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Live relives past

Miller Oasis, Summerfest 2004
Milwaukee, WI
June 26, 2004

Ed Kowalcyzk
Ed Kowalcyzk & Chad Taylor

Review and Photos by Phil Bonyata

Lives' lead singer Ed Kowalcyzk has decided to discard the hair and the oversized clothes in favor of a "sexy" Kenny Chesney look for alt-rock fans stuck in the mid nineties. His head, bald again and wearing tight fitting jeans, black tank-top and dark sunglasses (must've need 'em for the many flashbulbs going off) Ed Kowalcyzk pranced around the stage striking the poses and feeling himself up and down to the shrieks of the many females in attendace. The jam packed Miller Oasis at Summerfest was ready for a party - don't tell them that it ended in 1997.
The band investing more in style than substance, still created some infectious moments with monster hit "All Over You." On "Lightning Crashes," Kowalczyk turned inward as guitarist Chad Taylor strummed the tune's very recognizable chords. Kowalczyk's voice embraced the slow strumming until he fired off the ending chorus like a drowning man crying for help. Live's sound is built around ravaged guitars and fundamental bass and drums. As a band, Live is melody-focused, avoiding showmanship (except of course, Mr. Kowalczyk) or sparkling guitar solos. Ther music is a stepping-stone to Kowalczyk's impressive vocal range. The band is heavy on melodrama - including playing some spirited songs off of last year's release Birds of Pray.
With the band relying on it's original fan base for support and living with the realization that they will probably never have a hit record again - they must accept the fact that they will be a staple at Summerfest's ground stages for years to come.
Live can now be officially labeled an oldies act.

Live Live Live
Live Live Live

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