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Lucky Boys change the rules

Lucky Boys Confusion
The Rave II
Milwaukee, WI
Oct. 13, 2004
Lucky Boys Confusion Lucky Boys Confusion Lucky Boys Confusion

Story and photos by Karen Bondowski

Lucky Boys Confusion do it their own way, stirring the flavors of raggae and ska with their penchant for power pop. Lead singer Kaustubh "Stubhy" Pandav, guitarists Joe Sell and Adam Krier and bassist Jason Schultejann and drummer Ryan Fergus, creating the fast breaking building block, blasted through a growing library of music that's getting ready for express checkout.
Stubhy warmed the crowd with "Fred Astaire." The band expertly went into overdrive as Stubhy's vocals energized the chorus. Bursting with a restrained energy ready for a breakout - the band fired off the opening chords to "Medicine and Gasoline." Stubhy let his loose fitting tie over t-shirt swing back-and-forth to the bustling bass lines uderneath. Not quite punk - not quite pop. Somewhere in a place that's left up to the beholder. On "Saturday Night," Ryan kept a steady upbeat rythym on the drums and each hit he took crashed with passion as Jason added his own funkified signature.
Stubhy and the band have an unusual fondness to change the direction of their music on a dime. Leaving you sometimes wondering if it is a different song, but chameleons change colors for only so long before reverting back to their true form. And here lies one of the great appeals of LBC - their ability to change things up so dramatically and yet maintain a perverse continuity.
Things slowed down a bit on "Ordinary." Leaving the pogo-jumping crowd to rely on the movement of their waving hands to keep the adrenelin pumping. Stubhy's vocals flowed like hot olive oil fighting it's way through some tart vinegar. Silky and raspy at the same time.
"Broken" and "Hey Driver" (which had the crowd loudly sing along with the chorus) found their highlights in the stout rythym section. Swirling tempos rose the bar higher as Stubhy's vocals reached deeper inside for a final release.
On the rise and ready to reinvent - Lucky Boys Confusion ask not to follow, but to come along for the ride.

Lucky Boys Confusion Lucky Boys Confusion Lucky Boys Confusion

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