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Marc Broussard

Bringing the Bayou to the City

ConcertLivewire's exclusive interview with Marc Broussard

Oct. 26, 2003

From the age of five music has been a big part of Marc Broussard's life. On stage with his father, Ted Broussard, jamming out the hooks of "Johnny B. Goode" not realizing that the music were hooking his heart and soul.
The Louisiana boy was discovered on a curb in Lafayette by Leah Simon from Ripley Records. Fortunately for us we can get a taste of Broussard's music. He has grittily married the sounds of Motown and Chicago blues. At the young age of 21 is voice drips with the hard raspiness of a hard livin' man with many stories to tell.
Livewire's Karen Bondowski got the chance to talk with Marc about where he wants to go now that the spotlight is starting to shine his way.

Livewire: What was it like touring with Dave Matthews?

Marc: That was a fun time. I wish I could have been able to do more shows. We did four shows with Dave Matthews and it was a nice time and we really enjoyed it. He's a great guy!

Livewire: Was your dad (Ted Broussard) your primary musical influence?

Marc: Yeah, definantly. I was definantly influenced by what he was listening to as well as what he was playing. So you could definantly say that.

Livewire: You have a cool white guy Marvin Gaye sound.

Marc: (Laughs) Thanks.

Livewire: Is your goal to conquer soul music?

Marc: My goal is to conquer "all" music.

Livewire: All music?

Marc: Yeah, my goal is just to set new precedents with the music industry. My goal is to kind of break new ground and break some rules.

Livewire: Why do you think your sound is different?

Marc: Uhh... I don't know if it's very different. I think its just coming from a different face you know? I think that being from south Louisiana gives me an advantage over a lot of people. It's a really special place. It's taught me a lot. You know being on a stage when I was five years old getting a taste of it. And the last 16 years I developed a sound that definantly had an advantage over a lot of people. I still call it soul music although I don't want to be locked into any certain style or genre. My music is really seasoned for me at a young age.

Livewire: How old are you now?

Marc: 21

Livewire: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Marc: The king of the universe! No, I really don't know. I hope and pray that I'll be able to sell tickets and records and make music that still moves people, you know?

Livewire: Do you have strong religious beliefs?

Marc: No. Not really. I am a spiritual person. But no religion.

Livewire: Do you have a special person in your life right now?

Marc: I do have a special person in my life right now, but it's not a female. It's my son.

Livewire: Oh... how old is he?

Marc: He's one.

Livewire: You were pretty devastated after the breakup of your former band Y, weren't you?

Marc: (laughs) Uhh yeah! That's a funny question. It only lasted for like a month or two. That's the beauty of it. It happened and then it ended and I decided not to play music for a little while after that. And then I came back to it and when I did come back to it, it came back to me and it definitely scooped me up in my songs and we've been together ever since.

Livewire: What kind of music moves you today?

Marc: Just stuff that really comes from the heart, that's real and that's honest and funky and dirty and sexy and makes you wanna get it on...

Livewire: What's in your CD player now?

Marc: Joseph Arthur

Livewire: How rabid are your fans?

Marc: They're getting worse and worse. (Laughs) It's kinda crazy. Last night we had an excellent show in Kentucky and you know after my set I get off the stage and I go to my dressing room and hang out for about five minutes and my tour manager comes up and opens the door to my room and says, "Mark, just to let you know that you got about 500 people at the meet and greet table right now." And I was just like holy shit! And I ran out there and we just got swamped. We got mobbed! It was amazing! Girls fighting. And there was this group of girls who came up to take some pictures and their camera wasn't working properly and like all of a sudden and after all this force to attempt to take a picture, other girls were like, "Oh my god!! There are other people here!" It was pretty funny. (Laughs)

Livewire: Can you tell me something really that has happened to you recently?

Marc: Umm... I don't know if anything real bizarre has happened... I've got nothing...(laughs)

Livewire: What single achievement would you be most proud of at the end of the day?

Marc: The birth of my son.

Livewire: What is your sons name by the way?

Marc: Gavin. He's a great kid.

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