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Kittie Purrs With a Roar

The Rave
Milwaukee, WI
Jan. 4, 2002
Kittie growls.

Review and Photos by Terry Mayer

On a dark and cold winter night what better thing to do then warm up with a fuzzy and cuddly Kittie. Except this Kittie is a hard-assed, no-holds-barred all women, metal band. With claws. Make them purr and you will probably find them toying with your limp body like an unfortunate field mouse. Without warning, thousands of fans paid a visit as Kittie returned to The Rave in Milwaukee on Friday night.
No one really cared about the four opening bands. The Kittie fans either pounded beers or were making out in the shadows. As the night progressively moved forward, and the fans made their way into the clutches of nocturnal bliss, Kittie hit the stage. Mercedes started to do what these girls were meant to do. Blast out balls to the wall metal. No melodies here. Leave your voice at the door. The dirge kicked in with the heavy bass lines crowding the stale air and choking off any pretense of harmony. Telena and Morgan battered their instruments leaving you in need of the sanctuary of dark solitude. As the trio bit into the fat of the innocent, it was clear they came here to chew you up, spit you out without ever swallowing. The momentum lurched forward and if you were in the way too bad. Piss off! Songs like "What I Always Wanted," "Do You Think" and "Mouthful of Poison" resonated off the walls and settled it's message deep in your bones. Unfortunately they don't have a cure for leukemia.
Tattoo laden ladies demanded to be noticed as tattoo drenched boys begged for more.

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