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Megadeth shreds the Rave

The Rave
Milwaukee, WI
Nov. 4, 2004
Megadeth Megadeth Megadeth

Review and Photos by Matt Schwenke

A monster of a drum rack, with cymbals and drums suspended everywhere, loomed at the back of the stage, and powered amps and stacks of speakers surrounded the stage like the walls of a castle. Back in Milwaukee for the first time in three years, Megadeth took the stage at the Rave and made the crowd happy that they were touring again.
Starting off a bit sluggish, Megadeth still played extremely tight and technical on "Skin of My Teeth" and "Angry Again." Seeming to go along with the slower feel, Dave Mustaine sang an excellent version of "A Tout Le Monde," a dark and brooding number where Megadeth shines. After this, the band finally started to pick things up. With the song "Die Dead Enough" and "Eye of the Maker," Mustaine and company began to raise the intensity. In a brief chat with the crowd, Mustaine said, "Two years ago, a doctor told me, 'You'll never play again Dave.'" Waving his left hand in the air, Mustaine said, "Seems to be working, doesn't it?" The unanimous reply was that it surely was working. Two years ago Mustaine underwent surgery for nerve damage in his left wrist, but there was no sign of anything being off. As if to prove that Mustaine could still shred a guitar up, Megadeth went into their high gear that leaves most bands behind. For the Megadeth classic "Sweating Bullets," Mustaine was at his curiously twisted best. The tempo was fast and the transitions were sharp.
Even though Megadeth started slow, their gradual rise to a blindingly fast pace took the crowd on a fun ride. To the metal bands out their that thought Megadeth was a thing of the past, watch out-- Mustaine hasn't lost a step. This was a metal show that was technical, dynamic and demented in a way that only Dave Mustaine can pull off.

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