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Britney in Reverse

Britney Spears
United Center
Chicago, IL
June 20, 2002
Britney Spears Britney Spears

Review and Photos by Barry Brecheisen

Oops...she did it again. She played with my heart, I got lost in the hype. And you know what...she's right, she's not that innocent! But we all know that by now. Her breakthrough video "...Baby One More Time" has become the pop cultural equivalent of the Kennedy assassination. Everyone remembers when they first saw the sexy images of the young sex goddess wearing the Catholic school girl uniform! It was so powerful that it made the R. Kelly in us all wake up, stand up and shout horray. Let's be honest we don't like her because we think she's smart or a great song writer. We love her because she's naughty - plain and simple. We encourage it and Britney delivers the goods with one big titillating tease that has her laughing all the way to the bank.
Once again, I found myself back for another dose of her gyrating antics. The "Dream Within A Dream" tour that began early last fall is back on it's second leg ready to clean out your pocket books and drive men of all ages crazy. Tickets for The Britney Show these days are averaging around 75 bucks a pop. Now I haven't even calculated the cost of parking, food and of course all the must have merchandise! Remember, the good ole days when the latest pop sensation was only a free shopping mall trip away. But, it's only money and this is a show that delivers special effects galore. You got fire, skin-tight shimmering outfits, explosions, hip-hugging pants, lasers, a sexy bikini, more fire and of course several outfits displaying that beautiful signature midriff! What more can you want? How about spontaneity. No even better, how about one new song that she didn't play on the first leg of this tour. Out of the 16 numbers she lip-synched on Thursday night not one of them was new. You can now purchase it for $19.95 at your local Wal-mart.
Deja vu struck when she opened with "Oops...I Did it Again." She then went on to perform a medley of "Born to Make You Happy," "Lucky" and "Sometimes." It was hard to focus on the music while your eyes were glued to Britney in her revealing gold, skin tight jumpsuit. What followed next was a really bad cover version of Joan Jett's 1980s anthem "I Love Rock and Roll" and closed with a remix version of "...Baby One More Time." It's exactly the same show down to the last fire burst.
She's not the only performer guilty of this these days. Madonna and Janet tours are also the exact same thing night after night. But, that doesn't mean we as consumers or fans have to like it! Britney's total performance lasted about an hour. That's not a whole lot of bang for your buck. So unless you have crazy money to burn maybe you should consider the alternative and buy her live Vegas DVD instead. Or better yet, go rent it from your local BlockBuster video store because you'll never want to watch it again.

Britney Spears

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