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One time drag queen returns to being DJ

Boy George
Sound Bar
Chicago, IL
Mar. 31, 2005
Boy George Boy George

Story and Photos By Andy Argyrakis

Some know him best as the gender-bending leader of Culture Club, others know him as an actor or an author, while some as of late solely associate the name as a Broadway musical creator. But one title that many may be missing is the fact that Boy George was first and foremost a DJ at the beginning of his career, starting in the late 1970s throughout various U.K. clubs. Though the "Karma Chameleon" flirted with such desires on occasion in his multi-million selling group and as a solo artist in the early 2000s, the last few years have seen his presence escalate on the dance circuit where he's been spinning records right beside his one and only vivacious personality.
Granted, much of the appeal for casual club goers is likely to rise around this Boy's celebrity status, though even those on the underground will admit there's a considerable respect level for the all around entertainer. Several CD releases in this nature have earned the switch hitter critical acclaim, including 2001's "Essential Mix" and the more recent theme albums "A Night Out With Boy George: A DJ Mix" and "A Night In With Boy George: A Chillout Mix." Regardless of the format, it's refreshing to find the alternative icon returning to fast action turntable action in place of peddling "Church of the Poison Mind" and "I'll Tumble For Ya" for the ten millionth times.
However, George didn't shy away from his 80s interests in an intimate set at Sound-Bar during the swank venue's one year anniversary gala. The posh and vibey dance floor was lit up with slick rhythms and monstrous grooves that hearkened back to the decade of decadence, bathed in dark mood lighting and almost overpowering fog lamps. An early roof raiser was some infectious remix action of Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough," which incited howls from older attendees and younger scenesters alike. That recognizable pulsating anthem was blended with several somewhat unfamiliar and obscure deep cuts, flanked in a similar style, during which George carefully balanced the beats, bass levels and transitions.
As the night wore on, the set's direction shared similarities with all the aforementioned releases, while possessing a certain sense degree of casualness and spontaneity. The top hat wearing, red blazer bearing George lit several cigarettes in between choosing each selection, often gathering preview readings with his headset before plowing into gear with his next peculating selection. Whether one loves or dislikes this fashion plate's past endeavors, Boy George in the present tense unveiled a whole other side of his personality than the public at large is used to. Besides that pawn play giving his career a re-inventive boost, it was an birthday party the famed area club is likely to remember long into its tenure as a hipsters' hot spot.
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