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O.A.R. Keeps Paddlin'

O. A. R.
Milwaukee, WI
July 5, 2002

Review and Photo by Steve Baran

After a brief halt on their tour of duty, O. A. R. resurfaced once again, fulfilling a seven-month void from the Milwaukee area. O. A. R.'s resurgence to the mid-west drew a highly anticipated crowd to the lakefront stage.
O. A. R., or better known as "of a revolution," carry themselves in a traditional rock format with additional support of a saxophone. The SummerFest crowd was greeted with a number of highlights throughout the evening. The twelve-song set took the youthful, loyal crowd through a number of rhythmic beats and inspirational themes.
In traditional fashion the quintet opened the show with an improv summertime theme version of Simon and Garfunkle's "59th Street Bridge." The classical piece came as a segue to the bands motivational anthem "City On Down."
In the midst of their own revolution, O. A. R. played host to reggae revolutionist Junior Marvin. Junior, best known from his days as electric guitarist from Bob Marley and the Wailers, graced the stage performing three songs with the boys from Maryland. In effort of reviving the roots of reggae legend Bob Marley, O. A. R. front man Marc Roberge and Marvin broke into a memorable rendition of "Stir It Up."
The show also saw vocal support from longtime friend and vocalist of Chicago based band Left Undone, Ben Glaser. The hour and forty-five minute set took a tightly nestled crowd through hits like the radio friendly "Hey Girl" and a fifteen-minute version of the bands groundbreaking number "That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker." Even with the abbreviated set, O. A. R. was still able to run through fan classics such as "About An Hour Ago" and "I Feel Home."
What sets O. A. R. apart from their counterparts are their loyal fan base, their ability to incorporate new sounds, and an always-unpredictable live show. Where these Ohio State grades may fall short is the ever so precious realm of new material.

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