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Not Your Father's Lennon

Chicago, IL
Feb. 19, 2002

Review and Photo by Niva Bringas

Lennon loudly introduced herself to the Schubas faithful and took the stage like a tornado hungrily approching a trailer park. "Goatf*cker" shot out of the gates with all of it's sweaty intensity and slapped the sense out of every eagerly awaiting fan. Hard and heavy and delivered with the subtlety of a leather-tipped whip, the three chord riffs bit your head off. The energy and electricity continued as Lennon strutted her stuff without guilt or conscious. The fans were treated to her newest radio hit "Brake of Your Car." The backbeats vibrated Lennon's quivering body into a shaking mass of sexual energy. The band turned her lithe frame into an instrument yet to be named. This girl has star power oozing from every pore.
Although Scotty and Ryan recently left the band, Lennon's new band mates made sure the sound stayed it's course. The closing number "These Days" sent the spent fans home knowing that what they had just witnessed was a true star on the rise.
Lennon Lennon

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