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A very worthy retrospective

Eurythmics - Ultimate Collection
4 stars (out of 5 stars)
Reviewed: Feb. 14, 2006

Review by Andy Argyrakis

There's no need to dive into a lengthy dissertation on the Eurythmics' history because everyone who cares about the group is already familiar with it. After all the androgynous front woman Annie Lennox and her partner in crime Dave Stewart captured the hearts of the globe over two decades ago and have remained in the public eye either in the hit making group or as solo stars. And throughout such a lineage, the duo has dodged its critics, risen above the fads and gone on to endure beyond many of its peers from the decade of decadence, still packing out concert halls and pulsating from club speakers to this very day.

Though there have been a series of retrospectives in the live and studio format over the years, this latest package lives up to its title by serving as the supreme source for the Eurythmics' most commercial material. All the essentials are included in mostly chronological order, aside from two new tracks tacked onto the disc's beginning and end. After introducing the suave adult contemporary of "I've Got a Life," compilers dig deep to deliver early trendsetters like "Love Is a Stranger," "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" and "Who's That Girl?" in all their excessive glory. From there, it turns to the synth pop smash "Here Comes the Rain Again," the soulful tag team with Aretha Franklin "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves" and the gospel dipped "Missionary Man."

The tame and temperate in comparison "You Have Placed a Chill In My Heart" is thankfully included, especially after being left of previous projects, while latter material from 1999's comeback disc Peace have yet to be included on any anthology. Even though they were underrated the first time around, "I Saved the World Today" and "17 Again" resound with Lennox's lush vocals and Stewart's impassioned playing/programming combination. The flashback wraps up with another newbie "Was It Just Another Love Affair?, slightly weaker and a bit softer than the other add on, but still lucrative for die-hards who don't already own the track. Not only will that category be satisfied, but so will every other person longing for all the band's singles in one setting, who upon purchase will not be disappointed.

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