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Rosemont Theatre
Rosemont, IL
June 12, 2002

Review and Photos by Terry Mayer

With the sunset colors of baby blues, deep reds and dark oranges giving way to the darkness of the night sky another color was about to paint it's sassy hue all over the faithful at the Rosemont Theatre last night. Swarms of teenage girls and a few teenage guys gathered en masse to see the breakaway teen diva, Pink.
Pink She burst onto the stage clad in what else, pink hair and a pink bra covered by khaki mechanic overalls. The Pink wannabes in attendance nearly fainted at the site of their juicy goddess in the flesh. Pink got the party started with the pop catchy "Get the Party Started." Gone was her signature pink-do which was replaced with short platinum blonde tresses. Pink has grown tremendously as an artist in her short career, but already has what it takes to endure the long haul. This is where you must evolve both physically and musically to mature. Her overalls, done up to her personal style, had the zipper open revealing that this tomboy is all woman. Traces of pink eye shadow highlighted her large eyes. Not only can she be ruff-n-tuff, but she'll make you lust for her even as she's beating you up.
"Don't Let Me Get Me" is where she tells us she is tired of being compared to Britney Spears. It's a good thing she is not like Britney, otherwise the fans would have had to sat through a night of lip-syncing and empty hip shakin." Pink sings from the heart as demonstrated on "My Vietnam." Her sweet and raspy voice ebbed and flowed like a gulf tide at sunset. Her impressive vocal range hit it's stride on the blues like bluster of "Misery," which proved she does dabble in various musical styles. With her pink lips quivering she sang "Guess it's all meant to be for love to cause me misery."
Covering songs from other performers is very risky. Some can pull it off, but most fail miserably. It's too easy to compare to the original. Not Pink. With a three song medley of Janis Joplin's "Summertime," "Me and Bobby McGee" and "Piece of My Heart" she pulled out the stops to reach Janis' powerful vocal range and soul.
While many pop divas rely on the music establishment to make them sexy and beautiful, Pink lets an inherent sexiness and pouty demeanor do the talkin' for her. Her sexy mojo is all natural. "Missundaztood" made just that point. From "Dear Diary" to "18 Wheeler" she steered away from the cliche and let her original persona take hold - never to let go.


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