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The Capitol Years - Dance Away The Terror
(Park The Van Records)
4 stars (out of 5 stars)
Reviewed: Oct. 11, 2006
The Capitol Years

Review by Tony Bonyata

On The Capitol Years' fourth and latest full-length recording Dance Away The Terror the Philadelphia-based rock quintet actually use their head more than their feet to thwart away any impending terror. With well thought out compositions built on '60s pop sensibilities the band lightens up the heavier sounds of their last album Let Them Drink and delivers eleven insanely catchy, often upbeat and smile-inducing pop gems.

With songs that pull from '60s era stalwarts such as The Who and The Kinks ("Long Time"), Meddle-era Pink Floyd ("Revolutions") and The Beatles ("It's Only Loveless" and "Mirage People") it might seem that The Capitol Years were content on simply rehashing the past. But instead of sounding like they're pining for better musical days, their approach is remarkable fresh, and not unlike Guided By Voices' brain-trust Robert Pollard, who's '60s pop-cum-modern alternative rock has become the bedrock for much of today's indie rock sound.

At moments through the album bandleader Shai Halperin's vocals lightly float in and out, as on the dreamy soundscape of "Iraq Is Dead," while at others it soars high over the proud chorus of "Oh Lord," thankfully eschewing the priggish pomposity of Coldplay, and is even eerily buried in a shallow grave of piano and atmospheric guitar, as on the melancholic title track. More often than not, however, it's the perfect marriage of strong vocal deliveries, indelible melodies and arrangements that are at times punchy and guitar-spiked ("You Can Stay There," "It's Not Okay" and "Long Time") while at others beautifully sparse and naked ("Seven Songs" and "Chandelier") that makes this album demand repeat spins.

If you're a pop-rock aficionado, a fan of mid-'60s Britpop or just love catchy, well-produced rock with plenty of hooks then Dance Away The Terror is definitely for you.

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