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Gwen's eye-candy spectacle

Gwen Stefani
Bradley Center
Milwuakee, WI
Nov. 13, 2005
Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani

Story and photos by Dave Michaels

Of all the nights for Gwen Stefani to finally make her solo debut in the Milwaukee...
The No Doubt singer and newfound fashion icon hit the airwaves in a big way this past summer with her singles "Hollaback Girl" and "Cool." Too bad she waited to hit the Bradley Center in Milwaukee until Sunday, November 13th, on the eve of the first winter storm of the season.
For her part, Stefani - who probably arrived in a heated limo - took the stage wearing a short, ruffled skirt and gartered nylons alongside four schoolgirl-looking dancers, all befitting her opening song, "Harajuku Girls," about Japanese fashion.
The singer, 36, focused as heavily on her look as she did her sound throughout the 80-minute set. Her show was an eye-candy spectacle, accompanied by male and female dance troupes and half as many wardrobe changes as songs.
No surprise for those who own her album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby, Stefani tried on as many different musical styles as outfits. "Rich Girl" was a reggaeton romp. "Danger Zone" sounded like Duran Duran rock. And "Candyland," one of two new songs, imitated the stomping dance beats of "Hollaback Girl."
One thing she didn't try: Any of the older No Doubt tunes.
With breathless energy and unquestionable charisma, Gwen is quickly living up to the hype as pop's next great one-name show-woman, a la Madonna, Janet and Mariah.

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