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Korns' Jonathan Davis alive and well (sort of)

Livewire's Karen Bondowski hooks up with Jonathan Davis

Aug. 13, 2004

Jonathan Davis, a mortuary science student at the time, crossed paths with a young and hungry band - LAPD. Reinventing themselves as Korn - the quintent started to blaze a trail for the soon-to-be-red-hot new musical genre known as nu-metal. Their influence was enormous. Their success - unmistakable.
Davis has had to deal with his depression through physically intense (and greatly personal) studio sessions and live performances. A busload of meds never hurt either. He will soon step away from the mic and direct a porn movie (with promises of a cameo appearance). Dark, brooding and genuinely fucked-up - Jonathan opened up the dark corners of his mind to Livewire's Karen Bondowski. Appropriately, the inteview was conducted on Friday the 13th.

Livewire: What kind of work were you doing before Korn?

Jonathan: I worked in a funeral home and in a coroner's office.

Livewire: What was your upbringing like?

Jonathan: I would say it kind of sucked. You know, the normal shit. My parents got divorced, school sucked and I was depressed. Oh, Just different things. It was good and it was bad.

Livewire: Well, what were the good things?

Jonathan: Um, just staying alive. I was really sick as a kid. I almost died - I don't know how many times! I was in and out of the hospital so many times with really bad asthma.

Livewire: How were you able to have your wild and crazy "freak outs" on stage with your asthma?

Jonathan: Oh, it's gotten so much better. I've pretty much outgrown it. It's much more fun going wild without the fear of dying.

Livewire: Why do you illustrate your hatred for religion on your body?

Jonathan: Oh, I don't know why.. I just feel that way and put it on my body. If I put it on my body, I know it's going to last forever and I want it to mean something. I'm not just putting a picture on my body without a reason. You know, I don't like butterflies or dragons on me. I'm very anti-catholic and anti-religion. Any religion is terrible. Religion is the cause of so many wars. It's just what I believe, but I don't look down on people who go to church.

Livewire: How do you feel about the war in Iraq?

Jonathan: I don't know.. I'm not really sure... Both sides have something to say and I don't fully understand it. But I do know this, I think it sucks that people are dying.

Livewire: Have you been able to see the movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11" yet?

Jonathan: No, I haven't. I don't like to think about that shit... you have to think about Michael Moore. He likes to dig up other peoples' dirt.

Livewire: Is there anything new and exciting in music today?

Jonathan: There's always new and exciting stuff, it's just not being heard. The whole music industry is so fucked up because record labels don't want to take a chance. They don't want to give any innovative bands the nudge they need.

Livewire: On your Project Revolution Tour, why Snoop Dogg? That kind of seems like a stretch.

Jonathan: He's doing great over here, so why not?

Livewire: How's your love life like?

Jonathan: It's great!

Livewire: Are you a masochist?

Jonathan: Am I a masochist?? umm... I'm both. I like giving pain and taking pain.

Livewire: If you were in prison, who would you like as your cellmate?

Jonathan: Albert Fish. He was a cannibal from the early 30's who was really fucked up and I'd love to sit with him.

Livewire: What's with the fascination with the macabre?

Jonathan: I've always liked the dark side and I like weird, fucked-up shit.

Livewire: Was there anything that brought it on?

Jonathan: No, I always enjoyed watching horror movies.

Livewire: Would you ever like to direct a snuff film?

Jonathan: No, no! I'd direct a fake one, but not a real one!

Livewire: If you could hunt any human, who would it be?

Jonathan: God... I don't know!

Livewire: Isn't there anyone in your life you despise?

Jonathan: Yeah, my step-mom.

Livewire: Would she be the person?

Jonathan: Yeah, she'd be the person. It wouldn't be much of a hunt though.

Livewire: You could get her that easily?

Jonathan: Oh yeah!

Livewire: Do you feel that you adversly influence your fans?

Jonathan: Kind of, but I don't make the final decisions for them.

Livewire: What do you think you'd be doing if Korn hadn't of been succesful?

Jonathan: Music and working in the coroners office.

Livewire: When did you learn how to play the bagpipes?

Jonathan: I learned in high school.

Livewire: How do you cope with your depression?

Jonathan: Medicine and lots of it!

Livewire: What is your biggest fear in life?

Jonathan: Dying before my kids.

Livewire: Sushi or Big Macs?

Jonathan: Sushi, because I like it raw.

Livewire: What's the best overall song that Korn has done?

Jonathan: I don't know... It's hard to answer that...

Livewire: You and the Deftones were once really close, what happened?

Jonathan: I have no idea...

Livewire: Just drifted apart - I guess?

Jonathan: Yeah...

Livewire: You guys went through your fetish with dolls.. In videos, on stage, etc... what's the reason behind that?

Jonathan: Because they had insane looking faces and it fit us perfectly.

Livewire: Can you define the perfect Korn fan?

Jonathan: Anybody!

Livewire: If you could form a new supergroup, who would you choose?

Jonathan: Me, Johnny Marr and Jimi Hendrix.

Livewire: Today's Friday the 13th, how do you plan on celebrating?

Jonathan: Playing a show.

Livewire: Playing a show??

Jonathan: Sheeyah! It's just another day.

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