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Incubus Brings Global
Warming to Milwaukee

Marcus Amphitheater
Milwaukee, WI
May 25, 2002
Brandon Boyd
Brandon Boyd.

Review and Photos by Terry Mayer

As the cold air from Lake Michigan swept through the Marcus Amphitheater last Saturday evening fans huddled closely together waiting for Incubus to inject a little heat to the evening. Some came prepared with coats and caps while others showed up in mini-skirts and half tops.
Goosebumps from the cold soon gave way to goosebumps of excitement as the anticipation for Incubus' entrance started to build. As darkness crept in alongside the dropping temperatures, both were about to be but a memory when Incubus hit the stage. Kicking off with a rousing performance of "Circles," the California quintet then blew headfirst into "Nice to Know You."
With an impressive set list that included "Stellar," Glass," and "Wish You Were Here," Incubus, unlike many of their contemporaries, proved that they're more than just a fly-by-night band that's here today and gone tomorrow. With a power station full of energy and talent their sound comes off much stronger live than on record. Then with a shout lead singer Brandon Boyd asked if his adoring fans were warm, as the band offered further shelter with their number "Warning."
Moving the crowd with the fast pace momentum of "Privilege," the boys then proceeded to flow into the slower and very beautiful "Are You In?." As strobes danced, the massive video screen lit up the backstage in a mixture of light and sound as "Nowhere Fast" brought the audience back up to a frenzy again. Then Boyd announced that the next sound found its origins in a Germany bathroom as the band tore into "Drive," perhaps their biggest hit to date.
Finishing out the evening with heated versions of "A Certain Shade of Green," "The Warmth" and "Pardon Me" Incubus proved that they may actually possess the recipe for global warming.

Brandon Boyd

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