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Ludacris pushes while Chingy busts

Ludacris / Chingy
Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
Feb. 27, 2004


Story and Photos of Chingy by Phil Bonyata
Photos of Ludacris by Jenny Bonyata

Atlanta rapper Ludacris and his Disturbing Tha Peace crew brought their Southern-fried hip-hop to the sold-out Eagles Ballroom last night. Red-hot Ludacris is culling heavily from his latest release the highly listenable Chicken-N-Beer.Chingy Ludacris is renowned for his quick delivery and over-the-top explicit lyrics. Tonight he didn't disappoint. Sharp-witted delivery changes between Luda and Disturbing Tha Peace kept the pace chaotic and the audience resembled more of a bump-and-grind nightclub than a concert hall.
Ludacris, wearing his self-serving Chicken-N-Beer billboard all over his coat, served up a mix of tunes with the swish and stir of "Area Codes," from Word of Mouf and a burning version of Southern Hospitality from his first release Back For the First Time. The bumping bass and unusual rap delivery on "Blow It Out," off of Chicken-N-Beer, sent the crew on stage weaving in and out like well-oiled pistons in a ghetto Cadillac.
Ludacris must've had his back-up batteries charged because his energy level was over-the-top. He would send sexually dripping lyrics straight to the loins of many admirers in the audience. Inventive and crasser then ever - Ludacris remains at the top of his game.
Ludacris' fast rising protege, Chingy, lost something on the trip from the recording studio to the concert hall. While his debut release Jackpot has the chicks hitting the dance floor to it's Nellyesque sexual playfulness and stringy beats, Chingy can't translate the fun in concert. "He's Herre," "Chingy Jackpot" and even the spunky "Right Thurr" came off as muddled and lacking the soul of rap - bold delivery and street confidence. His stage antics weakly imitated Ludacris'. 15 minutes of fame is fleeting - Chingy your creative alarm clock is ringing.


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