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A wild ride

My Morning Jacket
Riverside Theatre
Milwaukee, WI
Nov. 21, 2006
My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket

Story and photos Matt Schwenke

With sonic waves shifting from gently lapping the shores of the Riverside Theatre to violently slapping them, My Morning Jacket was a wild ride between well-crafted song structure and all-out jams. The Kentucky-based indie rock group pulled mostly from their latest release Z early on, with "It Beats 4 U," "What A Wonderful Man" and "Off the Record" featuring the band gathering 'round the drums of Patrick Hallahan to rock out in unison.

Frontman Jim James was the most animated of the evening, notably running and sliding on his knees at the front of the stage during the infectious groove of "Wordless Chorus." The waters were much more still during the airy "Golden," from the 2003 release Still Moves, with James singing gently and guitarist Carl Broemel lightly plucking pedal steel, or in the progressive-rock stylings of "I Will Sing You Songs," with keyboardist Bo Koster laying down heavy vibes. The latter part of the set featured more from the aforementioned release, as well as the non-studio song "Dondante," with Broemel on sax, and a few from the group's first release The Tennessee Fire--"The Bear" and "Nashville to Kentucky" opened what would become a 30-minute-plus encore that ended with the straightforward rock of "Mahgeetah."
My Morning Jacket's Milwaukee setlist:
It Beats 4 U
What A Wonderful Man
Off the Record
Wordless Chorus
Lay Low
I Will Sing You Songs
Run Thru


The Bear
Nashville to Kentucky
Phone Went West
Easy Morning Rebel

My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket
My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket

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