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ian, london, england 10/25/07
artist: the horrors
Review: bang up interview mates!

jodi, milwaukee, wi 10/25/07
artist: devandra banhart
Review: devandra's music is raw, stripped and bares his soul. beautiful photos here

lee butler, new york 10/25/07
artist: polyphonic spree
Review: I think you liked them by the words in your review, but you definately didn't love them did you??

margaret k., minneapolis 10/25/07
artist: morrissey
Review: The Moz is my god and your review was his son.

fernando, torreon mexico 10/25/07
artist: korn
Review: my taco tasted even better adter I read your interview!!

Jeff Love, California 10/24/07
artist: Interpol
Why is Interpol playing the Forum? Why does anyone play the Forum anymore? And for the love of God, why is parking 22.00?
These are the questions that continually ran through my mind throughout the night while attending Interpol's closing show last night at the Forum.
Interpol, as much as I love their music, is not a stadium band and judging by all the empty seats, they still have quite a ways to go.
The Forum is a pretty outdated venue and has never been known for great sound. On the floor, standing dead center the mix sounded muffled, the volume was too low and the blend was unbalanced. I'm not sure this is so much the fault of the band as it may simply be the acoustics within the Forum. The inside of the Forum is so vast, the sound waves just bounced around and the echo was hard to ignore. Interpol opened with the opening track from Our Love to Admire and continued to play over the next 90 minutes. Interpol managed to hit most songs off Turn on the Bright Lights and Antics as well.
The performance in its self seemed absolutely boring from top to bottom. Paul Banks is an amazing singer but I don't think he moved once. If you took a mannequin, strapped a boom box to his back, you would get more emotional output then Paul Banks. He just sort of stood there and sung with no emotion... This, while Carlos D appeared to be completely "checked out" to the point I think he forgot he was on stage. Carlos hung in the back for most of the show and didn't seem all that into it.
Also, can someone tell guitarist Daniel Kessler to stop waltzing onstage. This isn't Vienna in the 1780's, stop it. Watching this guy is annoying and he comes off as cocky, a complete distraction to a situation begging for life. It's beyond me that something this boring can further be ruined by the one guy moving around.
This performance could have been saved by a smaller venue and more smoke.

kyle davis, nyc 10/24/07
artist: morrissey
Review: thanks for the wonderful review

jeanette, lake geneva 10/24/07
artist: phil Review: Phil your words and photos rock my world!.

tim thompson, wheelersburg ohio 10/24/07
Review: I met jerry dez and robo the other night at a misfits concert,let me say that there is nobody as loving and gracious to there fans as the misfits ,jerry kinda feels like a big brother .. great guys,great band!!!

Lisa, Chicago 10/23/07
Review: Sam from The barvery is a true genuis. Thanks for the great interview.

devon, jacksonville 10/23/07
Review: Dennis Eedwards still has the vocie, it's truly not you. Sorry about that dude,,please retire old man. Retire and write a true book of the tempts. not the otis williams bulls.

oasis brown, memphis, tennessee 10/23/07
artist: country thunder
Review: beautiful pictures!

jimmy, liverpool, UK 10/23/07
artist: fall out boy
Review: they were horrible.

allyvcas, Valladolid, Spain 10/22/07
artist: Paolo Nutini
Review: He's simply the best, thanks for those beatiful words! can't wait to see him again!! cheers from Spain!

Claire, Chicago, IL 10/22/07
artist: Paolo Nutini
Review: Paolo Nutini is young man with an old soul. His voice is so searing, it goes through you and beyond him! I had seen him twice and will see him again in a couple of days. He is one in a million.

Leslie, Madison, wi 10/22/07
artist: Mekons
Review: that show kicked ass and the acoustics of the theater were astounding.

Autumn, Europe 10/22/07
artist: Paolo Nutini
Review: What a wonderfully understanding and descriptive review. Thank you so much. Paolo is a fantastic songwriter and lyricist besides having a great voice. As you mentioned he hails from Paisley in Scotland where he was brought up. His grandad Nonni was Italian. Paolo got a lot of encouragement as a small child from Nonni who would play Honky Tonk and Boogie-Woogie on the old piano with the Seigneur from the local Catholic Church. Nonni always found Paolo something to ?play drums? with so he could keep the beat. Nonni also loved Opera and Paolo?s dad had a fantastic collection of 60?s Soul that Paolo listened to and this also helped his comprehension of the music world.
I love his cd ?These Streets? Every song is quite different and has it?s own ability to stay in your head. He says each song was written about a situation he had to face at the time, whilst growing up and as you mentioned he's still only 20 !!
I saw him at Glastonbury and have been a HUGE fan ever since even though I am a grandma three times over. Paolo's voice is ageless and timeless. If your'e listening to him he sounds like a real veteran of music who has spent years honing his craft like Ray LaMontagne. I feel Paolo will be around for a long time to come.
Thanks for spreading the Paolo word !!!
I just adore Paolo's voice and personna. He is a very humble guy and his interviews don't always reflect the brilliance going on inside that head. Many describe him as shy. His style of singing in a semi stoop has brought endless criticism from people who just don't understand Paolo

jim 10/22/07
artist: manson
Review: marilyn manson is a freakin emo

morty, london 10/22/07
artist: white stripes
Review: WAZ UP I love YOUR BAND!!

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James, Pembroke, NC 10/21/07
artist: Sinead O'Connor
Review: Thank you for the review. We love you Sinead O'Connor

bullethead 10/21/07
artist: the bravery
Review: I want more now motherfucker! seriously nice interview

jerry l., buffalo, ny 10/21/07
artist: devandra
Review: dig the certinly know how to write man

marianne, milwaukee 10/21/07
Review: I love this site...I go to it almost every day!

lyle, chicago 10/20/07
Review: I see concert livewire is still making beautiful music!

jenni 10/20/07
artist: pink
Review:you are so pretty i want to have sex with you

phil, new york 10/20/07
artist: sinead
Review: she knows how to standup to the wrongs of the world...bravo dear

devon michaels, chicago, il 10/20/07
artist: spoon
Review: great photos thanx

dave, merry old england 10/19/07
artist: fall out boy
Review: my god they are fucking shit. my ex loved em, and wanted me to go to a show with her, so i told her to sort it out. THEY SUCK BALLS!

camille, london 10/19/07
artist: wilco
Review: i've enjoyed their music for years,jeff tweedy is truuly a modern master of music.

wilson, milwaukee 10/19/07
Review: dynamite site. love the reviews, espescially radiohead

janet, elkhorn, wi 10/18/07
Review: this is an amazing site!

Jeff Dellinger, conover, nc 10/18/07
artist: skillet
Review: Are you guys true christians, got to no for my daughter, Thanks Jeff

jesus, chicago, IL 10/18/07
artist: marilyn manson
Review: marilyn manson is the shit

ceri morrism, wales 10/18/07
artist: 30 seconds to mars
Review: i don't care! it's up to them if they wanna play. i mean 30 seconds to mars are awsome they rock!!! Cerixxx

artist: OFCOURSE

jimmy keele, nyc 10/17/07
artist: sinead o'connor
Review: thanks for the great review man, very well written

lisa,lake geneva 10/17/07
Review: phil your site is waaaaayyy better than rolling stone!!

makersmark, georgia 10/17/07
artist: country thunder
Review: i need to buy a camera like yours so i can get great pictures

gary, pubetown wa 10/17/07
artist: matisyahu
Review: i love the pubeard on matisyahu

james, chicago,il 10/17/07
artist: radiohead
Review: right on man, right on!!

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Pepe, San Diego 10/16/07
artist: Genesis
Review: I love this show but the encore was not what I was expecting, I was hoping for something better I cant dance is just a really boring song, Carpet Crawlers not bad, over all this is one great show, Thanks Genesis I must have witnessed the last show ever from this band, hope not.....

marianne, chicago 10/16/07
Review: Hello! Great Site! Thank you

Dave S., Rocklin, CA 10/16/07
artist: Genesis
Review: As a Genesis fan for more 30 years, attending Genesis concerts in both San Jose and Sacramento was one of the highlights of my life. I too thought the group had not lost a step. All their numbers were performed flawlessly with great thought to the venue acoustics, and the lighting and other effects were fabulous. Thanks to Genesis for allowing me to enjoy an experience I thought I would never again experience.

darla, bagdad 10/16/07
artist: dodo
Review: hi iam dodo i love ur music and i love u sooooooooo much korn

hugo, illinois 10/16/07
artist: fob/aar
Review: why is their no pics of the all american rejcts

Tony Campos, Houston, TX 10/16/07
artist: Static-X
Review: So mr.wayne what type of cartoon shows/Characters do you like or do your kids like?

jonah, cleveland 10/16/07
Review: you people have quite a brilliant site here.I thank you

flowerboy, chicago 10/15/07
artist: devendra
Review: i'm a street performer and a bum (some would say) but yoiu can see where your heart is on the streets, bravo man (and if you're wondering I'm on a library computer)

steven, nyc 10/15/07
artist: the pogues
Review: masterful performance, brilliant musician ship and brutally poetic lyrics. the rennassaince of punk my friends

haley lewis, omaha 10/15/07
artist: bright eyes
Review: I'm not really sure if I like they're new music.just seems more commercial now not as personsal as it one was.

michael 10/15/07
artist: sinead
Review: i still love this beautiful woman.

robbie, boston, mass 10/15/07
artist: snoop dogg
Review: he's lost it people he's truly lost it!!

lawrence, chicago,il 10/14/07
artist: genesis
Review: has beens man - has beens

jeanete, london,uk 10/14/07
artist: mute math
Review: tell me were they really as good as they said??

Brad, LA 10/14/07
artist: Genesis
Review: Great review!

ahoora, iran isfahan 10/14/07
artist: lars
Review: hi lars how are you >i love you .very very i love you

kylie, minnesota 10/13/07
artist: sean paul
Review: youre way to sexy hun!

marcie 10/13/07
Review: I would love to see Peter Gabriel show up tonight!!!

Rhythm, ukraine 10/13/07
artist: sinead o'connor
Review: come to Russia my love

margot, buffalo, ny 10/13/07
artist: korn
Review: korn's day in the sun is long gone!

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Jacques, Windsor, ON 10/11/07
artist: The Waffles
Review: Anybody else hear the rumor the Waffles are going to open for Iggy on the next tour. Man, I'd put down my Molson's for that one!

Rae Dybing, San Diego, CA 10/11/07
artist: Sinead O'Connor
Review: A friend and I just saw Sinead in concert here in San Diego in September. She was awesome! I don't know what else to say about her, except I love her boldness and her just being herself and saying what she wants when she wants...her point of view on different issues. She's one of my heroes.

Ava, Milwaukee, wi 10/11/07
artist: Bright eyes
Review: The Bright Eyes concert at the riverside was amazing. EVen though conor may not have been sober, he was still amazing. I cried most the of comcert because i couldnt believe i was actually in the same room as such an amazing band. I'm attending the oct. 22nd concert

monica, nyc 10/11/07
Review: many thanks for all of the great review concert livewire

Xavier D., memphis Tn. 10/10/07
artist: O'Jays
Review: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve them!! GodBless them

Jo Jamison, Glendora California 10/10/07
artist: Shane MacGowan
Review: I think Shane is a fucking genious and I'm rooting he lives till 100

maddie, reading 10/10/07
artist: Gerard Way
Review: your a dumbass

marty, minneapolis 10/10/07
Review: I love this site so much!

JJ, Disco Bay 10/10/07
Review: The concert on a scale of 1-10 was a 5 to much instumental not enough old genisis every song lasted 10-15 minutes. I have been a fan since the 70's I have go to say they disappointed.Change it up guys or get off the tour.

bears lover, chicago 10/09/07
Review: the rage photos here are some of the best I've seen!!

margot, new york city 10/09/07
artist: sinead
Review: a passionate woman like this deserves not to be so maligned by the media although this review was very well written. thank you!

tommy gunn, detroit 10/09/07
artist: warren haynes
Review: very good interview

Sara Gillett, Midland, Texas 10/09/07
artist: Goo Goo Dolls
Review: I personally think that the Goo Goo Dolls are the most amazing thing thats ever happened to me ive been in love with them since i was 6 years old there music helps me threw everything and idk its like my escape from the world i dont know what i would do without thier music its beautiful and badass i thank God everyday for them but ya anyways :]

amy 10/09/07
Review: I was hopeing for a vibe that was like (the cure)The look was close. If practice is done on the odiance mabie he should run 3,4hrs behind chances r a drunk croud may b a recepitve 1.Hint mabie the people in ur private life r not bing honest 2 u or mabie ur just ahead of ur time how bout a coach or a boy band vibe?I dont no bout practice,mabie he should quit it like it was a drug befor it finishes him off for the good of man kind and music.Im just saying Who were u bouncin ideas off man? Have u tryd drama class or theater how bout peta?mabie u should stick 2 what u know ,no not drugs waite what r u good at?Cant u just make a good investmnt and grow old in private like every one els does.Maybe u could reach out 2 inner city kids u no give back what u know.Anyways 1 never knows if 1 is good or bad at something till 1 trys n fails.

Katka, Czech Republic 10/09/07
artist: Aiden
Review: Aiden are great!!! I love them!

tadz, CEBU CITY 10/09/07
artist: korn
Review: you're too lucky to have talked with jonathon!!!

artist: 3 DOORS DOWN

jimmy 10/08/07
Review: great site!

??? 10/08/07
artist: mekoins
Review: saw them last night in fall river, ma. i've been seeing them over the last 20 years and still there is no one like them. we are incredibly richer for having them. god save the mekons!

Chelsea, Louisville, KY 10/08/07
artist: Jewel Kilcher
Review: Jewel is amazing at everything she does.

Stacey Blankenship, St. Louis, MO 10/08/07
artist: Richard Street
Review: We Are Missing Richard! I design web pages on MySpace and I want to do one for Richard. Send me an email an I'll be glad to make one for him and his group.

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