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David L. Kump, Joliet, Illinois 11/15/07
artist: Sammy Hagar @Rialto show
Review: Andy, Great job, Great Photos!
David L. Kump Rialto Theatre

emily, jackson, ms 11/15/07
artist: smashing pumpkins
Review: basically, you sound like 90% of the close-minded, so-called "fans" of the smashing pumpkins. you are not a fan of the band and you do not respect their music. you are a fan of one or two songs that were burned through our ears via radio play back in the mid-nineties. a true fan (one that is worthy of journalizing his/her opinions) follows in the footsteps of the music and understands that artists evolve. we can't expect billy corgan to stay stuck to mellon collie forever; otherwise he WOULD just be a "karaoke machine," as he has recently stated. so congratulations on putting yourself in a category full of biased and incompetent people. do a little research before you think about reviewing a band again.

chloe, nsw australia 11/15/07
artist: the used
Review: i think the used are awsome i just got into them when i heard there there the bird and the worm song now i have 4 cds of theres birth,liars for the liars,in love and death and the used i love them i think jeph and bert are so hot

ana, Cologne/germany 11/15/07
artist: Linkin Park
Review: wow great shots I really like them all! unfortunaly they aren't big =( but as I said: good job!

CC, Mesa Arizona 11/15/07
artist: korn
Review: Your Fabuluos!!! Who do u love the most? Great interview

Damdam, New Orleans, LA 11/14/07
artist: Rage Against the Machine
Review: I once worked in the concert industry and have been going to shows for 30 years. That said, the RATM show at VooDoo was the all time best most rockin show from the 1st note till the last. I have been to thousands of rock shows but this was by far the best. Only thing I would like better is all original Led Zep, Oh well, I may have to wait for this one.

shane 11/14/07

suzim., new jersey 11/14/07
Review: hey music peops you got something good going o here!

mikey, chicago 11/14/07
Review: dam fine voodoo photos

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patrick randall, chicago, illinois 11/13/07
artist: him
Review: I went to the him show in chicago, illinois.! It was killer. But when thier show was getting ready after the opening band, what was that gothic music playing before him took the stage.

David, San Diego 11/13/07
artist: Annie Lennox
Review: Saw Miss Lennox kick off her tour in San Diego 10/08/07. She gave it up here as she did in Chicago. Truly a great show!

??? 11/13/07
artist: Annie Lennox
Review: I missed the shows in NY, PA and Boston but I heard from friends she was fabulous. Go Annie, your the best. Hopefully, I will see your show some day!

jimmy, chicago 11/13/07
artist: tori amos
Review: loved the review.

Sarah Jane, Australia 11/12/07
artist: Axl Rose
Review: I'm sick to death of people bagging out Axl Rose. If you dont like him keep it to yourself and get a FREAKING LIFE!

hannibal, st. louis 11/12/07
artist: Marilyn Manson
Review: Marilyn manson is still the king of dark rock...your a dumbass thinking he is no longer relevant.

jennifer t., milwaukee, wis 11/12/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: conor just isn't as creative as he used to be. he needs to face that and move on with his life.

money, boston 11/12/07
artist: tori amos
Review: the woman is my muse and my life

blake tyler, uk 11/12/07
Review: the photogrpahy on this site is mind blowing!

Michael.Minneapoils,MN 11/12/07
artist: Bright Eyes
Review: Nice review.

phil, new york 11/12/07
artist: radiohead
Review: this "album" or download is amazing. it actually rivals ok computer in clarity and beauty

ron sexton, liverpool, uk 11/12/07
artist: tori amos
Review: she is so beautiful and talented.i love her so so much!

bobbi, kansas 11/12/07
Review: i think these are some of the best country photos ever taken!!!!!!

ian, london 11/11/07
artist: gimmie shelter
Review: this is the greatest rock and roll movie ever made!!

rasheed, detroit 11/11/07
artist: sean paul
Review: your music is so dam fine i want to have sex with you

margaret 11/11/07
artist: tori amos
Review: i saw her in chicago last year at millenium park and i have to say it was one of the most magical moments of my life

jeremy, orlando, florida 11/11/07
artist: paolo nutini
Review: i liked this article very much! it's nice to see artists defending our enviroment.

hatari,africa 11/11/07
artist: tori amos
Review: the review was very well written,please tori come to capetown someday!

marianne, milwaukee 11/10/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: great show, great photos


michael, new york city 11/10/07
Review: tsk tsk - so you didn't like snoop dogg. what the hell do you know about rap anyway???

monica, chicago 11/10/07
Review: jonathon davis is so intelligent, thanks for th grt interview

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Lisa, Ipswich, Mass 11/08/07
artist: The Damnwells
Review: I saw the damnwells in Newburyport,Ma this summer.They are a fantastic band, my daughter and I met them after the show. They are a bunch of regular guys doing what they love. I haven't seen the film yet but I am anxious to see it. i agree wholeheartily with your article. Thanks for the great article,I hope more people read it.

Collen, NYC 11/08/07
artist: Morrissey
Review: A more than swell review.Your love is apparently deep

michael, phoenix 11/08/07
artist: paolo nutini
Review: photos are so super sweet I want to the marry the man!!!

haley, lake geneva 11/08/07
artist: phil bonyata
Review: phil how many times do I have to tell you are so super talented!! I want to hit you sometimes because you hold your talent back. maybe someday you'll understand what I mean!

jeanette kyle, chicago 11/08/07
artist: tori amos
Review: the woman is absolutely gorgeous

TJ Merhi, Hickory, NC 11/07/07
artist: Van Halen
Review: I personally think that any song eddie and the guys come up with is going to be amazing, but the person singing it makes a big difference. In my opinion i feel as if van halen is not van halen without Sammy Hagar. I had a chance to go see them in charlotte, close to where i live, but declined for the simple reason that it just didnt seem like Van Halen the way it should be. In all honesty though i dont care, van halen is going to sound good. I like David Lee Roth, but personally i feel that Sammy Hagar is prolly the one greatest singer on the face of the earth. Its a good thing also that Wolfgang is up there with his father and Good Luck guyz.

meervie, chicago 11/07/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: damn nice review

mercy, milwaukee 11/07/07
Review: this site is so coool

Brenda, Dousman, WI 11/07/07
artist: Guns N' Roses
Review: Axl Lost all credibility in the 90's. He need not bother trying to psych up fans because he only does it for his own ego. GNR is NOT GNR anymore and never will be. Axl was NOT the band, infact, had Axl retired from the band, perhaps they would have been able to continue successfully with another vocalist. He was an Asshole. True GNR fans would've given a new vocalist a chance rather than listent to Axl's constant whining and bitching.

Jay-rod, Mukwonago WI 11/06/07
artist: Wilco
Review: Wilco set a new standard on crowds that stay unmoved to good music by playing their hearts out and actually getting the crowd to show their appreciation. Looking down from the balcony I saw heads moving like the waves caused by a rock thrown, eminating out of the front of the stage. I myself was disgusted by such stuffyness but at the same time felt vulnerable being right next to the stage, on the balcony while all eyes were fixed on tweedy and the band. but I soon found the musics call too overwhelming for me to refuse the dance, and boy did I go. This was an epic performance by the band and an close failure by the crowd. With tweedy singing on his own, the respect of the crowd was unfound. Drunken outburst from popchart fans killed the intimate moment of "Someone elses song". The braw thrown up on stage was a redeeming not in my eyes on the crowd and I seem more distraught over the crowds behavior than Wilcon did, for after three encores, jeff still had a smile on h! is face and the pain in his songs.

Chelsea Kuykendall, corsicana tx 11/06/07
artist: marilyn manson
Review: I loved the concert slayer and warner did @ San Antoino.

johnny walker, tennesse 11/06/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: conor used to be good but not anymore!

Rick Cordeiro, Visalia, California 11/06/07
artist: Stevie Nicks
Review: They don't call her the "Queen Of Rock And Roll" for nothing. Stevie has been rocking "my world" for years, from the late 70's to today. The Crystal Visions tour was proof that she has still got "it" today. Rock On you Ancient Queen You!! Love Ya, Ric

tyler, ft. lauderdale, florida 11/05/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: conor is my man. a pure genuis. thanks for the coverage

skylar, las vegas 11/05/07
artist: muse
Review: muse is taking paths theat even radiohead are adraid of

jermaine, london, uk 11/05/07
artist: serj cd
Review: hey I liked your review. you are so right serj is the reson system sounds like they do, so how can he seperate himself on a solo cd?

mary, mexico 11/05/07
artist: sean paul
Review: sing it sean paul- sing it

Jim, Chicago 11/05/07
artist: Ticket Swap
Review: Great service!

paula harris, california 11/05/07
artist: conor oberst
Review: conor can you have my baby???

Sandy, Manassas Park, VA 11/04/07
artist: Stevie Nicks
Review: Great review of Stevie's taping for Soundstage. I am really looking forward to seeing this when it airs and will definitely buy the DVD. I heard from fans that went to the taping that Rhiannon will astound you. I hope that the editors keep in some of the stuff she says between songs. Stevie does have a humorous side that few people get to see. Stevie Nicks really is the Queen of Rock!

nick, nyc 11/04/07
Review: you like paolo nutini. I like you

jenni, chicago 11/04/07
Review: most excellent site you have here!!!!

Misty, Geogetown Illinois 11/03/07
artist: HIM
Review: I swear it was the best concert I have ever seen with HIM. The lighting, the sound, the vibe, the ambiance was so energetic! I'm so glad I didnt miss this one.. venus doom has so much to offer! every song is solid and magically brooded in musical insanity. PERFECT JOB GUYS!

marilyn, meeker, ok 11/03/07
artist: ronnie milsap
Review: Ronnies too great to be opening for anyone!

j-remmy, nowheresville, ky 11/03/07
Review: avary's a freakin beast. all that from one guy is insane

marianne, miami 11/03/07
Review: bitchin music site! your photos and reviews totally RAWK!!!

kevin m., chicago,il 11/03/07
Review: stellar paolo nutini photos man!

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Monson, MPLS MN 11/02/07
artist: Bright Eyes
Review: Matt, there are some excellent shots here. The 'bass and monitor at rest' shot is flat out bad ass. The overhead balcony stage shot is my 2nd favorite. Very nice!

marty, milwaukee 11/02/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: conor is a true musical chamleon. very nice photos!

jenny t., harrisburg, virginia 11/02/07
artist: stevie nicks
Review: she was better with fletwood mac

jeesica, ohio 11/02/07
artist: korn
Review: fantastic interview! i love korn!

jonas, uk 11/02/07
artist: faris rotter
Review: good questions- great answers

countryhater687, douschbag, MI 11/02/07
artist: Sum 41
Review: Country Sucks. Punk Rules!

bernice tice, minneapolis 11/02/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: i love conor so so much!! beautiful review

Adelman, Marquette, MI 11/01/07
artist: Nutini
Review: Great show at the Pabst. Grew up with B.B.King and Clapton and now there is Paolo. Can't wait for what's next from this young lad. Would like to hear his take on "Summertime" a favorite done by Joplin.

Hannah, Stoke-On-Trent 11/01/07
artist: My chemical romance
Review: All the My chemical roamce photos are awsome and really show how gorgious the band members look

david, kingsland, ga 11/01/07
artist: whole
Review: that band is totally confused about what southern rock really is. i don't know what you call that. maybe a bunch of backyard dave matthews wannabees

farzaneh, american 11/01/07
artist: enrique
Review: so so sexy!!!

earl the pearl, Streamwood IL 10/31/07
artist: Peter Gabriel (Get him)
Review: I'm going to check you out in December at the Vic!!! I'm writing this as I'm playing The Musical Box on my old Pioneer record player. I'm hoping my belt drive doesn't wear out!!! See you there.

larry adams, mcarthur ohio 10/31/07
artist: korn
Review: dear jonathan i really like your music. ever since i was in the sixth grade ive heard of korn but never had the chance to hear you guys untill i was in the eighth grade. you guys really changed my life. it felt like i was lost for a long time and i had no one to look up to then i found you guys. you guys changed my life and i thank you for that. i know you may not read this but its worth a try. maybe someday i will be able to one day see or speek to you guys in person but for now i sit and wait for that chance. just another one of your fans larry lee adams oh and ps i know i shouldnt be trying this but im only 15 just to give you a heads up

Tasha, Spokane, WA 10/31/07
artist: Joey jordison
Review: well i thought joey was grate at all his answers, i mean he is the best at that. I think that he is right with most of his answers infact! i coudent agree more!

char, crystal lake il 10/31/07
artist: davy jones
Review: i loved the pictures you have on the screen, but one picture shows him just about to cry or about to. i hope he was okay.

casey shaw, columbus, georgia 10/30/07
artist: slipknot
Review: yall think you can send me a playli

roxxie, parkersburg, WV 10/30/07
Review: I LOVE system of a down!!!!!!!!

alle, Bandung 10/30/07
artist: jared leto
Review: COOL!!!!!!!! I love jared! I love 30 seconds to mars!!!!!!

marcia, chicago 10/30/07
Review: I truly love this site!!

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