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Oct. 25, 2005

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Twista Windy city native Twista's ability to deliver finely tuned lyrics like an acrobat has helped to propel him to recent stardom. Twista introduced his swift Chicago delivery to the hip-hop world on the distintive first album, Runnin' Off At The Mouth. Instead of being influenced by east coast and west coast rap artists he insists I've been "feeding off of them." In 1992 The Guiness Book of World Records dubbed him the fastest rapper in the world. With his breakthrough album Adrenaline Rush and more recently Kamikaze and The Day After it's anybody's guess where this pioneering Chicago rapper will take us.
Phil Bonyata recently sat down with Twista before a show to pick the world's fastest rapper's brain.
Check out Twista's rave performance in Milwaukee recently!

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