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More country than punk

Neko Case
Barrymore Theatre
Madison, WI
June 8, 2005
Neko Case Neko Case

Story and photos by Matt Schwenke

With a unique background of country and punk, Neko Case's stop at the Barrymore was definitely more country than punk. She still managed to tap the energy and power of a punk show with her voice. With pedal steel, banjo, upright bass, and drums backing her up, the sounds of Neko Case were a pleasant mix of country and folk that never felt like either one at any given moment. There was even a little pop mixed in with the soothing "I Wish I Was The Moon" from the 2002 release Blacklisted.
Neko Case was at times soft like a Mazzy Star, as in "Missing Washington" for example, but never girlish. The womanly strength in her voice rang through the audience in songs like "Deep Red Bells" and "Soulful Shade Of Blue" from her latest release The Tigers Have Spoken While the rhythm of many of the songs were in 6/8 (the waltz), Neko and company were excellent in building tension and letting it all go with tasteful and well-timed solos. Listening to Neko between songs was also entertaining. Not afraid to chat with the crowd, Neko was personable, thankful, and professional throughout.

Neko Case Neko Case

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