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Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre
East Troy, WI
July 1, 2006
Dave Matthews Band Dave Matthews Band Dave Matthews Band

Story and photos by Matt Schwenke

Strolling out on stage with grins and perhaps mischievous smiles, the Dave Matthews Band, as seasoned as they are at playing and selling out large venues, still looked somewhat amazed and sincerely gratified by the carpet of people filling Alpine Valley to the heights of it's lawn seating on the first of two nights at the venue. Dave Matthews BandOpening with "One Sweet World," the classic material from the band's earliest albums would dominate the night's setlist. In "Seek Up" from the band's early 90's debut release Remember Two Things, the musical machine that is Dave Matthew's Band displayed their control in the softest sections of the song before opening up the ending with some heavy lows and fiery strings from bassist Stefan Lessard and violinist Boyd Tinsley, respectively, as well as some hot keys from touring mainstay and unofficial sixth member of the band Butch Taylor.

Another beautifully soft and gracefully controlled moment came in the lighter/cell phone-illuminating performance of "Pay For What You Get" off of the band's breakout album Under the Table and Dreaming. Raising the intensity yet again, Crash's "Too Much" proved powerful with a new breakdown in the arrangement and a crazy scatting session by Dave Matthews. Following up with "Jimi Thing," the energy of the evening's performance reached its peak with the crowd feeding off of Boyd's energy and then erupting after a breakdown that featured guest artist Rashawn Ross, of the jazz/funk troupe Soulive, making his trumpet scream in a most spectacular fashion. Prolonging the magic, a sax solo from Leroi Moore led into a double time jam with Dave having a scat conversation with Carter Beauford's masterful drumming, and the moment was further heightened by the scatting of Taylor matching note for note with his own funky piano solo. Not backing off, Dave went through a possessed moment of scatting before a stop brought the whole band into a section of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" with Dave and Carter singing in perfect harmony above the crowd's chants.

Though the set never quite reached the same intensity again and was arguably lethargic by merely the song selection alone, the introduction of some new tunes made for a complete and solid performance before ending the set with Dave's unmistakable voice and Boyd going berserk on violin in "Louisiana Bayou." The most notable of the new tunes was "Break Free" with its decidedly gritty texture and funky horns outro.

Endearing and appreciative throughout, Dave returned in the encore with a short story and a solo performance of "Sister" before ending the night with the crowd nearly overpowering the band in singing along to yet another classic in the DMB catalogue, "Ants Marching." And for the record, fans attending both nights were treated with two entirely different sets. Without a single tune being repeated during the two-night stay, DMB appeased its faithful following and will surely welcome many new fans to its on-going legacy of amazing tour performances. 
DMB setlist 7/1/06:
One Sweet World
When The World Ends
Hunger for the Great Light
What Would You Say?
Ryhme & Reason
Seek Up
Grey Street
Pay For What You Get
So Much To Say
Too Much

Jimi Thing
Kill The King
Where Are You Going?
Break Free
Louisiana Bayou


Can't Stop
Ants Marching

DMB setlist 7/2/06:
Don't Drink the Water
Proudest Monkey
Song That Jane Likes
Last Stop
If I Had It All
Dancing Nancies

Typical Situation
Idea of You
Grace Is Gone
Digging a Ditch
Smooth Rider
Pantala Naga Pampa


John the Revelator
Dave Matthews Band Dave Matthews Band

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