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Loverboy Gets Jilted

Burlington, WI
May 18, 2002

Review and Photo by Terry Mayer

Loverboy. who hit their stride in the early 80s, are now reduced to playing tiny festivals in the Midwest. With a couple hundred fans (which must have been all of them from Wisconsin and Illinois) the relics took the stage. Loverboy sounded like they stepped out of a circa 1982 fashion shop.
Loverboy should know when to stay quiet and they should have gone mute 15 years ago. The music was terribly dated and frankly I would rather beat my head against the wall then hear "Lovin' Every Minute of It" again. Then to add to my torture they had the nerve to cover "Riders in the Storm" by the Doors. Loverboy doing the Doors? You might as well had Marilyn Manson doing Frank Sinatra. Then the night really hit a downer when they did "Come Together " as if the Michael Jackson version wasn't good enough.
To Loverboy fans, I am truely sorry. I'm sorry, you are still enjoying these pathetic relics from a bad decade. I was amused at how pitiful and sorry the band looked. Next time Loverboy comes around I will make sure I have a root canal scheduled.

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