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Nikka Costa Melts the Riviera

Nikka Costa
Riviera Theatre
Chicago, IL
March 15, 2002
Nikka Costa
Red-hot Nikka Costa.

Review and Photos by Niva Bringas

As Nikka Costa took the stage last week at the Riviera Theatre she ripped a page right out of Janis Joplin's playbook. With all the hardened style and raw finesse oozing from her every pore, Nikka, the young goddess, proceeded to rip apart the multi-cultural crowd. This was the Sno Core Icicle Ball after all. Nikka sung with the full force and howl that caught her floating high notes swirl above the audience as the chorus kicked-in on her catchiest song of the evening, "Everybody Got Their Something." Her lyrics were sexual and spiritual and all sprung from deep inside this young enigmatic woman's heart.
Dressed to kill with fiery red hair, red and white patterned blouse and skin-tight red pants that showed off her beautiful hips, she moved about the stage like a wild steed with it's mane flowing in the wind. On "Hope It Felt Good," Nikka stripped bare the pain that her lyrics wrought. She let her hips do the talking on the bouncy "Like a Feather." She closed the magnificent show out with "Tug of War, a complex epic presented in four melodies - 1)a slow brokenhearted piece 2) a howling band explosion 3) an orchestrated plea for love and mercy and 4) a harmony of mournful goodbyes.
What a show. What a helluva performer.

Nikka Costa
Nikka Costa
Nikka Costa
Nikka Costa

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