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Sugarcult pull the plugs

The Rave
Milwaukee, WI
April 7, 2004
Marko 72
Marko 72
Tim Pagnotta
Tim Pagnotta
Airin Older
Airin Older

Story and Photos by Karen Bondowski

With the lights low and three empty chairs awaiting their occupants, Sugarcult strolled casually onto the Rave stage. Candles were gently flickering along the stage- suggesting something perhaps more intimate was in store than the usual bang-'em-up show Sugarcult fans are accustomed to.
Kenny took his spot behind the drumset, Tim sat down in the middle chair as Airin took to his right and Marko took to his left. With acoustic guitars hand in hand for Tim and Marko, they took a liking to their chairs. Tim leaned up to the mic and explained to everyone why they are playing an entirely acoustic set. He has this ear condition called Tinnitus, which means, if the decibels get too high he could permantly damage his hearing. Playing such hits as the spirited "Bouncing of the Walls" and the very enjoyable "Stuck in America" acoustic style. You would never imagine being able to hear those two songs as the way they were played. Stripped down of their electric energy - the songs took on new meaning as the soul of the music was laid bare. They tuned it -way- down and were still able to create a mosh pit along with getting everyone to be just as wild as if it were an all out rock concert.
Also performed was the elusive and beautiful "Debbie" an older Sugarcult song that was requested as the fans ate up the new presentation. One of the many highlights for the the band and the 200 or so fans was when "Milwaukee" was played. ("For those of you who don't know how to say Milwaukee, It's Mil-wah-kay-yeah-yeah!") It was a short catchy song that they had made up when they were in Milwaukee on their last tour. Had everyone singing it. Tim had covered his ear a few times cause it may of hurt, but he was still in good spirits and held up like a real trooper. He was still stretching his voice to the limits. With everything tuned down you got to see a whole other side to these guys that made for a special evening.

Set List

Pretty Girl
Lost In You
Worst December
Stuck in America
Back to California
You're the One
Saying Goodbye
Daddy's Little Defect
Hate Every Beautiful Day
Bouncing Off the Walls
The Milwaukee song

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