment
Review: why can't more artists like these standup for our planet??

lee, toronto 12/01/07
artist: devandra
Review: he is the poet for the masses that don't perdcribe to society's norms and desires...BRAVO man

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leah, QLD 11/29/07
artist: MCR
Review: your so cool i love you guys

Peter Kyle, Chicago, IL 11/29/07
artist: Morrissey
Review: I agree with your review. The man is simply brilliant

Jeanette, Boston 11/29/07
Review: Thanks for the great site. I used it as great resource on my college paper on the history of rock.

jim, kansas 11/29/07
artist: country thunder
Review: beautiful stuff here!!

jenny, crystal lake, IL 11/29/07
artist: paolo nutini
Review: dam, sterling photos here. matt you're a great photographer

B'Ville, IL 11/28/07
artist: artists on the enviroment
Review: interesting article

Don Beuthien, Era 11/28/07
Review: Chris,
I don't know if you remember Don. He used to work for your Dad. How is your Mom and what is her address so that we can mail her a Christmas card.
Thank you.

Kevin M., Philliy 11/28/07
artist: iggy pop
Review: fucking awesome pictures of their reunion in Detroit!! ROCK ON!!!

janet, lake geneva 11/28/07
Review: thanks for the great site. you cover so many concerts I see in Milwukee. this is the first place I go for a review after I see a show!

michelle phillips, milwaukee 11/28/07
artist: the hives
Review: I love the hives punk rock sound

cleo meadors, belton mo. 11/27/07
artist: van morrison
Review: watched this man perform at the austin city limits. really enjoyed it. would buy cd

Babe Ruth, Texas 11/27/07
Review: Your Site - Is Awesome! Thanks fo all the great reviews here!

ian blair, london, uk 11/27/07
Review: this is a very clever music site

jeoy moreno, phils. 11/27/07
artist: angels and airwaives
Review: angels and airwaves rules

Brien Comerford, Glenview, Illinois 11/26/07
artist: The Church
Review: great interview with Steve Kilbey. He's an excellent lyricist and vocalist. The Church has been the most consistently brilliant band since 1992. They are criminally overlooked.

Rachel, Frankfort, Kentucky 11/26/07
artist: Billie Joe Armstrong
Review: what can i say? wow, isnt sufficiant, but awsome seems too about woah? Or I love Greenday, and all my friends are getting me greenday stuff for christmans? But you know what mr. armstrong? The best christmas present would be a message from you, you rock!

janet, lake geneva 11/26/07
artist: dr. john
Review: the swamp master is always spicey sweet

hujh, prague 11/26/07
Review: red hot chilli peppers and 30 seconds to mars rock my little corner of the world!

marti ann, milwaukee 11/26/07
artist: devandra banhart
Review: this street poet hits my soul and heart with his brilliant music...your review was amazing

redwulf, FLORIDA! 11/26/07
Review: HAHA! John Cooper had to crouch to take that pic with Lacey Mosley.

rory, england 11/25/07
Review: got some great photographers on this site

george campbell, racine, WI 11/25/07
artist: dr john Review: still would love to see him sometime. I always miss his show for some various family emergency. thanks for the review.

marianne, lake geneva 11/25/07
Review: phil, thanks for showing me the site. I love your photos and awesome reviews!!

georgia, chicago 11/25/07
artist: von bondies
Review: I am so stoked to here their new record. when does it come out again??

dori, las vegas 11/25/07
artist: brittney
Review: she is still hot in book.I'd still love to fuck her!!!!

ian, manchester, UK 11/24/07
artist: radiohead
Review: In rainbows is certainly as good as kid a but lacking a bit to be compred to ok computer

janette, milwaukee 11/24/07
artist: the von bondies
Review: hey nice review - the show was fuckibng dynamite!!

harry, montreal, canada 11/24/07
Review: I love this site - come here at least a few times a week

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Ilario Vannucchi, Milan - Italy 11/23/07
artist: The Black Keys
Review: Hello, I'm creating an italian web site about The Black Keys. I'd like to add the first part of your interview with the link to your page. We love your photos!! Is it possible !? thanks a lot anyway

Ilario Vannucchi (coming soon)

Ben White, New Orleans, LA 11/23/07
artist: Ti?sto & Galactic
Review: Voodoo fest met all expectations this year! Let's not forget about Ti?sto or Galactic. Both put on awesome shows that should be mentioned. Can I also say the name Lez Zeppelin? Put this group on a large stage next time, not the Bingo Tent.

N. Novgorod, Russia 11/23/07
artist: SumMars
Review: Sum41 - best!!!!!! This is one of the most cool band in the world!!! And it's true. Good luck Sum41, I LOVE YOU ))

tyler, phoenix. az 11/23/07
artist: sinead o'connor
Review: her music is still rife with pain and suffering for all of the abused on Earth...she is truly a goddess!

Justin Monroe, London, UK 11/23/07
Review: This site is filled with many wonderful things.I enjoy the brilliant work here mates.

sarah g, chicago 11/22/07
artist: von bondies
Review: I caught there show in Chicago a few years ago and was leveled with their raw you say they've mellowed a bit...I hope not!! thanks for the well written review.

sarah g, chicago 11/22/07
artist: von bondies
Review: I caught there show in Chicago a few years ago and was leveled with their raw you say they've mellowed a bit...I hope not!! thanks for the well written review.

sammi, miami, florida 11/22/07
artist: MYB
Review: I appreciate the review and photos - any positive coverage of this great band is greatly appreciated in my musical circles!

marty, minnesota 11/22/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: you got some real talent with the camera here!

Veronica Zuniga, Hartford MI 11/20/07
artist: The Donnas
Review: they are great pictures pretty bad ass!

lawrence r., milwaukee, wi 11/20/07
artist: my brightest diamond
Review: saw them ope for the decemberists.pure magic!

monroe, london 11/20/07
artist: yeah yeah yeahs
Review: I almost made it to lollapalooza this year. looks like the yeah yeah yeahs were the highlight

Purepov Roxy Rockat, Texas 11/20/07
Your Site - Is Awesome! Thanks!

jamal, nyc 11/20/07
artist: sean paul
Review: he is the best since tupac

jesse, milwaukee, wis 11/19/07
artist: decemberists
Review: it's a shame that the decemberists tour was cancelled. I so wanted to see them! beautiful pictures in your review

??? 11/19/07
Review: some of the best photos anywhere

biliie jean, nebraska 11/19/07
Review: conor is still great- just listen to his music

monica lange, chicago 11/19/07
Review: thanks for the great site!

kristian, buenos aires 11/19/07
artist: the damned
Review: the best punk band ever!

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