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Lenny's Electric Church

Lenny Kravitz
Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
May 6, 2005
Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz

Review and Photos by Matt Schwenke

As the curtain opened on the stage of the Eagles Ballroom, Lenny Kravitz strolled up to the mic, raised his hands, and declared, "I am the minister of rock n' roll," while holding the pose for dramatic effect underneath the bright spotlights, Kravitz eventually broke pose and smiled before leading the band into a spirited version of "Minister Of Rock 'N Roll"-- the first track on his latest release Baptism.
Lenny Kravitz The usual suspects were in place (guitar, bass and drums), but Lenny's sound was amped up and burning hot with the added power of talented vocal and horn sections. With the crowd responding instantly to the energy, Lenny said, "Milwaukee's very good tonight... Welcome to Electric Church."
Slowing things down a bit, Kravitz revisited "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over" and then picked it back up again with "Always On The Run." Then it was back to full speed as Kravitz and company had most of the crowd singing along to the popular "Where Are We Runnin'?" from his latest album. Whether the tunes were new or old, Lenny's Electric Church sounded well rehearsed and the members were genuinely excited to be performing.
Kravitz later asked the crowd, "You don't mind if we jam for a while, do you?" The response was a resounding "no." and the trumpeter and bassist shined with flashes of jazz in their solo sections. Calling out to "make it funky now," Kravitz led a soulful round of harmonies into the swaying rock of "Be." Taking time out to talk with the crowd about Mother's Day and to celebrate the women in his life, Kravitz sang ever so gently on "Stand By My Woman Now" before going back to the wall-shaking rock that had the crowd roaring.

Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz

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