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Breeders Show the Kids How to Rock

The Breeders
Abbey Pub
Chicago, IL
Feb. 18, 2002
The Breeders
The Breeders

Review by Scott Stegenga
Photos by Barry Brecheisen

Back in the early '90s before real alternative music was betrayed by what is now called "Alternative Radio," you had a load of great bands like Throwing Muses, The Wonder Stuff, Ned's Atomic Dustbin and in this case, The Breeders. Their music was novel, their approach was totally DIY and the folks behind it all were unique. While some decide to have reunion shows that are simply one-off gigs near their hometowns, The Breeders, the band that never officially broke up in the first place, have decided to give the full-length tour and new album release a chance in the real world. After several member changes, side projects like The Amps and The Kelley Deal 6000, all I can say is thank the Lord and lets get some real music out there to teach the current scene a lesson.
The Breeders The remaining members of The Breeders are twin sisters Kim and Kelley Deal. The new members are guitarist Richard Presley and bassist Mondo Lopez of the Los Angeles punk band Fear and drummer Jose Medeles of 22 Jacks. Together they brought back the post-punk/dark alternative pop that The Breeders are known for. The Dandy Warhols' once mused "I want a girl as cool as Kim Deal." The faithful were about to be reminded as the Abbey Pub was soon to be filled with the cool sounds that made alternative music what it was meant to be.
Most of the evenings songs came from the bands' two solid releases, Last Splash and Pod and some new material from their forthcoming Steve Albini-produced album, Title TK. They started their encore with a perfect cover version of Nerf Herder's theme from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you had a favorite song, chances are they played it tonight. Opening with the dark surf theme "No Aloha," Kim sang through the 20-song set with her untamed voice always staying grounded in the punk jungle. She harmonized eerily with Kelley on the new song "Little Fury."
The audience were treated to all the favorites like "Saints," "Tipp City," "Doe," "I Just Wanna Get Along" and of course, the song that never died, "Cannonball." They did have fun with the audience for most of the set with Kim and company thanking them for never going away. Turning the the house lights up so they could see everyone for the rest of the set Kim burped loudly during the pauses in "Iris" showing off her true rock chick attitude and in case you're wondering, no Pixies.
The band closed their beautiful fury with "Divine Hammer" then stopped to catch a few autographs, take down their own equipment and shake some hands with the loyal fans. Very cool, as Kim Deal.

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