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Interview and Photos by Mary Andrews
Brooke Eden A lively chat with Brooke Eden at Country Thunder Arizona

April 14, 2016

I managed to get a few minutes to get acquainted with Brooke during her busy schedule at this year's Country Thunder. She had just finished her lively set and she was beginning to absorb all of the events that had occurred all day. Brooke was engaging, energetic, and a polished entertainer during her performance on stage. Not to mention that Brooke is easy on the eyes. She likes to accessorize down to her fingernail polish matching her turquoise jewelry. These qualities were abundant when we sat down for our chat.
Brooke is in her twenties and from "Loxahatchee, Florida in between West Palm Beach, on the water, and Okeechobee that is the swamps." It is Southeast Florida

Livewire: Are you from a musical family?

Brooke: I am from a musical family. My dad is a drummer in a country band and I actually started singing with them when I was six years old. That's how I got into this crazy business.

Livewire: You seem to be very comfortable on stage.

Brooke: I am. I've been singing on stage since I was five years old, so I've been singing on stage before I didn't know to be afraid of anything. I love being on stage. It's like home to me.

Livewire: You were able to multi-task during your set, signing autographs, moving down the runway, back on stage without missing a beat.

Brooke: Thank you

Livewire: Who are your musical influences?

Brooke: Shania Twain, Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes, and the Dixie Chicks. Those were the big ones for me. As I got older, I got into this soulful thing where I got into Etta James. I really love Adele.

Brooke Eden Livewire: You have a single record out now?

Brooke: I do. It's called "Daddy's Money." It just hit radio about a month ago. It's been cool to watch it climb and do its thing. People will be able to relate to it in their own special ways.

Livewire: And you have a record contract?

Brooke: Yes. I am signed with Red Bow Records. Its under the BBR music group. Jason Aldean, Randy Houser, Dustin Lynch, and Chase Bryant, Joe Nichols, Thompson Square, and Parmalee. Lots of amazing people! It's a good family to be apart of.

Livewire: So, are you working on an album?

Brooke: I am working on an album. I'm working on an EP first that we want to get out to ya'll and a full album after that.

Livewire: Are most of the songs you are working on self-penned?

Brooke: A lot of them I co-wrote in Nashville. There are a few I didn't write. Working in Nashville is really a cool place to be because you have all of these incredible songwriters that write songs all the time. Most of the songs I co-wrote.

Livewire: Do you like the writing aspect of it?

Brooke: I do. It's very therapeutic. It has gotten me through a lot of times in my life and also its really fun.

Livewire: It sounded like a lot of your songs in set came from personal experience.

Brooke: I think we did 13 or 14 songs in the set today and only 2 or 3 were covers. "Domino" and "Daddy's Money" I didn't write.

Livewire: Do you write the lyrics or the melody?

Brooke: I do both. It depends on whom you are with as far as co-writers go. Also looking at what people's strengths are. It really goes back and forth. I really do like melody and coming up with cool things that nobody else has done yet. I really like to write.

Livewire: It's cool to see women working in a male dominant world. How long have you been in Nashville?

Brooke Eden Brooke: I've been in Nashville for four years. I started going back and forth between my home state of Florida and Nashville in 2012. I actually moved to Nashville two years ago when I got my record deal.

Livewire: How did you swing your record deal?

Brooke: How did I swing it? I won a Facebook competition that allowed me to sing "Baby Girl" with Sugarland in front of around 20,000 people in my hometown. I was just supposed to sing the first verse and chorus and Sugarland was supposed to sing the rest of the song. I got done with the first chorus and Jennifer Nettles looked at me and said, "You go girl." I ended up singing the whole song. It went up on YouTube and a publisher that publishes the writing on my label saw the YouTube video and said the people at the label have to hear this. They brought me in and I sang a couple of songs for them. It just so happened that two weeks after the initial meeting, I had a full band show at the Exit/In. The label came to that and a month later, they signed me on.

Livewire: What are your goals from here?

Brooke: My main goal is making awesome music that people can relate to and saying things that people have not necessarily said yet. I would love to win a Grammy. I would love to win an ACM award or a CMA award, but that is not what its about for me. I want to reach a lot of people with my music and letting them know that everybody goes through the same things. That's my main goal.

Livewire: Are you living your dream?

Brooke: I'm totally living my dream! I remember when I was six years old singing in a smoky country western bar singing Shania Twain songs hoping one day I would be like her. And now I'm getting a lot of opportunities that she had 20 years ago. Now, I'm getting to do that. I'm definitely living my dream. Being a country singer has always been my dream. I think a lot of people don't realize they are living their dream while they are in their dream. I realized it pretty early that this is what I wanted.

Livewire: What would you like your fans to know about you?

Brooke: I think that I would like them to know that I'm just a normal girl. I probably do the same things that they do on a normal basis. I love to hang out with my friends, be outside, and be on any type of water. Being from Florida, I love the water. I just have a job singing on stage. People look at people on stage and think they are so different from me and their life is so glamorous and their life is so different from mine. A lot of the other artists would agree with me and say we're just like everybody else. We just have a job where we sing on stage.

Brooke Eden is well on her way to becoming the next Shania Twain. She has all the right stuff to achieve her dreams.

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