The Song Remains the Same

Photo by Phil Bonyata

Hard to take. Everyone I know walks around in a daze. How could this country be taken in again? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

But life goes on. Here's hoping the spirit shown by the 55 million who stood against this evil carries on. The battle may be over, but the war goes on. There is still much to do.

Pearl Jam Pundits are debating the future course. Should the Left move to the right? Should we make political hay to win the day?

Don't believe it. There are issues that we are simply correct on, and we must maintain a solid stance in order to fight injustice. If we didn't there would still be slavery and women would not have the right to vote.

Windsurfing and WMDs - mirrors and smokescreens thrown up to hide the disappearing acts of money and young lives into the magician's hat. We want to hide our eyes and not watch the horror show in its second act. Can't do it, chums. It's time for us to dig in and get stronger.

But this is a music column, and although you cannot separate music from life (except on TV), we will leave the election and all that behind for now and return to musical ponderings. The worst things we as artists can do would be to accept defeat or choose exile. We still have the right (for now) to write music and sing for what we believe in: freedom, justice, equality, peace. Let us hope the next 4 years ring out with loud music crying out against oppression and despair and filled with hope for a future.

For although we are not of the Right, we ARE right.

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