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After being sidelined by shooting,
Marc Cohn bounces back with a vengeance

Marc Cohn
Park West
Chicago, IL
Dec. 28, 2005
Marc Cohn Marc Cohn

Story and Photos By Andy Argyrakis

Seconds before Marc Cohn plugged in his guitar at the Park West on Tuesday night, a women yelled out "It's nice to have you back." He hesitated for a moment while situating the instrument and humbly replied "It's nice to be back." The audience erupted at the seemingly casual statement since after all such pleasantries are often exchanged between fans and artists. But last night it meant something much more, almost to a miraculous degree considering what this particular performer experienced a few months ago.

Marc Cohn After an August tour stop in Denver, Cohn and his band were victims of an attempted carjacking that ended with a shot to the head of the singer/songwriter. Hope was fading fast that he'd even survive let alone be back on the road by year's end, but the return was a testament to troubadour's intestinal fortitude. And getting what's literally been a second chance of life lit a unquenchable fire under yesterday's appearance- his first of a four city tour since the episode- more than making up for the canceled concert at Navy Pier this summer.

Besides being a stellar songwriter known for the mega-smash "Walking In Memphis," the wedding anthem "True Companion" and the Jo Dee Messina country breakthrough "Silver Thunderbird," Cohn put his pen to recent experiences. Even more moving than the aforementioned was his debut of the tentatively titled "Live Out the String." "This song is about not knowing if it's your last day of life or not and living each moment to the fullest," he told those gathered prior to a spirited, soulful piano expression. It paved the way for another tranquil newbie called "My Sanctuary," along with the much more celebratory but also inspirational "Memphis," a song he's sung a thousand times before, but delivered with renewed zeal.

As the night wore on, he dug out other notables like the smoky and sultry "Walk Through This World," the recovery based "Life Goes On" and the closer "Silver Thunderbird." Though it was time to say goodbye, Cohn reminded all the CD Live 04-05 just came off the presses and promised a new studio CD for early next year (the first since 1998's Burning the Daze). Based on his bravery and commitment to this come back after a near fatal experience, chances are this trooper will be back in full time action picking right up where he left off.

\Marc Cohn

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