Riddle (with thanks to John Barth)

logo Notes I am born from the violence and sent forth into the air; the explosion behind me propelling me forward into a confusing array called existence. I am not alone; I find myself surrounded by many counterparts. We move together - a whole generation strung together in a wave, interlocked, distinct and wholly formed, yet interrelated and merging with our brothers and sisters.

Exhibiting our own unique characteristics, we progress rapidly at first. Some strike the walls and shatter - their cries reverberate, haunting us as we continue our journey. Others lose themselves in plush surroundings and fade into the muffled void.

Caressing and cutting through the particles that surround us, we pass through curtains of light and form, grasping toward understanding, toward an end. Some falter and die, others waver, slow, decompose. We age - our youthful energies spent. Diffused, we grow more remote from each other and our source, but still we search for answers. What is our purpose?

Most die without leaving a trace, while some crash against the rocks and let their art echo for far too short a time. Only the chosen few gain their destiny. And beat against the drum of the universal ear.

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