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Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
Apr. 30, 2005
Guster Guster Guster

Review and Photos by Matt Schwenke

Opening the night in a slow strut with "Demons," Guster's performance at the Eagles Ballroom led the crowd through an alley of sound where echoes of Guster Floydian rock, alternative country, and Paul Simon-like pop bounced from wall to wall. Often playing without a bass player (though guitarist Ryan Miller sometimes does) or without a drummer (besides the drum tech Sean who plays on a few songs) Guster's sound is as unique as their arrangement of guitars, percussion, and keyboards and/or banjo. Representing the country influence, Joe Pisapia helped create a weird sort of country twang with his banjo playing in "Ramona" and also added ambient sounds by playing both the piano and the banjo in "Barrel Of A Gun." Putting some serious rhythms to the more rock-like tunes, Brian Rosenworcel was a one-man drum ensemble as he played with an Animal-like fervor in "Amsterdam" and "Fa Fa." Solid on the guitars and vocals, both Miller and Adam Gardner sang well together on "Two Points For Honesty" and were talkative between songs.
Going on a rant about cheddarwursts, Miller proudly announced that he "had three different kind of Bratwurst today." Doing an impromptu diddy about Hillshire Farms (Miller's favorite cheddarwurst company), the band played along and had the crowd laughing. Another little surprise came in the song "Satellite" that featured the keyboardist from the opening act The Zambonis. Giving the crowd a full night of music that was appropriate for and liked by many ages, the band capped off the night with "Happier" and an encore performance "Jesus On The Radio."

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