red lights


Industrial machine running
on all cylinders

The Rave
Milwaukee, WI
Oct. 14, 2005

Story and photos by Matt Schwenke

The Kapt'n of KMFDM, Sascha Konietzko, has banded together his new group of musicians for a worldwide tour in support of KMFDM's 2005 release Hau Ruck. Though Konietzko is the sole remaining original member of the industrial pioneers KMFDM (who found the height of their U.S. popularity in the 90's alongside fellow Wax Trax artists and electronic alchemists Ministry and Underworld), the sounds still bear their character blend of techno and metal while expanding through the feminine wiles of co-lead vocalist Lucia Cifarelli.
KMFDM As the show at the Rave began with the chantable title track from the new release, the heavy tone of the evening was set with more new songs that included the cathartic "Free Your Hate" and "Every Day's A Good Day." With the industrial machine running on all cylinders, KMFDM dropped their critique of society over aggressive guitar and rhythms with the scathing lyrics of "Terror" and "Glory" from earlier releases. Giving the same finger to the establishment with "New American Century," KMFDM brought the same intensity to the new song but with a more balanced assault of programming (by Konietzko) and live drumming (by Andy Selway). While Konietzko and Cifarelli shared the duty of adding lyrical fire to a mix funky bass lines, jungle beat metal and thrashing techno, the energy was most impressive with the set-ending blastings of "A Drug Against War"-- tapping into an almost unbelievable amount of energy, the entire room seemed to shout with the Kapt'n on the chorus line "...KMFDM is a drug against war."
Returning to a wild crowd for two encores, KMFDM proved why they have remained a mainstay in industrial rock with a powerful performance of old and new material alike. Intent to put faces to the crowd, the band also proved to be quite approachable in meeting with and signing autographs for fans after the show. With over a dozen albums spread through the masses, KMFDM continues its own tradition with no signs of slowing down any time soon.


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