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Alternative pop and rock at
its most exciting "Evolution"

Imagine Dragons
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
Tinley Park, IL
July 13, 2018
Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons

Story and photos by Andy Argyrakis

A half-dozen years into its meteoric career, Imagine Dragons are unquestionably the leading alternative pop and rock band in the world. Not since Coldplay has an act aimed so squarely for the long haul, and selling out Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre after already doing the same at the United Center ensured stadiums are right around the corner.

Though explosive material from "Evolve" is the centerpiece for this current tour, Imagine Dragons reminded the masses what helped get the group this far while entering in a percussion line to the battle cries of "Radioactive," followed by the fellow stomper "It's Time." Throughout them both, along with "Whatever It Takes" and "Shots," front man Dan Reynolds commanded attention for not only advancing as a front man, but also chiseling his way towards a superhero physique.

All of Imagine Dragons shared in the stardom when channeling their inner Sting & The Police on a bit of "Every Breath You Take," while the glowing electronics of "Start Over" were amongst the band's brightest fresh cuts. Speaking of the dance floor, the Kygo studio collaboration "Born To Be Yours" was cast in deconstructed light on the b-stage, followed by the older "Amsterdam" and "I Bet My Life" with Reynolds roaming throughout the adoring, all-ages crowd.

It didn't hurt that Imagine Dragons brought along a sensory-stimulating production that featured all the requisite screens and projections, plus smoke stacks, confetti showers and a cat walk for everyone to really get a workout. Yet it was the contagious songs themselves that ultimately were the stars of the epic show and it was remarkable just how many singles and sing-a-longs these guys have racked up in a relatively short window.

The encore was one of the most explosive anyone could ever (for lack of a better word) imagine thanks for starters to "Demons" and its advocacy for mental health awareness. Yet the spirit of sheer triumph was close around the corner as "Thunder" kicked in, "On Top Of The World" precisely described Imagine Dragons' present status and "Believer" was more than enough to wholeheartedly convert anyone to its cause.

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Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons

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