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G. Love spreads the hot sauce

G. Love and Special Sauce
The Rave
Milwaukee, WI
Oct. 28, 2004
G. Love and Special Sauce G. Love and Special Sauce

Review and Photos by Matt Schwenke

Taking the stage in green Nike hi-tops and a pinstripe suit, G. Love (Garrett Dutton) sat down at the front of the stage with a guitar in hand and a harmonica around his neck. With Jimi "Jazz" Prescott wielding the upright bass and Jeffrey "Houseman" Clemens settling in behind the drums, G. Love and Special Sauce got things going early at the Rave with their unique style of blues and jazz mixed with raps.
The set list for the night gave fans a taste of just about everything G. Love and Special Sauce have cooked up over the years. An early standout in the show was the song "I-76," which featured Jimi "Jazz" and his intense bass playing. With their own unique sway in the music, the band played "Baby's Got Sauce" and "This Ain't Living" and let the jams go well past the studio recordings' original times. This gave the musicians time to improv and the crowd cheered on the wandering of guitar and bass solos. Keeping the groove tight and adding his own interesting solos on drums, "Houseman" played with his usual high energy and sang backing vocals well.
In what appeared to be a typical encore set approaching, G. Love came back on stage after a short break and played solo on "Gimme Some Lovin'" and "Love"-- two softer songs that show off Dutton's singing and guitar playing talents. Then, Miles Doughty of the opening band Slightly Stoopid came out and the two played a song called "Baby I Like It When You Move That Way." But there's still more. Following the return of Special Sauce back on stage, Jimi "Jazz" went into a flurried bass solo that began with the bass line from "Hit the Road Jack" and ended going into "Parasite." Still not done heating up the place, G. Love brought out a talk box for a tune and then went into a reggae tune called "Give It To You." For the tenth song of the encore (or a second set), G. Love and Special Sauce pushed the party further with "Booty Call"-- a catchy tune that has a kind of ragtime jazz sound. Finally, as if to reward the fans who stayed to the end of the night, G. Love and Special Sauce walked off the stage after leaving everyone with "Cold Beverage." Fans definitely got their moneys' worth and G. Love and Special Sauce still got the sauce.

G. Love and Special Sauce G. Love and Special Sauce

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